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It’s a conspiracy, PAWLLL.

The last (allegedly) smoking guns in the Newton saga are acquitted on all counts related to bribery charges in connection with gambling legislation in Alabama.

Hey, it did take the jury seven days to return its verdict.  Keep hope alive, folks.


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Wednesday morning buffet

The heating lamps are on, the chafing dishes are full, the plates are out… go for it.



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Your double dose of “I saw it on the Internet, so it must be true”.

I don’t even have to say take these with a grain (actually, more like a small stone) of salt, do I?

  • Georgia Tech blog reports that the Big Ten is prepared to throw “$25-30 million” at a school that can’t fill a 50,000-seat football stadium consistently to get it to jump conferences.
  • There’s a reason I avoid Bleacher Report like the plague, but this excerpt pulled me back in, damn it.  This post is so lame they should pay you to read it.


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“… because 6-6 means different things to different teams…”

The obvious answer to the question posed in the header of this piece is “whichever ones ESPN chooses.”  Duh.


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