It’s a conspiracy, PAWLLL.

The last (allegedly) smoking guns in the Newton saga are acquitted on all counts related to bribery charges in connection with gambling legislation in Alabama.

Hey, it did take the jury seven days to return its verdict.  Keep hope alive, folks.


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17 responses to “It’s a conspiracy, PAWLLL.

  1. heyberto


  2. WarD Eagle


    • RocketDawg

      Yes you did (and are probably still) cheating. It’s in your DNA at the “Barn” and always will be. Every successful team in any sport at Auburn has been associated with some scandal. Where there is smoke there is usually at least some fire. Don’t worry though, your tainted 2010 MNC has given you the best gift ever. A long term contract for Cheezit and the reality that without a bought and payed for NFL QB he is just a 5-21 coach from Iowa State.

    • Cecil Newton

      Exactly. It’s not like I ever admitted to shopping my son around. Wait …

  3. Comin' Down The Track

    Oh, There’s WarD. Missed him.

    • OKDawg

      Surprised he had time to post – figured he was memorizing the Bleacher Report 2012 UGA-AU breakdown.

  4. Keese

    All this mean is the Prosecutor did a shitty job building his case against them. Why did it go to court in the first place if there was not a solid case in the first place.

    In our hearts and minds, Auburn is still a cheating step child in the SEC

  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The criminal prosecution is totally unrelated to the Auburn cheating/pay for play scandal. The fact that the defendants were acquitted means nothing to the issue of Auburn paying the Newtons for Cam to play there any more than if the defendants had been convicted. The real issue IMHO is that 4 former Auburn players confirmed that they were paid to play there yet the NCAA issued a decision clearing Auburn of any wrongdoing saying there was no evidence that Auburn did anything wrong, not to mention the clear evidence that Rev. Newton solicited payment from MSU in direct violation of existing NCAA Rules–guilty as hell of that and caught red-handed.

    • Cojones

      Thank you. Had the same take. It just means that the conjectured rollover of a defendant or two into the Auburn case and the FBI “accidental” info in the Cam case were total BS. The bagman has yet to speak.

  6. Guilty As Hell and Caught Red-Handed. Found Not Guilty ?.
    Sorry Senator, But I can’t keep any hopes alive after all of this.

  7. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Oh, the truth will come out someday. Eventually someone will fall off the payroll, and the book deal will be too good to pass up.

    Apparently we’ve reached the point where paying politicians to do your bidding is just considered good business. Sad.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. I am betting Cam Newton himself comes clean in a tell-all book in about 10 years after he is out of the NFL, washed up and broke. Then the NCAA will announce that Auburn has been cleared and that Cammie just said that for the money–no convincing evidence of Auburn cheating.

  8. Mark Emmert

    That whole “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard of proof is for chumps. How about “can’t be covered up anymore?”

  9. E dawg

    I wish we had paid up for him.

  10. NRBQ

    Now the Feds are snoopin’ around re: point-shaving in hoopty-ball.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Not at Auburn. The Tigers have been cleared by the NCAA. No “credible” evidence of wrongdoing there. Must be somewhere else.