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A brief administrative note

I’m heading out this morning for the Amelia Island Concours (classic cars and T-Rays, how bad can that be?), so posting will be spotty at best until late Monday.  Hopefully I’ve given you enough to chew on to get through today at least.

If not, my apologies.  Maybe it’ll help if I leave you with some automotive tuneage.



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S & C changes on the low down

Man, they’ve kept this kind of quiet.

Georgia’s strength staff under Joe Tereshinski has made some new hires.

Former Penn State head strength coach John Thomas is joining the staff as an assistant after 20 years with the Nittany Lions under Joe Paterno. He was not retained by new coach Bill O’Brien.

Also being hired as a speed specialist is Sherman Armstrong from V.A.S.T. Sports Performance in Tampa, who said last month that he had interviewed on campus and was a strong candidate. Their hires should officially be announced soon.

Actually, we did hear a little about Armstrong a week or two ago.  Does anybody know much about Thomas?  He certainly is experienced.


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Because nobody cares about the basketball tournament.

This has been brought to you by easy answers to stupid questions (“The SEC Football Championship and baseball tournament have permanent homes. Why does the league like to move the basketball tournament around?”), Mike Slive edition.  Thanks for playing!


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How do you really know when the seat is hot?

When a fleeing coach says it is.

Russell, who was the second of seven assistants to leave UT since the end of the 2011 season, told the Spokane (Wash.) Spokesman-Review that his decision had little to do with the fact that he would be closer to his hometown of St. Maries, Idaho.

“I think at Tennessee, it was going to come down to how many games you won the next year, and unfortunately nobody’s got a crystal ball,” said Russell, making his first public comments since his departure.

He also took a $50,000 pay cut changing schools.  See?  You can put a price tag on peace of mind.


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Nine wise men

Before you get all interested in Andy Staples’ piece on what nine college presidents, including our beloved Michael Adams, are looking for in college football’s brave new postseason, make sure you read this first.

In short, three out of four Division I presidents (122 of whom were among the respondents) believe that their colleagues as a group are not in control of intercollegiate athletics. But two-thirds of them believe that the scandals that rocked the NCAA in 2011 — from Ohio State to Penn State to Miami to North Carolina — could not happen on their campus.

Seven out of 10 Division I presidents believe that “colleges and universities spend way too much on their intercollegiate programs.” But only 34.2 percent of them believe that their own institution spends way too much.

These guys sound as clueless as voters talking about Congress – it’s always the other guy’s representative who’s got things going to hell in a hand basket.  Except these are the people who are supposedly in charge themselves.  And how cynical is this?

In fact, significant change may not exist, which brings up the most dispiriting finding of the survey. When presented with the statement, “The NCAA’s reform proposals for college athletics are likely to achieve meaningful success,” 68 percent of the Division I presidents who said they approved the reforms disagreed.

If the presidents think that their fixes aren’t going to fix anything, aren’t they wasting everyone’s time?

Enjoy your playoff, fellas.


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Mudcat’s car rides again.

Orson Charles gets nabbed by Athens’ finest for DUI and “driving minimum speed”.

At least we don’t have to fret over the length of his suspension.



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