Because nobody cares about the basketball tournament.

This has been brought to you by easy answers to stupid questions (“The SEC Football Championship and baseball tournament have permanent homes. Why does the league like to move the basketball tournament around?”), Mike Slive edition.  Thanks for playing!


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9 responses to “Because nobody cares about the basketball tournament.

  1. 81Dog

    Apparently, the basketball tournament is not AWARDED to a location. It’s more of a “okay, it’s YOUR turn to be stuck with it this year” kind of thing.

    They could play it in Guam and UK fans would still be all over it. Everyone else? Not so much. Given that Missouri has a pretty decent history of supporting basketball, maybe their fans will be excited about it and show up.

    I know this. Back in the mid 80s, when they held it at the Omni on occasion, if a bomb had gone off in the Omni, you would have killed half the judges and lawyers in metro Atlanta. I guess the sharpest legal minds in town are all basketball fans.

    PS: no cracks about the bomb results being a good thing, either.


  2. Greg

    Nashville makes the most sense because it’s about the most accessible location when you consider all 14 programs. Rotating to Atlanta, N.O. And St Louis occasionally is okay too. They’re handling it right. As far as the crowds go, the first round of the NCAA tourney is the same way in many cases due to the locations, times and days of the week and matchups.


  3. AusDawg85

    What is this “basketball” you speak of?


  4. Georgia basketball exists so that we may catch a glimpse of football prospects visiting our campus.


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    I’m in NO. This place has been painted UK blue. Tix for the UK/LSU game today went for up to $250 a pop.


  6. They should just get it over with and have it in Lexington. Every year, nothing but UK fans, maybe a few Florida fans. That’s about it.

    UK’s basketball fans, by the way, have to be the best traveling fanbase in the country, any sport.


  7. Taylor

    never will understand the attempt to crap on other sports. I guess its a problem to support all UGA athletics


  8. Half watched a bit of hoops today while working on my computer. Place was packed out with UK fans for the UK-UF game. Like a home game for them. Then, the place at about 20% capacity for the Vandy-Ole Miss game. Pretty funny.

    UK-UF was a pretty darn entertaining game, I’ll have to say.