“… because 6-6 means different things to different teams…”

The obvious answer to the question posed in the header of this piece is “whichever ones ESPN chooses.”  Duh.


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  1. Yep must get rid of all 6-6 teams from post season football games that are exhibitions but March Madness is the greatest thing ever because teams with a losing record get a shot at the championship.


  2. Eric

    “I love [having to be] 7-5,” Thompson said. “I think you have to have deserving teams.”

    Wow! What an astute observation! Apparently the MW Commish thinks 7-5 is more deserving than 6-6.

    I love obvious observations at the top of articles.


  3. Any playoff proponent knows there’s obviously only one answer to this problem: play-in game for 6-6 teams to get that extra win and into a bowl!

    We can have it on a glacier! In Montana! Packs of wolves menacing the benches! Great TV! More games! More drama!


  4. Cojones

    The number and proliferation of bowl games are not tied to the 6-6 records in my book. Most of us yawn when the Meineke Car Care and Root-a-Toot Toilet Paper bowls announce their competitors, but for the first time that I can remember, I watched Cincinnati and Louisville and God knows what other teams not invited to a meaningful bowl game, play this year. And the first three games were the most interesting and competitive of all the bowls played until after the new year. That’s why they are separated in my mind. If they are competitive and good college football, who gives a shit? The problem occurs when they invent the competition in order to advertise whoever is sponsoring the bowl.

    The powers that be should take the advertiser-only bowls off their lists as soon as they have terrible matchups and not permit that bowl to be played the following year. Then you would see some natural paring that gets us back to interesting pairing as well as less bowl games. Screw their records! It’s interestingly competitive college football we want to see.


  5. reipar

    So if you are 6-6 and are really excited there should be an exception made and you can go to a bowl. Now if you are 6-6 and you are not excited, or maybe just a little excited then you cannot go to a bowl. However, if you are 6-6 and super duper excited maybe they can make an exception that puts you in the BCS (Probably the Orange Bowl to beat some hapless ACC team).

    I love the idea of a sliding scale based on perceived excitement over being 6-6 as the deciding factor on going to a bowl. What could possibly go wrong?


  6. 69Dawg

    Just think if this rule had been in effect UGA could have been saved from that UCF embarrassment. .


    • Cojones

      Aw, man. You hurt my heart. If that didn’t go through all our Dawg minds when we saw “6-6” in the title, you might be just returning from a 3yr deployment to Bumafuk, Egypt.