The latest NCAA head-scratcher

How crappy is the NCAA’s call on Oregon in the Will Lyles matter?  Crappy enough that I find myself in full agreement with a Gregg Doyal column.

And if you ask me, the USC sanctions should be the starting point for Oregon. The minimum. While it’s true that an actual player (and family members) received benefits in the USC case — and received them at a value well beyond $25,000 — there’s a distinction here. It’s a distinction Oregon fans will ignore because it’s convenient, but it’s a distinction that should appall the NCAA:

At USC, the checks were written by outsiders: agents, runners, marketing reps.

At Oregon, the check was written by the Oregon football team.

See that distinction? It’s grotesque. This wasn’t some mysterious off-campus figure exerting influence. This was Chip Kelly making sure $25,000 went to the guy in Houston who says he helped steer recruits to Oregon. And Lyles had a hands-on role, too: He says he advised eventual Oregon All-American tailback LaMichael James to transfer to Arkansas for his final semester of high school to avoid Texas’ standardized test required for graduation. Then he showed Seastrunk how to use his grandmother to sign his scholarship papers, because Seastrunk’s mother wasn’t sold on Oregon.

If this goes down as it looks like it might, were I a Southern Cal administrator, I’d be furious.

Doyal thinks this comes down to not wanting to piss Phil Knight off.  Sad, if true.  I’m not sure I totally buy it, though.  It’s not like there aren’t plenty of Nike competitors who would be thrilled to step into the breach if Knight decided to create one out of spite.

Whatever the reason, it’s just another example of the inconsistency we’ve come to expect out of Emmert’s crew.  The only surprise is that we’re no longer surprised by it.


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16 responses to “The latest NCAA head-scratcher

  1. South FL Dawg

    You forgot the part where Kelly tried to cover it up by asking Lyles for some video he could give to the invesrptigators, which turned out to be old clips from prior recruiting classes.

  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The NCAA is and has been for a significant amount of time undermining its own credibility. The organization has become morally bankrupt and not worthy of respect. Serious violations get a slap on the wrist or as in the case of Auburn no punishment at all. Minor violations get hammered with the type of penalties that cause the actual loss of games (AJ Green selling his own property–4 game suspension) or a championship being stripped (GA Tech). Schools need to decide whether the NCAA has outlived its usefullness (it has) and form a new organization. If the Big Six conferences all left the NCAA would be rendered meaningless overnight–and college athletics would be much better for it.

  3. Cojones

    Looks like we will get a ringside seat on the deployment of NCAA’s new no-nonsense investigation and punishment. They opened their martinet mouths last month when Julie Roe Lach outlined their subcommittees and harsher tone toward recruiting and player hanky-panky. And hasn’t there been an attempt or two to mislead?

    We now are patiently waiting and watching to see how and what you do. Get with it. “Tap, tap, tap.”(the sound of my shoe toe). I’m sure that USC and tOSU are watching closely as well.

  4. shane#1

    Cojones, my fellow old fart, Herschel is fifty today. Yep, Herschel is fifty and I am too damn old!

    • # 1. I am too damn old also..Welcome to my world.
      Another Old Fart..

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Come on guys, Herschel is not 50…that’s yet another absurd rumor promulgated by the religious right.

        He could not be 50…that would make me….ah….oh.

    • Cojones

      My hand was lifted and I was being sworn into the service of my country the year he was born. And I was in the same shape he is today when I was fifty….only rounder….and weaker….and ….

      Anyway, I had a gun and could kill people legally in certain asian countries when he was born. Somehow that doesn’t make me feel older, only stupider.

      • AthensHomerDawh

        Gullible maybe …but I doubt stupid. Your home aren’t you?

        • Cojones

          My brother had two tours in-country while he made it a career as an Officer. I wouldn’t dishonor his service by agreeing that I was gullible. I was as ready to kill for my country as the next guy while I was in service, but my time was not spent dodging a bullet. I was responsible for training medics and getting them ready for combat (yes, combat. Since Korea, the Red Cross was a target and my men could shoot back). Officers in my unit flew Evac Helicopters bravely into bullets to let others live. And we buried a President and Commander -in-Chief while in I was uniform. Six months after I got out, my company went to Vietnam. I was entering Grad school at UGA. While not feeling guilty, I won’t denegrate one whit what they all did in the service of our country. Their lives were as valuable as yours and mine and I must honor their sacrifice since they were fighting and getting killed due to old men’s mistakes. As long as I’m alive, I will respect those men and try to fight to keep old men from continuing mistakes that put them there in the first place.

  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    You want consistency? Drink Budweiser. The NCAA is making ‘reasoned judgments’ dontcha know.

    • Cojones

      They don’t drink enough to make reasoned judgements!

      • Hogbody Spradlin

        And there’s only one e in judgment old timer.

        • Cojones

          Sorry . Didn’t notice. As you can see I don’t use Spellcheck. I do well sometimes to catch the “their” and “there” faux pass(do you like the way I can use the second “s”?). Many more get past me, but most posters know in the heat of typing we can make mistakes and hopefully the invented words don’t get mixed in poster minds with the misspells. It was a mistake of typing and not one of ignorance. Please don’t judg too harshly.

  6. Monday Night Frotteur

    USC and OSU were repeat offenders, and USC’s basketball programs had more blatant cartel violations.

    But this whole thing is stupid. Lance Seastrunk’s services were in demand by multiple potential employers. His potential employers should have competed for his services with open bids involving whatever compensation they thought he was worth (e.g. 4 year scholarship + $50,000 stipend, or a one year scholarship + $75,000 stipend, etc.). The NCAA *alone* creates the space for shady folks like Lyles and Baron Flenory, then acts shocked when people utilize their services.