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Sunday morning buffet

Can I interest you in something?

  • Trinton Sturdivant moves on.
  • Joe Moglia’s offseason after essentially buying the head coaching job at Coastal Carolina has gone about as you would expect:  After being hired by Coastal Carolina on Dec. 20, Moglia didn’t try to make up for lost time on the recruiting trails, realizing the Chanticleers would lose some high school seniors due to the coaching change. His new program wound up having the smallest signing class in the conference…”
  • This year’s early leader in SEC hot seat talk is
  • John Thompson is a vampire.  He keeps rising from the dead to be named somebody’s defensive coordinator.
  • Nice story about Bear Bryant and Alabama’s first black scholarship athlete – who wasn’t a football player.
  • Somewhere in this great land of ours, spring football has started.
  • For all the excitement about Zach Mettenberger, it’s worth remembering that his eleven pass attempts last year represents the sum total of experience for all of LSU’s quarterbacks going into this season.
  • It sounds like there won’t be a College Football Hall of Fame for a while.  (Where do they store everything?)


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Barney Fife strikes again.

I didn’t think Williamson’s bunch could top failure to give middle name, but if they haven’t surpassed it, they’ve certainly matched it with the Hash Browns Caper.

I know we’re going to hear all kinds of serious talk about message sending in the next few days, but the only one I’m receiving is that UGA Police can waste resources like nobody’s business.

Consider yourselves warned, student-athletes.


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One of the boys now

Just curious:  has Vanderbilt ever had to investigate a tampering charge against its football program?


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Something must be going on in the weight room.

If I’m not mistaken, Orson beat Ben Watson’s combine record there.  Impressive company.

Glenn weighed in at 345, by the way.  Freakish.


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“When a question is asked, there are over 40,000 places to look for an answer.”

Good Lord.

No wonder nobody can keep up with NCAA guidelines.  Including the NCAA itself.


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What we did on our offseason

In case you’re wondering what Richt & Co. have been up to lately, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise:

Always be closing:

“We’re always recruiting, brother,” Richt told the AJC.

“We’re always recruiting. As a matter of fact, I’ll tell you, when signing day hits, you think you’re going to get a break from it. But you really don’t. It intensifies for the next year. There are so many things happening for us right now for 2013. It’s a very, very busy time for us right now.”

And in between:

“That’s really what we’re doing right now,” Richt said. “We’re all watching film of offense, defense, special teams. We’re looking to see where we can become better and checking out personnel from a year ago and seeing how everybody really did; how we’ll stack them up in the depth chart in the spring. We’ll try to imagine and figure out the holes we’ve got to fill, too. We’re doing a lot of that right now. We’re also visiting different people around the country to make sure we’re learning and improving as we go.”


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A play so good, the NCAA retired it.

Per Paul Myerberg, here’s a little wrinkle in the new NCAA kickoff rules that hasn’t gotten much attention:

Coverage units cannot get more than a five-yard head start on kickoffs, but does the same rule apply to kickers?

No. A kicker is allowed to line up behind the 30-yard line, if he so chose. But the N.C.A.A. did say that the kicker must kick the ball — shocking, I know. But this eliminates the little-used onside kick where the kicker rushes towards the ball but pulls up short of the tee while a teammate kicks the ball towards the hands team on the other side of the field.

Like this one.

Bunch of spoilsports, I say.


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