Michael Carvell must be in dire need of hits, because today’s troll is truly hacktacular.

Summary: The attorney-turned-football coach at Tennessee made a heck of an argument that you can read here. Dooley said “over-signing is good for the student-athlete” and claimed “98 percent of the time” it benefitted recruits.

“Heck of an argument”?  Carvell can’t even entice übersigners like Saban and Spurrier to go down SOD’s self-serving road with him.  That leaves you, gentle AJ-C readers, to pick up the slack.  They’ve got mouths to feed over there, you know.  Sign the petition!  Tell your friends!


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10 responses to “First!

  1. TennesseeDawg

    First!……… but seriously, Dooley could use a clause so he could oversign assistant coaches.


  2. Yesterday’s “Arrest, but no discipline problem” only enhanced my already current policy of absolutely refusing to ever link any of their articles. Let them die their slow death without Georgia fans delaying the process.


  3. Keese

    The thing with Carvell is that he has to give his worthless opinion all the time. He believes he’s part of recruiting inner circle with the head coaches


  4. Scott W.

    They couldn’t find a photo of SOD wearing Pumpkin Paints?


  5. Bob

    And what’s particularly annoying a/b Carvell is that he’s a sensitive little bitch. If you criticize his writing or journalistic integrity or quality of story content or anything else, he blocks your IP address permanently. I can’t even post on that blog anymore, and I actually try to put some real thought behind my posts. Meanwhile, he runs a blog that only promotes mindless posters trolling each other and being trolled by Carvell. Chip Towers was so much better.


  6. Chadwick

    Every time that clown opens his mouth something utterly moronic comes out. His arguments have so many holes in the they could be shredded by the average ninth grader.


  7. dawg stephen

    What makes me sick about carvell is that I talked to Chip Towers (IN PERSON) about him.. carvell is a sellout.. hes a UGA GRADUATE!!!


  8. Cojones

    That’s it, Senator. Just light the torches and pass out the pitchforks.

    You have just given him the most hits ever using your readership.


  9. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I don’t like UT. I don’t like SOD. But I have to admit it–everything he said in that piece about oversigning was true.