“The timing wasn’t very good, either.”

And so the Malcolm Mitchell move to defensive back goes from quasi-vanity project to matter of necessity in a few short weeks.  Mitchell is going to work at corner exclusively during spring practice.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen in the fall whether he’ll go exclusively defensive back or not yet, but you can’t be in both meetings at the same time,” Richt said. “Early on, we’re going to have to have him help at corner.”

G-Day sure is getting more interesting.  And so is the timing of Branden Smith’s punishment.

Starting cornerback Branden Smith was arrested in Alabama on a misdemeanor marijuana charge. Smith, who will be a senior this fall, will face a suspension of at least one game, according to UGA policy, and it could be more.

“We don’t know everything about it. But if there are arrests or what have you, it’s usually a minimum of 10 percent (of a season),” Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity said. “It just depends on, as Mark said (Monday), on how he reacts, and how (Smith) deals with it with his head ball coach.”

If you’re a Missouri fan, you’re hoping Smith has a serious attitude problem.

As noteworthy as it will be to see how Grantham and Lakatos juggle the secondary until it’s back at full strength, I’m just as curious to find out if there’s as much depth at receiver as Richt is clearly banking there is.  At least they’ll have the Buffalo game to get some of the kinks worked out before traveling to the SEC opener in the other Columbia.


UPDATE:  Weiszer thinks Smith’s suspension will only last one game.


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32 responses to ““The timing wasn’t very good, either.”

  1. Dave

    What are our other options? Becausing losing your best playmaker on offense sounds really stupid unless it is your ONLY option…..

  2. Krautdawg

    You know, Samuel runs a 4.3 … maybe he has good backpedaling & flexible hips?

  3. JasonC

    Can Brandon Harton play DB?

  4. Dawg19

    If Branden was a freshman, I would be worried about his attitude. But he’s a senior and needs to worry about his draft stock, among other things. I would imagine he’ll move Heaven and Earth to make sure he makes Richt happy at this point. If it’s possible to give him a one-game suspension, Richt will have to do it. He’s been around long enough to have seen other successful coaches do it. Who is going to remember the suspension if Georgia has a great season? Nobody…nobody of consequence, anyway…

  5. charlottedawg

    At this point moving mitchell is almost a necessity, that and throw in the fact that mitchell projects as a db if he goes to the nfl. i think there’s depth at wide receiver but none of the guys can stretch the field the way MM can. He makes all of the receivers better just by being on the field in that the defense has to account for him. Again, this is another example of how undersigning hurts you. Bama has 2 guys fully capable of taking the starter’s job if he screws up or even if he just has a bad day of practice, and believe me the starter will bust his ass and make plays because he knows it. meanwhile when the inenvitable attrition hits our team we have to go into scramble mode.

    • Noonan

      If you use Alabama as a benchmark for UGA’s football program, you will be continually disappointed. They have a mercenary coach who will do anything to win. I am glad that we don’t.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        I am not certain, but I do not think CharlotteDawg is screamng for a Saban style of oversigning. He is only asking that the staff signs the full number of recruits any given year. That is not asking too much.

        • Noonan

          Point taken, and I agree. The way Bama does things doesn’t sit well with me.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            ‘Scuse me for saying so but it “sits just fine with me” and I do not think I am the only one in the Bulldog Nation who feels that way. Gee, it really must be a burden to have to put up with winning 2 BCS National Championships in 3 years. Let’s ask Urban Meyer. He knows that feeling, too. Good God the feeling of superiority here for NOT winning is getting a little stifling. Ain’t it comforting to know that we have the moral high ground whereas our rivals only have those stinkin’ BCS National championships!!!!!

  6. sUGArdaddy

    I think we decided it was more about where we could lose someone, and wr was it. We most certainly won’t redshirt the kid from mlk now. We have king, marlon, Conley, Wooten, bennet, and the fast kid we redshirted last year. That’s 7. That’s still a lot of receivers. Here’s hoping #26 is back on O after the trip to the show me state.

    • Dave

      None of them will change a game against top tier competition like Mitchell can……All solid, but no Mitchells.

      • sUGArdaddy

        Very true, but i don’t think we’re going to totally lose mm to defense

        • DamnGoodDawg

          I’m curious to see how the running game affects the pass as well though. I think if we can be better in that aspect, a lot more will open up for the recievers.

  7. Crowell, etc all got 1 game for their “reported” indiscretion. Why would Smith get any different?

    • Crowell wasn’t driving and he wasn’t arrested.

    • Nate

      I don’t see any possible way this is less than 2 games. I hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t see it.

    • DamnGoodDawg

      From what I understand (I could be wrong) getting arrested alone is a 10% suspension. On top of that, if he fails a drug test, it’s ANOTHER 10%.

      There are people we haven’t seen yet (or a lot of) in the seconday though. IC’s friend “Cootie”, Bowman, Swann, and Moore. I wouldn’t be surprised if the “fastes man on the team” Blake Sailors gets his shot as well. God knows he’s a freak on special teams.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        “Blake Sailors joined his brother, Josh, as a walk-on football player at the University of Georgia. Blake’s 4.28 forty helped him get a shot; “

  8. charlottedawg

    @ skeptic dawg, exactly. we don’t have to oversign to keep a full 85 roster of sec athletes and i believe richt has even gray shirted a player before. which at the expense of sounding like a double standard i don’t have a problem with so long as all parties are aware going in. undersigning is indefensible. it’s the recruting equivalent of stopping fishing in a bass tournament after landing 4 keepers with a 5 fish limit while knowing full well that your competition is going to not only keep 5 but cull the livewell as the day goes on. In the case of richt he better hope he lands 4 monsters that more than make up for the 9 fish Saban’s culled through while fishing the same hole.

    • HK

      Not exactly. Its more like you have your four decent fish in the boat. You can either take one more decent guaranteed fish to get to your five, and know you won’t get another monster, or you can target monster fish and risk not filling that fifth slot. All the while, every other boat has a boat full of fish and they just throw out all but the top five when weigh in comes around. In this analogy throwing the fish out of the boat is of course presumed to be against the rules, unethical, and basically trashing those fish’s futures. (you don’t automatically get a college scholarship to another school when you get booted off a team) Thats more accurate.

      Last year Richt waited around for the monsters and got just about all of them; this year it didn’t work out as well. Other teams loaded up on the recruits and then dumped players already on the team to make room.

      You imply that Richt made no effort to fill those spots. Thats obviously wrong; he risked not filling them to go after better recruits, which means the less impressive kids he could have filled those spots with go to other schools. (Remember when Richt had to tell Omar Hunter, 5 stars at the time, his spot was already taken by a lesser recruit because Hunter tried to commit so late? Would you rather have that happen every year? Because that’s the alternative.) Its a bigger risk for Richt because he doesn’t cut players, but you can’t blame him for risking it because you can’t win championships without those top recruits.

      • HK

        To further clarify the metaphor:

        Saban throws lesser fish out of his boat. Richt’s fish, big ones and small ones, randomly get stoned, punch their girlfriend (allegedly) and jump out of the boat. After the weigh in.

        • NRBQ

          Just a technical note, but you can only have five bass in the live-well at a time. Cull as you go, not at the end.

        • CharlotteDawg

          Valid points and yes I was operating under the assumption that Richt does not “cull” his live well when his “fish” don’t pan out on the field. When he gets to five that’s it. As for the high risk high reward scenario you pointed out I get that when you pursue the more elite prospects you have a greater chance of not filling that spot if the prospect picks another school but if you have 28 spots and you sign 9 less than what you have room for, either you are A) getting consistently out recruited or B) not properly managing your roster and/ or accounting for recruits not picking your school, of which neither option is very appealing or reflects well on your program. I get that we can’t perfectly anticipate exactly how many recruits we need to sign but when you have as many guys on scholarship as USC who’s on probation you have a roster management problem. Heck just signing enough guys to anticipate some of the attrition that inevitably happens would be a good start.

          Anyway i have stop talking about fishing, that combined with the warming weather is really making me want to get out on Lake Lanier

          • Cojones

            If Lake Lanier has enough water to fish in that means not enough water has been sent downstream by the Corps. The ecological dominos of Appalachicola River bottom scrubbing and creation of wild backwaters are not maintained. It also means that low fresh water to the Appalachicola Bay has kept the salt content undiluted and high to give the best salty taste to the oysters.

            Keep the dam closed and enjoy your fishing with a sack of oysters from the Bay. There’s a good ecological upside for taste buds there somewhere.

            And, Oh Yeah!, Richt can do early signup with those elite players he has so far for 2013 Class. So get off the Terrible Towel sobbing about not signing all spaces allotted this year. Richt has been running this team a lot longer than you have been typing. I’m sure he doesn’t need your irresponsible tattoo about his recruiting. Why is it irresponsible for you to make those comments? Because you omit your responsibility of creating a fragile atmosphere for recruiting this last year with the “Fire Richt” rant that chased several off and almost cost us our best recruits, that’s why.

  9. dawgtrain-2012

    “Bama has 2 guys fully capable of taking the starter’s job if he screws up…” I think UGA had 2 , trouble is they lost 4(2 were cut) ,for game 1 (at least) .I think even king nick would call that a challenge.

  10. G Marmalard

    a potential consequence of 9 game sec schedule: 1 less cupcake game to absorb suspensions.

  11. Meg

    I think the UGA’s wide receiving corps is one of the deepest in the country personally. Conley and Bennett were superb in their first year, along with Mitchell. King and Wooten and Brown can hold down the fort, and JSW and Tibbs are going to be quite hungry to prove themselves.I don’t know if it is a Bobo problem or a Murray problem but UGA also used to be pretty good at getting balls to their TEs and RBs. Oh, and didn’t someone say that Gurley could possibly play CB or S?