A long marriage doesn’t always need a ring.

Marc Weiszer notes that Mark Richt now ranks sixth on the longest tenured active coaches list.  Take a look at who’s on it:

Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech, 26th

Larry Blakeney, Troy, 22nd

Mack Brown, Texas, 15th

Bob Stoops, Oklahoma, 14th

Kirk Ferentz, Iowa, 14th

Mark Richt, Georgia, 12th

Jim Grobe, Wake Forest, 12th

Gary Pinkel, Missouri, 12th

Garry Patterson, TCU, 12th

You know what’s interesting about that list?  There’s a grand total of two national titles held by the nine gentlemen listed there.  And only one of those came in the last ten years.


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  1. Puffdawg

    Fire them all!!!!!

  2. Bevo

    On the point about national titles, which is a keen observation by the way:

    Richt probably won’t ever get a national title, and I’m okay with that. I think the national championship is overemphasized in NCAA football. There are too many variables and outside forces to make that a legit criterion. Now, contenting for national championships is another question and we haven’t done that since 2005. Either way, I don’t see Richt’s lack of a BCS championship as a serious defect.

    At the same time, I hope we don’t see another multi-season lapse under Richt.

    • Smitty

      2007 we finished #2.

      • Noonan

        But you can’t play for the National Title if you don’t win your conference or division. Oh wait a second…

        • Jim

          Difference is we didn’t show up for 2 games that year – played terrible against sc and didn’t even show up in Knoxville. Knox specifically was atrocious – no other way to describe it. Yeah we finished strong and may have been the best team in the country at the end, but last time I checked the regular season mattered. You really can’t compare it to ‘Bama losing to LSU in the regular season then playing for the MNC. Sorry

          The #2 in 2007 “meme” is ridiculous. If we show up for either of the games we lost that year we probably win it all. But we didn’t and didn’t.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            LSU, the team that won it that year, lost to KENTUCKY in the regular season and had the same regular season record as UGA! UGA beat LSU the following season by 2 TDs! UGA had at least as much of a claim to playing in the BCSNCG as the Tigers that year and if the Dawgs had played in the BCSNCG UGA would have won it. With fans like you the Dawgs don’t need enemies. Go badmouth LSZoo some instead of stabbing your own team in the back–unless you are really a Tech Nerd posing……which is more likely.

            • The ATH

              They lost both of their games in overtime AND won the conference. Bama this year is different IMO b/c the SEC champ still went to the game. Bama didn’t jump LSU as we would have. They also didn’t get blown out by that otherwise pedestrian team in Knoxville.

              Objective analysis doesn’t make a person any less of a fan.

              • Puffdawg

                What is objective about his analysis? LSU lost to teams with combined 7-9 conference record. We lost to teams with combined 9-7 conference record. Both teams lost one on the road and one at home. Better yet, why shouldn’t UGA have played LSU in 2007? So because we didn’t win that completely and entirely subjective beauty pageant in 2007 – heavy influenced by the ever powerful ESPN, who just happened to CLEARLY lobby against UGA in 2007 but in favor of Bama in 2011 – but Saban did in 2011 that makes RIcht less of a coach?

                You absolutely can compare UGA 2007 to Alabama 2011. If anything we had a BETTER argument to play LSU 2007 than Alabama did LSU 2011. Alabama got a second chance to beat the SEC Champ. We never got a first chance. Additionally, Alabama got a chance to beat a team with a better record in the BCSNCG. We didn’t even get the opportunity to play a team with the SAME record. For any given year, the champion is relative.

                I don’t know that we had a better or worse argument to be in the game than the other teams in 2007. And I’m ok that we didn’t play in the game for the reason you guys give. But to dismiss us as having less of an argument than Bama in 2011, relative to the other contenders, is not fair, in my opinion.

                • Dawgfan Will

                  I’m glad you wrote all of that, because it’s pretty much exactly what I would have said, and I’m really tired of arguing this point over and over and over and…

                • The ATH

                  Well now you’re arguing something different, that we should have gone over a 1-loss Ohio State team. I don’t think anyone would’ve supported that in ’07. If the Buckeyes had two losses, you could’ve seen a situation like OK State this year, but they didn’t.

                  There were only two tickets to the dance and OSU had one locked up. As for us over LSU, if you want to say that a blowout counts the same as a double-overtime loss (in addition to excluding the SEC champ INSTEAD of a team that didn’t win its own division), then I think we’re just talking past each other.

                  That ’07 team was fun to watch, and I never stated that Richt is less of a coach for not going to the MNC. We were close, but we just didn’t have the resume to jump either of the teams ahead of us that year. As mentioned in the comments further down – a plus-one will hopefully solve these close calls in the future.

                  • Mayor of Dawgtown

                    UGA’s losses were to teams that were better than the teams LSU lost to, OT or no OT. Plus UGA was ranked higher in the polls and only intense lobbying by the ESPN nattering nabobs (who were predominately from UGA rival schools, Holtz-USCe, Jesse Palmer-FLA, Charles Davis-UT) got the voters to jump LSU over UGA in the final poll allowing the Tigers into the BCSNCG instead of the Dawgs. When has that type of lobbying ever happened either before or since? I reiterate, UGA (i.e. you, me, our team and our university) got screwed and I am still pissed off about it. I apologize for questioning Jim’s fanhood but it burns my ass that the ESPN crowd got away with this and our fans ought to still be mobilized against those assholes instead of agreeing with their hatchet job.

          • Nate Dawg

            I beg to differ, u can compare. LSU lost 2 games in ’07, including 1 at the end of the yr. But still won their div & so on & were allowed in. That’s all espn cud say @ us is we hadn’t won or div or conf. So in ’07 that’s bad, but then, for bammer in ’11 it’s ok?? It’s total BS & very comparable.

            • End of season, 07, I had the Dawgs & USC as the 2 best teams in the nation. Neither played for the MNC. How about going to a plus one format?

    • Skeptic Dawg

      Richt and every other big time college football coach is paid to deliver titles. Anything that Richt or any college coach does above and beyond that is merely gravey. Guess we are just getting the gravey as Dawg fans. Where is the meat?

      • NC Dawg

        So only one coach each year can have a successful season?

      • AusDawg85

        This is so stupid, my response is for anyone else who may fall into this trap of thinking. The coaches to win the last 10 BCS MNC are:
        – Tressel…you want him back in the game?
        – Saban…3 with 2 teams, thus the ONLY coach to be hired by anyone, ever. Just waiting our turn in line, I guess.
        – Carroll…where is he hiding? Oh, yeah, NFL again
        – Brown…closest example to Richt. He got lucky with Vince Young, we missed with Stafford.
        – Corch…guess tOSU will win 2 or more this decade with the second coming of the GPOOE?
        – Miles…yes, you can be jealous, I guess.
        – Chizik…you can’t be serious.

        Look at that list closely…2 are proven cheaters (Tressel, Carroll), one certainly looked the other way (Chizik). Saban and Corch get results at any cost and have proven their mercenary nature. Brown is past his prime, and don’t think for a minute he would have succeeded nearly as well in the SEC. Miles is…well, Miles. I’d probably take him if Richt was gone.

        Now, you can look at that list and say, “Damn, CMR has had to face 4 coaches in the same conference who account for 7 of the last 10 MNC’s. That’s simply unheard of and in retrospect, has done a pretty good job. Better than Spurrier in that same time frame.” Mark Richt’s record at Georgia speaks for itself.

        Or you can shout, “FIREMARKRICHT!!1!” and contribute to the Hire Nick Saban fund. But please…take that sh#t elsewhere.

        • Bogey Dawg

          AMEN to what he said.

        • Cojones

          Yea!! I’m dancing around my computer chair! It’s heartening to read the pushback so early this year and to set the tone for the Fall. Sic’em Dawg Fans.

        • I’ll +3 that sentiment. Well put.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          What has hurt Mark Richt’s career is: (1) his, or someone to whom he has delegated the responsibility’s, predilection toward the bonehead call on offense at exactly the wrong time (’10 Ark, ’10 Colo, plenty of other examples, too), and (2) the team showing up not ready to play (’07 UT, ’08 Bama, others, too). Consequently, while he got the Dawgs close he just couldn’t seem to quite get over the top and get to the Big Game. But life is a learning experience and even though he is past 50 CMR is a smart guy and can still learn. This year so far he to me looks and acts different–and it’s in a good way. He looks to me like a guy who almost let his lifetime ambition get away from him but is not ever going to let that happen again. I think he is taking steps to fix what wasn’t working before and also improve what was working at the same time. I’m betting that the Dawgs show up with great personnel ready for every game in ’12. Now if only he can find a way to stop the bonehead call…….

      • Dawgfan Will

        NFL coaches are paid to deliver titles. College football coaches, big time or not, are paid to guide young men into hopefully reaching their full potential on AND off the field. We are the UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA Bulldogs, not simply the Georgia Bulldogs.

      • Puffdawg

        Agree with AusDawg this is beyond a stupid comment and I hope this sentiment is not shared by the rest of the Dawg Nation. Even as a proven fair weather fan, Skeptic continues to amaze me.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          And here we thought that Skeptic Dawg was Reborn Dawg. He professed it himself. I guess he is a backslider now.

          • Skeptic Dawg

            So everyone is happy with fielding an Upward football team where everyone receives a trophy each year. College coaches are fired around the country year in and year out for failing to deliver results. I am not suggesting Richt be fired. My original post simply stated that we employing CMR based on the “gravy” he offers this program. It certainly is not due to results the past several years. It baffles my mind to find so many Dawg fans merely content to remain mediocre. Why do so many view it offensive to demand excellence from our program?

            • Hackerdog

              Most Bulldog fans recognise that national championships are as much, or more, about luck as about fielding a good team. Most Bulldog fans recognise that winning the division qualifies as a successful year. Most Bulldog fans can expand their mind beyond the point of view of an AJC commenter. Why is it that a few posters can’t?

            • Cojones

              Hate to inform you, but you are not demanding excellence. You fail to see it.

              • AusDawg85

                If you were to never post again, this would be your finest, most succinct comment ever.

              • Cojones

                Besides that, Skeptic Dawg is a bet welsher. He writes a lot of checks according to the check number he posted. Wonder if any are good? You would think that , after attending UGA for 5 years (his claim, not mine) for his undergraduate studies, he would have a better knowledge of Georgia Football history. Not! on both.

            • AthensHomerDawg

              For the most part the Dawg Fans here are savvy, successful professionals. That’s an assumption I make based on how and what they write. We have some decent writers that post here. None here would ever throw toilet paper in a tree to celebrate a victory. We are
              civil. We ring a bell. My kids have done it.
              I don’t believe any here are “merely content to remain mediocre.” It’s not in their DNA. There are a lot of Georgia blogs that are also well done and creative blogs that are more open minded/sympathetic to the tenor of your posts. Understand, here you are huddling up with a group of guys (and gals😉 ) “that don’t cotton to poor mouthin’ “. It’s more of an attitude.——> “Attitude reflects leadership”. The Senator is more positive than negative. Well, there you go. We good?

            • I don’t think people like you truly understand what mediocrity is. Do I have to reference Coach Richt’s winning percentage compared to the other 120 coaches in the D-1 FBS?

            • AusDawg85

              You fail to understand success. Winning the SEC East is goal #1 each year, and has been since CMR took over the program. We can control this without polls, scheduling, etc. Next is the SEC overall. We are one of 5 teams to do this during CMR’s tenure. And how shocking is the answer that it’s LSU with the most (4)! Even better, we have more than Bama (2 vs 1)!

              Winning the MNC is the gravy. See all the reasons above. Heisman trophy winners are on those MNC teams. No one can consistently recruit those types of players year in and year out AND combine it with all of the other factors that go into a MNC season.

              We missed with Stafford and Moreno. Richt’s fault…maybe. But he got us in position. He’s done it routinely. He hit a slump. He’s building again. If he fails to put us back in position again, then we can beat the drums. But his resume is VASTLY superior to any other candidates out there right now. For his contract, he should feel pressure to succeed. But pressure to deliver a MNC? Never. Sorry…that’s NOT the goal. It’s GRAVY.

        • Good thing AD’s don’t think like this. Otherwise, there would be roughly 115 unemployed coaches at the end of every year because they didn’t deliver titles.

      • Infantrydwag

        Spell gravy correctly first, then meet arguments can follow!!!!!

        • AthensHomerDawg

          ….and you can’t make gravy without meat!

        • Cojones

          “Gravey” is a word that’s synonymous with “whistlin’ thru the graveyard”.

          • AthensHomerDawg

            Rather than whisk flour or cornstarch directly into the drippings, I’ve always started with a roux. (Light-to-medium works great. Use butter for the flavor, olive oil for a healthier gravy, or mix them for both.) I then whisk my mostly-fat-separated drippings with the roux and add other liquids/seasonings as desired. This approach is simple and ensures a tasty, lump-free gravy!😉

  3. shane#1

    Looking at that list I thought about Bill Walsh and the 49’ers. When Pete Carroll left USC he said that Bill Walsh, when leaving the 49er’s, told his assistants ” ten years is long enough for a coach to stay in one place.” I am a die hard fan of CMR but did Walsh have a point? We know from many blog posts that fans get jaded and begin to nit pick every decision that a coach makes, even minor decisions. Maybe after a decade coaches get jaded also.

    • Cojones

      So misguided, nit-picking, jaded fans should affect how the rest of us perceive and respect Coach Richt? How about it working the other way around.

      Just because we see a microcosm of incivility in our fan base that matches the national incivility toward our President is no reason to succumb to either.

      • Hogbody Spradlin

        Oh come on Cojones, the people who side with our president give just as good as they get in the incivility department. You’re too old to let your biases affect your judgment that way.

        • Yeah 10 years is too long. I mean Bobby Bowden and Tom Osbourne should have left after ten years. I think it was after 20+ years for both (not certain the exact amount of time) that they each won their first National Title. Between them they ended up with 5 titles and Osbourne’s 95 team was the best I have ever seen.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        In Prez Obama’s case methinks 4 years is too long.

  4. Rebar

    You don’t know what you got til its gone! I hope people start looking at what Coach Richt does for the kids and the program and school.

  5. AthensHomerDawg


  6. Mike

    All of the schools that are on the same level as UGA have all played for at least one.

      • Rick

        Come on now, he has a point. It’s not like the chasm is subtle. Texas, OU, VT, UGA ……………………….. everyone else. Seriously, who is best of the rest there? Missouri?

        I think a better point is that the reigning champion has never repeated, and lots of them begin the following year #1. I would take reigning-champion level quality at UGA every year, and if it never results in an MNC so be it.

        • It was an innocent question. I was curious as to how he was breaking down the schools.

          And I love the short-term memory on Va Tech. Does anyone remember how shitty that program was for the first half of Beamer’s tenure? Or how weak the conferences that Beamer’s coached in have been most years?

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Of course the top level, Senator. Maybe Mike is suggesting that UGA is one of the top teams in the SEC like Bama, LSU, Auburn,and Florida, teams that played in and won the BCSNCG. Perhaps it is a backhanded compliment from our Gator friend, suggesting that UGA is as good a program as those 4 but unfortunately just hasn’t had the opportunity to play in the Big Show yet. Alternatively he may be using sarcasm to imply that UGA is not one of the top programs in the SEC precisely because of that omission. Which interpretation do you prefer, Senator?

      • Mike

        Sorry…had to work yesterday so I couldn’t respond. But, I look at the list and I believe that UGA can and should be at the same level as UT, OU, (and I believe they are) VA Tech from a program level. The rest of the schools on there are clearly a step below what we are and what we can be. I did (do) have a short term memory about Beamer and Va Tech and you have a point. If Richt mixed in a trip or two to the MNC and had the same success that he has had in his tenure at UGA, I would be a very happy alumnus.

        • Ruteger

          Once I got to thinking about the point, it is kind of staggering how many teams in our general program level have played in the BCS championship game. There have been 9 individual SEC teams who have and UGA is not one of them. Looking around at other conferences, who would we consider to be a program similar to UGA’s that hasn’t? Michigan, Clemson, Notre Dame, who else? The list isn’t very long. Sure we’ve been close, but man the stars have aligned for a ton of other teams though.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Actually the number of SEC teams that got to play in the BCSNCG is 5. It’s just that some have gotten to play more than once. If UGA got to play say, in each of the next 2 years, we’d be right there with the others in that department. That is not out of the realm of a real possibility, either. UGA did just that in the pre-BCS days where the Dawgs played in the de facto MNC game after the ’80 and ’82 seasons. Win all our games and that very thing will happen.

    • Cojones

      Is this a Gator trying to skew perception of a Georgia coach?

  7. Hobnail_Boot

    May Richt’s next 11 years be at least as fruitful as the previous 11.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      You mean…”May Richt’s next 11 years be as fruitful as his first 8.”

      • Puffdawg

        No, he meant 11, because he is showing constraint in seeing the big picture rather than haphazardly demanding we fire Richt immediately after a subpar season and give a long term contract to Dan Mullen after one, clearly overrated season, like some other people commenting on this blog.

        P.S. I assume by “first 8” you are completely dismissing the 2011 SEC East Champion University of Georgia Bulldogs. Nice.

    • Mike

      I hope so. I will be happy if in the next 11 years, Richt only wins three against the Gators

  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Should have had the staff visit Wooden, not Gruden – he had longevity and championships.

  9. shane#1

    I posed the question. Each person must find their own answer. It gets kind of complicated doesn’t it? The great teachers taught by asking questions. My question is, should CMR move on for the betterment of himself and UGA?

  10. Spike

    Cojones.. And all were civil to Bush, correct?

    • Cojones

      I have an old day calendar with a Bush(W) quote on each page. Sorta looks to me he like was uncivil to himself. I can resurrect a few as examples if you wish.

      Rangell’s (NY Congressman) quote was the best and it wasn’t uncivil; paraphrased : If George W. Bush is an example of white supremacy, I don’t think we have anything to worry about.

      • Barack Obama

        I agree. Civility is gone. But I’m bringing it back. I’m going on the road with my preacher, Jeremiah Wright, to bring civility back to all 57 states.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          60 states. 57 he visited and he had one more to go…… and he didn’t get to see Alaska and Hawaii. If those hidden states continue to be available- only to him…… he wins again! Genius.

        • Cojones

          Gee. I never thought of relegating everyone W listened to as stating W’s thoughts. That’s a whole nother ball game. Probably enough for two more day calendars.

          • Cojones

            Barack was just ahead of himself with the Canadiens wanting to be annexed as the Northern States. Of course one of them won’t go along with it.

          • Barack Obama

            Thank you for understanding. Just because I sat in the guy’s pew for twenty years and named my first book after one of his sermons, doesn’t mean I agree with him.

  11. charlottedawg

    the strongest arguments for keeping richt are 1) there aren’t many coaches we would have a realistic shot at who would be an obvious upgrade. especially true if we ran off the guy who put UGA back on the map. which is not the same as saying he’s the best coach in the sec. 2)as it stands RIGHT NOW Richt is the coaching option FOR GEORGIA that gives Georgia the best chance at a title now and in the future. IF those reasons change especially #2, we should be shopping for a new head coach. coaches at programs the caliber of georgia are paid to deliver championships not simply extend their tenure. There is always risk inherent in finding a new head coach but there also situations where it is obvious the guy who used to get it done will no longer be successful going forward. Exihibit A is UT: UT should’ve fired Fulmer, not saying they didn’t bungle the search for his replacement but it was pretty obvious Fulmer was way past his prime

    • Cojones

      Does this mean you will keep boringly hammering at him for 5 more years?

    • Puffdawg

      Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. You’re using Tennessee, TENNESSEE, as an example of why a team should move on from a historically successful coach to look for greener pastures? Excuse me for a moment…


      Ok, I’m back. I think you should find a different example.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        PD is right. Sorry CD, but firing Fulmer was the single biggest mistake in the history of UT football. Look at what has happened since. As for bungling the replacement hire, post-Kiffin nobody worth sh!t would take the job given that it was a dumpster fire about to happen. The fire is still going. When it stops burning is anyone’s guess.

  12. Ron

    You know what else is interesting? Of the 3 biggest football schools on that list, only Georgia doesn’t have a national title.

  13. Dog in Fla

    Elsewhere in displays of parallel civilities –

    “The Gators would have led the nation in most offensive plays last season were it not for the other 119 Bowl Subdivision teams…” (D. Paschall’s theorem)

    w. would have led the nation as its best President ever were it not for the other 43 Presidents… (somebody else’s theorem)


    • Cojones

      Go up to see the post at 10:03 AM. This is uncanny. We were typing at the same moment.

    • Cojones

      Wow! on the composite portrait (interesting forehead and below lower lip, center). I will return to see all the scandals listed. Of course others,in retribution, will list Obama “scandals” that never existed.

      • Solyndra

        Nothing to see here.

        • Cojones

          That’s what our country’s banks said at the end of W’s last term.

          • Hackerdog

            Thank God Obama’s got that industry straightened out.

          • Cosmic Dawg

            You mean the banks that Senator Obama voted to bail out, or the four or five banks that were among his top ten contributors in his 2008 campaign, or the banks that have received kid gloves treatment by their alumni in Obama’s cabinet?

            Can’t stand Bush, either – I’m a Ron Paul guy – but seriously, Cojones – ever hear “new boss same as the old boss”?

      • AthensHomerDawg

        It’s not the scandals that worry me.

  14. Dawgfan Will

    Once upon a time, when I was young(er) and innocent (well, relatively), I wanted Richt to win a national title as a point of pride to brag about. Now I just wish he’d win one so this conversation about his worth as a coach being solely judged on his lack of a national title would stop being rehashed.

  15. Uglydawg

    Having a coach that wins national titles ? Remember the old song, “When You’re in Love with a Beautiful Woman” (Dr. Hook, circa 1979)?
    Same deal.
    That’s why there’s so few NC winners on the longevity chart.
    Jimmy Soul’s “Do you want to be Happy (for the rest of your life, make an ugly woman your wife)” is more fitting for the schools on this list.
    While “ugly” may be a little strong, there is a metamorphisis when a coach goes from “good” or “very good” to “great”. They become butterflys, flitting around to whichever program or league is bidding the most. It’s a rare man that makes that transition and remains loyal. I believe when CMR reaches it, he’ll be one of them.

    • Cojones

      You would probably get many (I’m one) who would bet money that conjecture is not true (I hope that your last sentence thought has not been misinterpreted by me since it can be taken two ways). If he steps aside after such an accomplishment, I’m convinced he and Kathyrn would retire in Athens. He has consistently commented that her relatives are close enough in Tallahassee area for the Richts to remain in Athens with their family and friends and still be close to relatives for visits.

      I’m not what one would call a deeply religious person or what some would label as religious at all, but Richt’s comportment and demeanor bring honor to my University while he is the Head Football Coach. That’s icing on the cake added to his football coaching endeavors, not an expression of why I support him and want him to continue coaching.

      • Uglydawg

        Cojones, my last sentence is meant to convey my belief that even if CMR won the national championship multiple times, he would still be the same loyal and honest man. I think you and I are in complete agreement on most everything (concerning UGA football, anyway).

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Obama on Mount Rushmore……….
      “think that would make the whole thing collapse…kinda like the country…”

    • Cosmic Dawg

      If he was a Republican, folks would be in the streets protesting the ongoing wars, corporate cronyism, and abuses of our Constitutional rights like the NDAA authorizing the killing of American citizens without a trial just so long as our infinitely wise and trustworthy federal govt deems us an “enemy combatant”.

      “Well, it was easy – we just yelled out ‘enemy combatant’ every time just before we shot one of ’em…”

      Senator, the folks on this site are pretty smart and decent to each other – will you open up a sister blog so we can talk politics there?

      • I’ve thought about it, but I’m not sure I’ve got the time to do a fair job with two blogs.

        By the way, you’re spot on about the kill US citizens without a trial position the govt. has taken. That’s flat out chilling. But apparently it’s not as big an assault on our liberty as making sure that poor people have adequate health insurance. Sigh.

  16. Dog in Fla

    On the bright side, implementation of last Summer’s strategic plan against President Carebear is working to perfection


  17. Cojones

    DIF- How in hell can you pull up an Oct, 20 newspaper-copied cartoon? The eyes on the Rushmore cartoon;- Jefferson’s is hilarious! Now if they had just carved Sally’s face next to him and Obama’s eyes focused on her, they could have pushed the envelope.

    By the way , have you seen Key and Peele on the comedy channel? The most hilarious skit they had was a parody on Ancestry.com. Everyone come on separately to say how they had traced their ancestry back to interesting historical figures and each African American states they traced theirs back to Thomas Jefferson. Each time, a drawing of TJ was flashed, but his lips changed expression as it became evident that that was as far as each could trace. Then the final woman states (with TJ’s eyes rolled up and with pursed lips) “Thomas Motherfucking Jefferson!!”. Hope you saw it. I’m still laughing.

  18. Dog in Fla

    “How in hell can you pull up an Oct, 20 newspaper-copied cartoon?”

    Cojones, that’s easy! It’s from a paper in St. Pete where Father Time always stands still in God’s picturesque waiting room on the Gulf of Illegals because he doesn’t have to chase ‘em. They just fall over in a chair or behind the wheel of one of their two Cadillacs.

    I have not seen the comedians. I suspend my DirecTV for the max allowable 6 months after the Super Bowl. It kicks in again around August just in time to watch the always exciting pre-season training camp heat strokes on the NFL Network to get ready for college football season.

    I plan to spend my Summer vacation without TV by helping Carebear and Lloyd

    cull the herd for malcontents so they don’t have more unfortunate episodes like this one