10,000,000 hits…

and to think it was a Willie Martinez post that put me over the top.

Thanks so much to every one of you who drops by on occasion.  Here’s hoping you’ll have a lot of great reasons to come by GTP the next ten million times.


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29 responses to “10,000,000 hits…

  1. ScoutDawg

    Congratulations, what a milestone!

  2. BCDawg97

    Best Dawg blog on the internet – the only one I have bookmarked.

  3. TennesseeDawg

    Congrats. Just waiting on my profit sharing check to arrive in the mail.🙂

  4. xdog

    You don’t get 10M hits without being worth it. Great dawg site.

  5. sugarfalling

    Congrats, 10,000,000 seems unbelievable. The blog all others look up to.

  6. Comin' Down The Track

    Wowee! You’re like one o’ them fancy new-fangledy porno sites!

  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Congratulations!! You have definitely set the bar high for all fan blogs everywhere.

  8. Congratulations. The only blog I tell others that: It Is “A Must Read”.

  9. CONGRATULATIONS. You can assure of more hits with BOBOLICIOUS
    still an on going topic and Martinez now walking the lines at Auburn.

  10. Cojones

    Like the limp-wristed medic in MASH when the dentist was given the “Death” pill: “It’s just a waste of a good education!”, we stand to one side, your humble cheerleaders and pot stirrers. Nice and, I would think, humbling achievement. Thanks for all the nuanced material.

  11. shane#1

    Congrats Senator, you were a Lawyer, no you are a Law’ya./tipstinfoilhatinyourdirection/

  12. BMan

    Well, Willie Martinez is still surrendering big numbers. Congrats Senator!

  13. timphd

    Nice work Senator. I probably am responsible for several thousand of those hits myself. Enjoy the site.

  14. Bulldog Bry

    Ok, but…..I can’t do the 10 mill by myself. It’s a lot to ask.

  15. heyberto

    Here’s hoping you’re up for doing this for at least the same period of time senator. (something tells me the next 10,000,000 are going to come much quicker).

  16. charlottedawg

    Congrats and keep up the great work! I blame Bobo.


    From the days of posting on the ABH to this milestone, I have always enjoyed your humor and insight. Congratulations and keep it up!

  18. ZeroPointZero

    Your politics leave something to be desired, but your UGA news and info is unmatched. Even the comments from the great unwashed are generally good. Not the mouth breathers you read on other sites. I don’t know how you do it, but my hat is off to you sir. You are 100X better than the people that get paid to do this.

  19. Cosmic Dawg

    What it is, Senator!

    Thanks for running such a totally sweet and awesome clubhouse. And also thanks to all the regulars here who add so much wit and wisdom to the proceedings – I will echo the comments above – this is one of the smartest and most civil joints on the interwebs. May it ever be so!

    GO DAWGS!!

  20. First!

    I can’t get enough of this AJC blog. Its the best place to rip my favorite team a new one!🙂

    All kidding aside… Congrats Senator and all my fellow commentors on here, its hands down the best place to share thoughts and memories with my fellow Dawgs.

  21. PAWS

    I intend to post a sixty two paragraph long dissertation on the reasons you haven’t had twenty million hits yet. Stay tuned.

  22. I just went on YouTube and James Brown’s ” Dooley’s Junkyard Dawgs” only had 90,000 hit so that makes GTP 100 times plus more popular than James Brown. It follows, therefore’that the Senator is the hardest working man in the blogosphere.
    What happens when the Real Estate market picks back up?,I’m just askin

  23. gatorhater

    I heard there would be free beer and nekkid women??