“We lack the appropriate culture here for an SEC football school.”

You probably weren’t expecting to hear that from the student representative on the Athletic Board and director of athletic affairs for Student Government Association at Georgia.  Here’s why he said it:

Sanford Stadium has seats for approximately 18,000 students, Ellenberg said — an increase from 15,000 several years ago. At the Auburn game, which had the highest attendance of any home game of last year, 3,000 of those seats were left empty. At the lowest-attended game, against Coastal Carolina University, 10,000 seats were empty.

That doesn’t bode well for this year’s exciting slate of home games, does it?

Other students who don’t attend might sign up for tickets to “keep all their options open,” but when “we don’t have very exciting games,” they choose to tailgate or watch the game at home instead, he said.

Nope, it doesn’t.  And what should be particularly worrisome to the school is that these are your prospective season ticket purchasers in a decade or two.  If you’re not getting them in the habit of attending now, what makes you think they’re going to feel differently when they’re asked to pony up to the Hartman Fund down the road?


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  1. Joe

    They’re Not. It is that simple.

  2. Irishdawg

    This really says more about the students than it does the schedule. 3,000 didn’t show up for the Auburn game? Are you kidding me?

    Look kids, I went to UGA in the early 90s, when it was a Ray Goff inspired dystopia of mediocrity. Get off your asses and make it to the games; you aren’t going to go to college forever.

    • reipar


      I guess this says they will not pony up for the Hartman fund no matter the schedule and that losing the Auburn game would mean nothing to them.

      No wonder I do not follow recruiting that closely. I do not even understand the kids that are going through the same experience I did (well almost the same as I too had Goff as the coach so no hope of winning).

    • Noonan

      If you are a student and skip a 3:30 pm game versus Auburn on a perfect fall afternoon in Athens, you are more than likely a communist and should be expelled from the University.

    • Zdawg

      In fairness Irish, I went to the home game against Auburn during Goff’s last year. I couldn’t give away my ticket in front of the Tate center.

      But imagine what it would be like we we were that bad now.

      • Normaltown Mike

        Was there too in the upper reaches of the upper deck student section where entire rows were empty and the temp had to below freezing.

        I still have nightmares about Bowden goading Goof into calling a late timeout by keeping his offense on the field on a key 4th down drive.

        the humanity…the humanity.

  3. The Vapors

    Turning into Tech.
    I think we’re turning into Tech.
    I really think so.

  4. Yep, I guess times have changed from when I went to school there, and I may have been spoiled because three of my years Herschel ran the ball, but there was nothing like gameday, strapping on that tie, drinking bloodies and then heading over to the stadium ( with flask neatly concealed) . Games were almost all at 1 o’clock too, then on to the KA house for the afternoon band socializing and more drinking until we puked. Good Times !

    • Bulldog Joe

      Plus the 6pm dinner.
      The 7pm crash.
      The 10pm revival.
      The 1am “hookup”.
      The 3am breakfast at Blanche’s.
      The 4am crash, then
      The 11am Sunday “brunch” at the Varsity with the Vince Dooley Show.

  5. TennesseeDawg

    CFB as a whole will eventually become a victim of it’s own success. Conferences will become too big, traditional rivalries will be eliminated and the entire product will become watered down in the name of profits.


    Many kids would rather watch it on TV. They can party and do whatever while watching with their buddies. “Too much trouble to walk over to the stadium when we have a refrigerator, bathroom, chicks, kegs, sofas, etc here at the frat house or apartment”….But they DO keep their ticket options “open”…
    Maybe a soultion would be to require students tickes to be picked up at Sanford between a time set at two hours before game tme and kick-off. At kick-off the unclaimed tickets go on sale to the general public for ten or twenty bucks..While this would make for some strange bedfellows in some sections, it would give some real fans an opportunity to get into the stadium. Anyone who would drive to Athens for the chance to get an unused student ticket would have to be a real fan.

    • Macallanlover

      That a good suggestion for a solution Ugly. Not sure there will be that much interest to take all that are left, but at least it opens the door to those that wish to attend. Another would be to make them be invested in the ticket, pay a nominal fee ($25) for the ticket. It is just a half tank of gas on a relative basis. If it isn’t worth that, they won’t be passionate anyway. Use the money collected for some free food at the concession stand, or put it back into some worthy student fund.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Those tix would be bought up by fans of the visiting team. They would know that some tix would not be used and would come to Athens with the expectation that they could buy one this way or, if they had to, get one from a scalper. Yes, there would be some strange bedfellows in the student section.

    • FisheriesDawg

      All you have to do is put some sort of penalty in. When I was in grad school at an unnamed school to the south of us, if you missed a basketball game that you had a ticket (scanned on your card) for, you weren’t allowed to attend the next three games. We’d probably have to work it where if you missed more than one game in a season (with the option to release your ticket for other students ahead of time if you know you have a conflict), you wouldn’t be allowed season tickets the following year. That way, to keep your options open for next year, you have to come to games this year, even if there aren’t any great games left on the home schedule.

      Then again, if they’re skipping the Auburn game, maybe that isn’t a solution.

      • FisheriesDawg

        OK, nevermind (from the R&B article):

        “In 2011, the ticketing system included the opportunity to donate tickets to specific students or to a pool of tickets. It also had a strike system. Students who did not attend games received strikes. After three, they were ineligible for post-season tickets or tickets for the next season.”

        I guess Greg McGarity was aware of how they operated at that school…go figure.

  7. Carlyle

    Since when has the Hartman Fund depended on actual alumni support? The vast majority of UGA season-ticket holders never set foot in a UGA classroom, much less graduated.

    I wouldn’t say we are turning into Tech, but more like UNC or UVA. The big diiference between UGA and those schools is that at UGA you have a fanbase and alumni base whose demographics are skyrocketing away from each other.

    • FisheriesDawg

      “The vast majority of UGA season-ticket holders never set foot in a UGA classroom”

      I’d beg to differ. We’ve got more sidewalks than a lot of places, but most of the people who have ever sat around me in Sanford held at least one degree from Georgia.

      • Carlyle

        I don’t have the figures in front of me, but can tell you over 60% of season ticket holders are not Alumni. The Alumni Assoc. did a report on this when they were a dues-based organization and felt they were competing with the Athletic Assoc. for donations.

        • Bird Hunter

          You do know that you don’t have to be a grad to be an alumnus, don’t you? You could attend classes for only one day and drop out and thus qualify as an alum. I suspect when this is taken into account that, yes, the majority of givers to the Hartman Fund are indeed alumni.

          • GAGRAD05

            If you are spending that kind of money on season tickets and you are not alumni or a close relative of a current student or alumnus/a then you might want to reconsider your priorities.

            • Sanford222view

              Why? I grew up a Georgia fan yet never attended a single class in Athens. I have had season tickets for over 15 years. What is wrong with that? Granted my parents both graduated from UGA so I do have a connection to the school but I am sure there are other passionate fans with season tickets without one degree of separation. I don’t see a problem with that. Many find the college game more intriguing than the pro version so understand spending money on a college team versus forking over income on the Falcons or another set of professional season tickets.

              • GAGRAD05

                I understand where someone can like the college game over the pros and want to spend the money to go to some games but to spend that kind of money on a yearly basis to see a school’s football team with which you have no connection whatsoever.

                • Puffdawg

                  We go every single weekend to see the Dawgs. I graduated from UGA, but most of my group (all of whom have been getting tix for over 30 years) DIDN’T attend UGA. They are just good ole GA boys who grew up loving the Dawgs but who weren’t afforded the opportunity to attend college in Athens. Your comments scream “spoiled rich kid from Cobb County.” Just sayin’.

            • Bird Hunter

              I’d never buy season tickets these days because I can get the tickets off subhub and ebay at scalper prices for the games I want for less than the extorted funds I’d have to give to the Hartman fund in order to buy season tickets in desirable a seat location.

              But frankly, I don’t go as many games as I used to because the CFR member, Micheal Adams, has conjured up an atmosphere in Athens on game days that don’t appeal to the likes of me.

              • GAGRAD05

                + 1. Exactly my point.

                • Puffdawg

                  While I agree Mike Adams has ruined the game day experience in Athens, I fail to see the connection between Bird’s comments and you shitting on non alums who get season tickets.

                  Also consider, dumbass, a Hartman Fund contribution goes towards helping the long term financial stability of the athletic program, as in helping build/improve facilities as well as hiring/firing coaches. So, your Stubhub buying ass is not supporting the program as much as the guy donating to Hartman. So next time your driving your friends around town showing them the impressive athletic facilities at your alma mater,make sure to tell them you didn’t do shit to help pay for them while the non-alum with misplaced priorities did.

                  • Puffdawg

                    you’re* driving

                    I just committed my own pet peeve.

                    • GAGRAD05

                      Well,dumbassyourreadingcomprehension mustbeawful.Idon’thaveaproblemwithnon-alums.ifyoureadmycommentsaying”spendingthatkindofmoney”youwouldseethatIwastalkingaboutrecenttrends.alsoIamaHartmandfunddonor.areyousureyougraduated?itsuredoesn’tseemlikeit.justsayin.

                    • Puffdawg

                      Maybe we are from different parts of the world, but from where I come, “you might want to reconsider your priorities” is nothing but an insult. A highbrow insult at that. If you didn’t have a problem with non alums, you wouldn’t be insulting them.

                      Also, isn’t it kind of ironic to be criticizing someone for reading comprehension when you’re writing in sentence fragments? I must confess to not being an English major but I’m pretty sure this is either a sentence fragment, a run-on, or both…

                      “I understand where someone can like the college game over the pros and want to spend the money to go to some games but to spend that kind of money on a yearly basis to see a school’s football team with which you have no connection whatsoever.”

                      Get with your PSAT prep teacher and let me know.

  8. I finished up my 7 years in Athens last May (undergrad & grad school), and I think the problems stems from SGA putting all the tickets on student IDs a few years ago. Previously, if someone didn’t want to go to a game, he or she could sell it. Now, there are too many restrictions, so people cannot unload their tickets. Pure economics at work here.

    • Bulldawg165


      I didn’t get a full season ticket package my freshman year but was still able to get tickets to the other games from scalpers. Additionally, recent graduates could manage to buy student tickets and get into the game as well. Unfortunately, the new restrictions have made it much more difficult for that to happen now, hence we have empty seats because people decide not to go but can’t get rid of their tickets.

      • Dawgaholic

        Exactly, if the situation was as it was when I was a student at various times between 98 and 05 (undergrad and grad), you would not have a problem.

        Is it really a bad thing that a student who isn’t a big football fan sells a student ticket to a friend that is a huge Dawg fan but not a student at the time??? (And that the student makes a profit?)

        Let the students sell their tickets. Check the IDs in a somewhat cursory manner and let anyone that looks at all similar to the ID they are holding into the game. You’ll have a lot of 16-30 year olds in the student section who want to be there and will get loud.

        BTW – I also attended the Auburn game and sat in the student section despite being a little old for that now. The current student ticket distribution system IS the problem. It was obvious from actually being in the student section.

        I understand too. It is much more fun to go to the game if you and a bunch of your friends can sit together regardless of whether you actually have tickets together.

  9. attendseverygame

    As sad as it is, if we win one National Championship, filling seats won’t be a problem anytime in the near future

  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    This post is eerily similar to the recent post that pointed out declining attendance at ACC basketball games. I wonder if there’s a big trend?

  11. Skeptic Dawg

    Some of you have listed great reasons for unused student tickets (HDTV, girls, kegs, bathrooms ect.). How about the increase in academic standards. A new breed of student is gaining enterance into UGA. With the higher standards (I am not saying this is bad, nor am I saying this is good) set by Adams and the availability of the Hope Scholarship to everyone, many entering freshmen are simply not Dawg fans. This is great for the University, not so much for the Fall afternoon atmosphere. Yes, these students should be flogged for not attending, but Georgia football is simply not in their DNA makeup. Now, obviously this does not apply to all students. Just a thought

    • Otto

      You have many things going on Economics, academics. etc

      I would also add that UGA is in a state with a high percentage transplants which as stated above did not grow up eating and breathing SEC football like UT, Bama, Auburn, LSU.

      In My Opinion CMR has lost the enthusiam of students. They still support him but it seems until they can win titles. the students will take a wait and see stance, sort of like Atlanta and the Braves under Bobby Cox.

      • Will (the other one)

        That’s an interesting comparison: the current UGA football program, and let’s stay the early 2000s’ Braves teams. 1995 was too long ago, and the horrible pattern of great regular season followed by post-season disappointment was set. I remember in 2003 when there seemingly were more Cubs fans than Braves fans at the NLDS.

        The question is how picky are these students? Would another SEC title, but no national title (or title game appearance) work for them? Or are they sitting on their hands for the whole thing?

    • Carlyle

      +1. The kids who were at UGA in the Goff era are not the same kids who are going to UGA these days, thanks to the HOPE

      • HVL Dawg

        In the 1980s sixty percent of UGA incoming freshmen had to take remedial English before they were allowed to take a regular college English. I’ll bet today 75 percent of incoming freshmen have AP college English credit earned in high school. It is very true that today’s UGA student body is MUCH more academically accomplished or they don’t get admitted. All the kids who were going to UGA in the 1980s are now going to Kennesaw or Southern.

        The comparison to UNC is spot on. My daughter is a freshman at UNC and I took her to her only home game last year. Football tickets are free to the students and they still don’t go. I’d guess there were 45,000, total, in the stadium for a conference game on a beautiful fall day. They tailgate on wine and cheese.

        • BulldogBen

          I don’t buy the comparison. HOPE has been in place since what 1993? Attendance still remains in the top 10 in the country and the donations are as big as ever. Students still graduate and support the program.

          Students gravitate towards the biggest and best thing going. The UNC football comparision isn’t accurate. Go look at the UNC BASKETBALL atmosphere. THAT is the UGA football atmosphere. The way you compared it, it would be like comparing UNC Basketball to UGA basketball. Does not compute.

          • MT

            The admissions standards have progressively gotten stricter and stricter. Maybe especially b/c the economy has emphasized the need for the suburb crowd to use the HOPE and stay in-state?

            One of my friends was admitted to UGA in 2003 with an 1160 SAT (but a high GPA). Those kind of students don’t get into UGA anymore.

            • Normaltown Mike

              1130! When I was admitted in 94, I knew kids with scores in the 900’s. They had to take summer school or they came in for night school for a quarter, but they had a way in.

              IMHO, as ATL has grown exponentially and they lifted the HOPE income limits, UGA has a much larger pool of excellent applicants to choose from. Kids that used to go to Vandy or W&L can come to UGA knowing it’s fun, respectable & their folks throw in a Tahoe as incentive.

        • Otto

          What percentage of kids in the 80s or 90s had parents that grew up in State?

          The metro Atlanta area is a melting pot. Attendance to pro sports rises and falls on who they are palying because fans from those cities want to see their home team play NOT the HOME TEAM.

          College Football is nowhere near as big of a deal in other areas of the country with of course a few pockets of exception.

          Further how many of these brains that are coming because of the UGA’s academic status are all that interested in Football and would want to come back when they graduate?

  12. BulldogBen

    Not for nothing but I’ve been a contributor to the Hartman fund since I graduated and had tickets all 5 years I was over there. I rarely made it to games by kickoff (maybe by my last year there for big games) and just flat out bailed on some (at a party, with a girl, hungover, etc) . It’s what students do sometimes.

    Does no one remember college? Side note observation- I used to REGULARLY watch entire Conan O’Brien shows. When it ended at 1:30am. Now I can barely make it to the beginning of The Daily Show.

    • Puffdawg

      Maybe I was a super fan but I never missed a home game as a student ans didn’t miss many aways. None of my friends did. We never missed a tailgate. And trust me, we closed down the bars every Friday night.

  13. The General

    I remember being outright stunned by the student section at the Auburn game. I drove from two states away thinking the atmosphere would somewhat resemble the Blackout. We were riding a win streak, had the defending National Champions coming to town, with more than a little score to settle after the crime spree that was the game on the Plains in 2011. At kickoff, I thought there must be a logjam for the students to get in. They never came. My solution would be to drop the drinking age back to 18 and sell beer in the stadium. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

  14. DawgByte

    Irish Dawg has it correct. This is a student body issue. It’s absolutely pathetic to hear of their lack of interest.

    As I’ve stated many times… I think this is a Georgia CULTURAL issue that won’t be resolved any time soon. I’ve traveled all over the U.S. and around the world and I’ve never seen a more RUDE fan base. This behavior spreads across all spectrums of entertainment as well. Georgian’s are notoriously LATE for events and are then in a rush to LEAVE EARLY. This is very difficult to comprehend… WTF is up with these people?

  15. Hobnail_Boot

    …and here is the other side of the Hope Scholarship coin.

  16. Erik

    If the powers that be at UGA really care about addressing this issue, they need to start encouraging tailgating instead of trying to kill it. They need to stop the practice of asking the SEC and the networks for early kickoffs whenever possible. They need to join the rest of the conference in 2012.

    It’s no mystery why students aren’t interested in going to constant early kickoffs that they can’t tailgate for.

    • The ATH


      Noon kick-offs + cupcakes = weak attendance.

      This does all stem from the ’08 season when scalping of paper tickets was rampant. Jilted freshmen and sophomores complained, and this is what we’ve gotten.

      I will give the AD credit for improving the system. Direct donations of tix are huge – kids don’t want to waste their time contributing back into the pool. It’s also an improvement to give that extra 24 hours to donate, as are the penalties – still tough to believe that about Auburn last fall.

      Sounds like the solution is to oversell the games, 20% for small games and 10% for big ones (important to keep the oversells reasonable to prevent any sort of hysteria). Give clear warning to students that if they are entrant # 18,001+, they will be turned away. Puts butts in the seats and enocourages them to show up before the second quarter.

    • MT

      Re-open North Campus with more reasonable restrictions, ala the Grove.

      They have dialed back the draconian rules, but there’s never going to be a real crowd until the setup times go back to 7am, as they used to be.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        You’ll have to get Mike Adams fired to do that….Hell! That’s a damn good idea!

  17. NC Dawg

    Come on. Football games are only part of the college experience. I follow UGA a lot more closely now that I’m decades out of school; it helps keep me connected to Georgia. But while I was in school, I loved going to the games with the gang from my dorm. But it wasn’t the only thing I loved, and it wasn’t even the BEST part of my college days. These are young people, college students, no the 30- 40- or 50-plus-year-olds who live vicariously through Dawg blogs.

  18. JasonC

    I was at UGA from 91-95 and I went to every game my soph-senior seasons and probably all of the home games my freshman year. I also saw UGA play in every SEC stadium except Death Valley in Baton Rouge. There were issues then with students showing up for the games. As some have noted, the Goff years weren’t necessarily the best, but the students were regularly late and left early during that time.

    I remember playing at Bama in 94 (I think) and their student section was full 1 hour before the game, except the frat sections, which had pledges with banners holding the seats until the other guys showed up by game time.

    I wasn’t aware of the new ID policy, but I can see where that would be a problem, because 20 years ago, you would put an flier up in the dorm and sell your ticket for $5-20 depending on the game and it wasn’t a problem.

    Nonetheless, show some frickin’ support. Students don’t know how good they’ve got it until their out of school and having to pay tons more money to enjoy a game.

  19. hailtogeorgia

    The thing is, it’s hard to pinpoint a reason as to why students aren’t showing up because you don’t have anything to which you can compare this data.

    For all the folks on here saying they attended every game during the Ray Goff era (and more power to you if you did), that’s great…but it’s not necessarily indicative of a change in culture. At that point in time (and correct me if I’m wrong), if you didn’t want to or could not attend the game, you could sell your tickets to any one of the thousands of sidewalk alumni dying to get inside the stadium. The fact of the matter is that you can’t do that anymore, because tickets are now on the students’ IDs. Even when I was in college, after they had changed the rule to require a student ID to use a student ticket (note: the ticket wasn’t ON the ID, you just had to have one), it made selling tickets to non-students more difficult, but you could still do it (you could loan your ID to the person, or, if they were a recent alum, they likely still had theirs). With the new rules, you can’t even do that any more…so you have a large number of recent alumni who don’t or can’t donate to the Hartman fund, but also have no means of getting unwanted student tickets the way they formerly could.

    Students have been selling tickets and not going to games for years, it just wasn’t noticeable because you still had butts in the seats…whereas now it is. Couple that with the fact that the stadium holds 5000 more people than it previously did (people who, previously, would’ve likely been purchasing tickets from students because they didn’t get season tickets), and it’s no surprise that you’re seeing empty seats. You have a finite number of season ticket holders(W), a finite number of students (X), a (relatively) infinite number of possible student ticket purchasers (Y), and a full stadium (Z). If Z (a full stadium) = (W)+(X)+(Y), and you suddenly tell the (Y) folks that they can’t purchase tickets from the (X) folks anymore (who still want to sell their tickets/not attend the games at the same rate), SHOCKER, the number of empty seats in the (X) section rises.

    • Jman781

      This is the best explanation.

      Plenty of students did not attend games while I was in school, but, as you say, the tickets were sold instead of unused. Heck, I attended many games after I graduated using student tickets.

      What’s our enrollment? 35K? Do people really expect 43% of the student population to attend every game? Things come up and–GASP–some people don’t like football.

      As for the Hartman Fund, I don’t think there’s going to be an issue, as the pool of potential season ticket holders is MUCH larger. I can assure you it’s less than 43% of the general population…

  20. 69Dawg

    I will be interested in seeing the Hartman Current Donation cut-off for new season tickets. I’ve been buying season tickets for a long time and I can never remember a drop like we had from 2008 (preseason number 1) at 10,000 to 2011 500. My son graduated in 2001 and the Hartman Fund actually give the new graduates a $400.00 credit toward their season tickets so he bought them and kept them for about 3 years but he couldn’t afford the 325 per ticket donation and dropped his. The school realizes they have a problem, as the old farts like me stop coming they have to find new meat but it’s not going to be easy.

    • BulldogBen

      I graduated in 2000 and I didn’t even have to make a donation to Hartman my 1st year out of school. Had to pay for the tix but not the donation. That started in Year 2 post-college.

      Thanks Jim Donnan!!

      • DawgPhan

        same here..when I graduated they actually spotted me the points for 2 tickets. In year 2 they spotted have the points. Year 3 I was on my own.

        Few years later I added a 3rd season ticket and I hope to add a 4th this year and break them into 2 pairs and move down a little.

  21. paul

    I was in school in Athens in the late seventies. Technically, we did not “attend” football games because we were on the tracks. But it never occurred to us, or anyone else, not to go. Even those not particularly interested in football went to the games. It’s what you did in Athens on Saturday. Despite the fact that the drinking age was 18 at the time, there were very few bars downtown. We were lucky if one or two games a year got televised. Even then, a nineteen inch Sony Trinitron was about the best you could expect. A lot of things were very different then. Dang, I’ve officially become an old fart. That sucks.

    • Bird Hunter

      I’m was right up there on the tracks with you, brother. And I’m an old fart right there with you now. I still remember all the players getting off the bus and raising a fist to the tracks in acknowledgement because Erk told them that they damn well better do it because we were the best fans they had then, or would ever have for that matter. Fact of the matter is that if the east end hadn’t been enclosed, you can rest assured that Michael Adams would declare the tracks off limits and have anyone going up there to enjoy the game arrested.
      The rule that says you have to have a student ID in order to use a student ticket is to keep students from giving or selling there tickets to their friends and kin from back home who might have majored in HVAC or plumbing at the local votech school. You know, we gotta keep those trashy types away from UGA students, or else they might get the idea that they might have worthwhile qualities too. We can’t have that now, can we? Hell, a few of our coeds might meet some diesel mechanic at a game and wind up falling in love with him and marrying him. We can’t have that now can we? Besides, her women’s studies profs have almost convinced her that she’s really a lesbian, and we are not about to let some redneck that gets his hands dirty for a living take her away from them and foil their agenda.

  22. DawgPhan

    nothing like a bunch of old guys complaining about “kids these days” and telling stories of “in my day”…

    you guys shake your fists at kids playing in the street on the weekends?

    In your day students didnt show up to games either…they didnt in my day. They dont today…and in 20 years they wont show up then either.

    • Bird Hunter

      I never complain about “kids these days,” but I do complain about the parenting skills of many parents, or lack there of. I also complain about the education, or lack there of, that kids are receiving these days. Nope, I’m not complaining about “kids these days.” That’s what the generation before me did back “in my day.” I have one of these “kids these days” of my own right now, and I love him and his friends dearly. They love me too because I am constantly putting them on alert to the fact that they are being shortchanged by not being held to the standards that I was when I was their age, and fact that the educational elite would prefer that they be no more intelligent and knowledgeable than the most stupid person in the class. The better to control them, you see. Oh yea, did I say that most “educators” hate my guts. ;0

      • sorry, no respect earned

        If you’re a baby boomer, your generation is one of the most lazy in history. What the hell are you crowing about? Good grief.

        • Bird Hunter

          +1 FWIW. Who do you think I’m warning my son and his friends about? You seem to have suffered an injustice foisted upon you by the boomer educational elite as well. Try to comprehend what you read.

      • hailtogeorgia

        Gag me. Give it a rest, man.

    • Rebar

      I was on the tracks also in ’80 and no DawgPhan, we didn’t have many empty seats back then, the stadium was a little smaller; but us now old farts were stacked on the tracks! Students did show up because thats what you did in Athens on Saturday for a home game, and it wasn’t just the tracks; anywhere people could get a view of the stadium and the game inside, they lined up. We might be old farts but we knew how to raise hell and make noise and support the Dawgs.

  23. Will Trane

    18,000 seats available for students in a stadium that is ranked in the top in SEC and NCAA. Student population 35,000. Think you are expecting too much from your students. How many of these students attended their high school games are a solid and consistent basis. Probably have a history not as loyal as most would think to football.
    Need to look at the time games start. The SEC for TV revenue start too many games to early on Saturday, but their % of the audience and following leads the nation.
    Many best to put more tickets in alums hands and less in students. Best solution…less students and more oversigning and walk-ons. Allocate to contributors and alums. And if you go to a game, keep your cheeky ass in the stands until the players and coaches start to leave regardless of the score.

  24. As a 4th year who has yet to miss a game, home or away, since my junior year in high school, allow me to say that it is almost entirely due to the new student ticketing system. A few people have already gotten it right, but it has nothing to do with a cultural change on campus. Everyone still bleeds red and black and drinks way too much just like they did back in your day. The simple truth is that thousands of student tickets go unused every year. It’s just that these past couple years, there’s been no way to sell them to someone else. I never understood the scalping complaint, even though I was a freshman when it was still around. Scalping is simply supply and demand. I was offered $250 for my Bama Blackout ticket (and now I wish I had sold it) and I bought a Georgia Southern ticket for $20 that year. We need to go back to paper tickets if they truly want to see this issue solved.

    Other issues contributing to this: Noon kickoffs and the death of North Campus tailgating. Those are self-explanatory.

    • so after all these blogs we can safely conclude the free market does work if you let it and when the people who are brighter than us tinker with the market,usually for your own good, it usually ends up with unintended consequences. to wit :empty seats in the student section. Sounds completely logical to me, but as one of the older posters on this blog I have admit that my first reaction was ,”kids today are just a bunch of pampered cry-babies who don’t know when they have it good why in my day we had to walk 5 miles ,in the snow to Sanford, uphill ,both ways….well you get the picture…who knows who Ed Thelinius was?

  25. Going back to the beginning it also means that the student representative in the Athletic Board is simultaneously oblivious and clearly a hand picked Micheal Adams geek. Shouldn’t a smart kid who liked football and had friends who liked football been able to explain what was going on at least as clearly as the students on this blog did, I blame Adams.

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  27. Josh

    1. Fix North Campus Tailgating (a la The Grove)
    2. Allow resales in some method
    3. Enhance the experience within Sanford Stadium. I see that Alabama is investing in putting a bunch of cell towers across the top of Bryant-Denny. Ticketholders (of any age) want/crave a better ability to communciate via social media during the game.