A silly millimeter longer

Malcolm Mitchell goes all “put me in, Coach!”:

Mitchell on playing both sides of the ball …

“I will put in the work to make sure I can physically withstand it all.”

Asked about Champ Bailey playing 100 snaps in a game …

“I want 101.”


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19 responses to “A silly millimeter longer

  1. WH

    I admire this young man. He’s one of the best Twitter follows on the team, too.

  2. Rampdawg

    Giving away your age with that B&H cigarette song line.

  3. Normaltown Mike

    I like the enthusiasm but I want this kid on offense and maybe he appears on D in spot duty.

    Too good to get him tired over there.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. Spot duty would be fine as long as it doesn’t mean losing offensive reps. Not sure what CMR is thinking here, because the O needs MM’s production far more than the D does. We ought to get by fine with Commings, Brandon Smith, Swann, Bowman, and the new Dawson kid as corners.

      • JasonC

        I have a similar concern. It seems like quite a few of the guys we have/are recruiting are hearing “both sides of the ball”, like Dawson and some of the 2013 recruitees. It’s great to have guys that are that talented, but my concern is there development and ability to play well. Remember, there was a lot of confusion in the secondary in year 1 of CTG’s defense. The last thing we need is a part-timer trying to pick it up.

        Now, Mitchell was a top DB recruit, so if we moved him over, in a while, he would pick it up and probably dominate that side of the ball, but I think there are very few guys that can do both well; that’s why years ago, coaches stopped playing guys both ways.

  4. charlottedawg

    not that defensive backs can’t catch but am i the only who thought mitchell had fantastic hands for a guy every other school recruited as a db? and while the conservative side of me tells me to approach position changes with a wait and see approach I’m already having visions of MM following an 80 yd td reception with a pick six. Come to think of it can we let him return punts and kickoffs too?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I’m all for MM returning punts and maybe kickoffs. too. He doesn’t have to play DB to be able to do the returns though.

    • Puffdawg

      You indirectly raise another good, separate point, charlotte: for every 25 peple on here bashing Richt and Co. for recruiting Cam Newton as a TE, there have been, um, ZERO complimenting the staff for recruiting Mitchell as a WR whereas every other college wanted him as a DB. Whatever fits the meme.

      • GAGRAD05

        I’m surprised you made a coherent response. If your response to my last post was any indication you have some serious reading comprehension problems. Are you sure you graduated? Doesn’t sound like it. Just sayin.

        • GAGRAD05

          Almost every Georgia blog or media that focuses on Georgia has mentioned and applauded the coaching staff for MM’s development as a receiver as opposed to a DB. Pay attention dumbass.

        • Puffdawg

          Buddy, before you start questioning the completeness of my thoughts, consider you have yet to actually address my reply to your comments.

          Let’s recap: you insulted non alums who donate to the Hartman Fund by suggesting they “reconsider their priorities.” I countered by saying their contribution does more to benefit the athletic program than does the purchase of singles on Stubhub (and thus intuitively they go to greater lengths to ensure the long term viability of the program). In layman’s terms, they call this “putting your money where your mouth is.” You countered with hollow insults about my reading comprehension (while failing yourself to actually write in complete sentences). Speaking of coherent, why don’t you actually reply to this post with some substance.

          I’m not looking to get into a pissing match about who can hurl the most insults. My apologies for calling you a dumbass but you struck a nerve. As I mentioned my fellow tailgaters are not alums but most have in excess of 30k points. I feel they (and other non alum Hartman Fund donors) are above some petty insult because they aren’t alums.

          • GAGRAD05

            I’m glad we both got the insults out of the way. I am willing to put this behind me as I’m sure you are. I didn’t insult non alums but I perhaps didn’t make it clear enough. Also I didn’t respond to the original post because my iPhone wouldnt let me for some reason. Now we can hopefully have a civilized debate instead of childish name calling and insults which we are both guilty of in our responses.

  5. RandallPinkFloyd

    This is where not getting CP or J. Williams really hurts. CP would’ve provided an immediate home run threat similar to MM, making it easier for MM to play db. I would imagine as much as he loves UGA, the fact that his position on the next level is most likely db played into this decision, not that I blame him at all.

  6. Debby Balcer

    I am excited that he wants to give more to his team. Maybe we have the next Paul Hornung winner on the team. GO MM and GO DAWGS!!!

  7. The other Doug

    Sounds like the S&C program needs to get this kid ready.