“If you took a vote of coaches, you’d probably get a two-game conference schedule.”

Behold!  Roy Kramer, voice of reason on SEC football scheduling:

“I would say they should take a hard look at nine,” former SEC Commissioner Roy Kramer said. “People don’t buy season tickets to see you play some of the nonconference teams we play. They buy season tickets to see our best teams.”

Solomon’s entire column is eminently logical.  Which is why I put the odds on the conference adopting a nine-game football schedule at about 5-1 against.


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16 responses to ““If you took a vote of coaches, you’d probably get a two-game conference schedule.”

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    It’s ironic that Kramer is the guy Solomon quotes. Kramer’s decision to add 2 teams and split the SEC into 2 divisions is what has led the SEC to where we now find it. That decision was based on greed alone not sportsmanship or what was in the best interests of the players or institutions. The SEC should kick the last 4 entrants to the SEC out of the conference and go to a round robin schedule where every team plays every other team each year–9 conference games. That is the only fair way to decide the real conference champion and it would uphold the significance of the regular season. Is that going to happen? Not in a million years. $$$$$$$!!!

    • I think you’re selling what Kramer accomplished a little short. Remember, the SEC didn’t have a round robin schedule before ’92. Kramer managed to up the conference schedule from six to eight games and at least got the divisions settled on a round robin basis.

      Sure, it was for the money, but what he did looks a helluva lot better than what we’re getting ready to see from Slive.

      • Cojones

        And I would say that many of your posters have been well ahead of this curve toward nine games for some time. Kinda makes the blogging subjects you choose stick WAY out ahead of the curve. Does it make other readers as wary as I am that we have been led to the water, but our creative ingenuity we sometimes thump our chest about has paled to a long cool drink? Here’s toyuh, Senator, you old equine whisperer you.

        • Slaw Dawg

          + 1. This blog has been consistent and strongly consistent at that: 9 games plus Tech. If the wussies still want 2 boring home gimme games, then that’s doable. So is one such game and 1 interesting non-conf game. Hell, so is 2 interesting non-conf games, but let’s concede that won’t happen (tho as I’ve pointed out before, there have been seasons with no obvious gimmes–including 1980, which didn’t turn out out too badly).

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            And Slaw, I assume you will lead the parade to get Mark Richt another contract extension following a nine-game SEC season?

            It is nice to TALK about playing more league competition, but frankly, as long as the polls decide things, and they still do, and will even with the new and wonderful “playoff”, it will be a lot less nice to actually have to deal with it on the field, with the same number of scholarships and so forth.

            • Skeptic Dawg

              If Richt were to win with a 9 game schedule, then by all means extend his contract. Increased competition is no reason to shy away from making the right move. If an additional game is too much for any of the current SEC coaches they will be shown the door, CMR included. It is not like Richt has rendered national titles with an 8 game conference schedule. And yet he still receives an extension.

              • Cojones

                And a well deserved one for his body of work and to let the recruits know that he will be here through their graduation. Have you sent the $10 to Bobo yet? You don’t want to be known as a welsher , do you? You shouldn’t bet so loudly and publically if you can’t back it up when you lose, kid. People will begin to see there is nothing to your word, loudly and in public.

    • Tim Dawg

      You have to be really out of it to argue that the 12 team format that we’ve seen for the last 20 years hasn’t been good for the conference. Some of the crap that gets posted in the comments section of this blog is utterly amazing.

  2. reipar

    Ahhh I have been gone. Good to see the sky is still falling.