A brief administrative note

I’m heading out this morning for the Amelia Island Concours (classic cars and T-Rays, how bad can that be?), so posting will be spotty at best until late Monday.  Hopefully I’ve given you enough to chew on to get through today at least.

If not, my apologies.  Maybe it’ll help if I leave you with some automotive tuneage.


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28 responses to “A brief administrative note

  1. HahiraDawg

    I hope you thoroughly enjoy yourself, have a great weekend. Don’t worry bout us. You’ve become part of my daily routine over the past three years and that won’t change bc of spottiness or complete absence for even a week.


  2. HVL Dawg

    Have a great trip. Thanks again for your work.


  3. DawgBiscuit

    No apologies needed, Senator. You put in a lot of hard work finding news and updating this blog multiple times every day, year-round, to provide us with the best Dawg site on the internet bar none, and don’t charge a penny. So thank you, and enjoy your vacation.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    If you like classic cars the Concours is a blast! Have fun!!


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    My goodness, I had no idea blogging was so lucrative…doing a little car shopping down there are we?


  6. If you wander over to the Infiniti room, try to meet Kyle, their PR guy. HUGE Bama fan and would be more than happy to talk football with you all day.


  7. Mike

    Have a wonderful time. Buy that red sports car that befits your age and income! 🙂


  8. Cojones

    Infiniti? Classic car? I just got too old too fast. Maybe a Mitsubishi Starion….

    Has the Studebaker Gold Hawk (standard 4-barrel carb) or Silver Hawk become a classic yet?


  9. 81Dog

    is this like spring training for your liver for the 2012 football season?


  10. JaxDawg

    A wonderful event, see you there.


  11. Nate Dawg

    Have fun Senator! I don’t know much about cars, except how to make payments on them- but while you’re out it would appear the barners are up to no good again with their basketball team- just sayin…


  12. shane#1

    Hudson Super Six. My Dad drove one through a house. Actually under a house. When he was placed under arrest my Dad said, “why don’t you arrest the son of a bitch that was hauling the house? He had no lights on it.” The Hudson Super Six used to rule at Daytona.


  13. Cojones

    Senator, you’re missing some good ammo with Chris Lowe’s rundown of the Mizzou line. They are going from removal of the block “M” from the helmet to shouting “Block Him!” when Travis Root meets John Jenkins. Seems their great line was responsible for them to reach Bama’s equivalent in the Big 12. According to CL, losing the two best guards in the Big 12 to the NFL isn’t going to hurt them when they plug two players lost last year due to injury into their line, including the Nose. Yeah.

    Their running and passing game averaged over 200yds each/ game last year in the Big 12 and that’s supposed to translate directly into the SEC. The running yards were against Big 12 Ds and features their QB, James Franklin, who is a running QB. Tough to defend, but takes the sting out of their RBs accounting for that stat. It will be nice to see how Grantham deploys the “G” Dawgs against this guy to keep his running yards all behind the line of scrimmage. Kinda takes your memory back to last year’s FU game , doesn’t it?


  14. ZeroPointZero

    OK, this isn’t funny anymore. Come home.


  15. Spike

    What is a T Ray?


    • shane#1

      T-Ray- Terrence Robinson 1956-1978. WR out of Prairie View class of 1976, 6’4″ 200,. 4.3 40. Signed with Oakland in the NFL. Spectacular player. He couldn’t catch but he could make it rain. His career ended in tragedy when static electricity caused the mink upholstery in his Bentley to burst into flame and spread to his afro.


    • T-Rays is T-Rays Burger Station, a little slice of heaven on earth. It’s a breakfast/lunch joint in a converted Exxon station that you shouldn’t miss if you’re in Amelia. (I had breakfast and lunch there last Saturday.)


  16. Nate Dawg

    Not good boys – looks like Branden Smith been smokin’ them tweeds, on his way to spring break…not good for Mizzou…


  17. Will Trane

    Good deal Senator. Good to hear you are into cars. What ever happened to Corvette Mike?

    Waiting for my new pickup truck to come in which I ordered recently. Sorry Coach Richt it is not your brand.

    Is it just me or is there a problem with the coaches in the men’s big three programs in Ahtens. When is Perno going to get the Diamon Dogs going. As for the basketball…well, I tuned them out since last season. Always, always the same results…bottom tier and no post season. The AD needs to take a deep look and review of these two sports…would say program, but for sure that is not what they are.


  18. Heathbar09

    My boss is concerned. I’ve become extremely productive. When will this end!?!?!?

    Just kidding, enjoy your trip Senator.


  19. shane#1

    Smith busted in Alabama for pot. Mitchell will start at CB, IMO, and anyone else they can find. Mudcat’s car in fine form.


  20. AthensHomerDawg

    You don’t suppose the Senator has gone rogue on us and pulled a Kowalski while at that car show do ya? Should have sent Cojones with him to make sure he came back!


  21. goalinestalker

    Im in Jville let me know if you can hook up for lunch in Amelia or Fernandina Beach? http://www.tonyspizzarestaurants.com/ is legit!