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Sending ’em to the next level

No, I don’t think that a college football program’s highest priority is to develop NFL draft picks, but, still, this post is a fun read.  As to my point, check out Chan Gailey’s domination of the second coaches’ list – it’s great that his program was incredibly efficient at turning out NFL prospects; it’s just that he couldn’t get enough of that talent through the door in the first place to keep his job.  (That, plus Reggie Ball.)

On the other hand, there’s the anti-Gailey.  Charlie Weis’ player development skills are less than Chantastic.

… Weis’s monster class of 2006 (934 team points, my #7 class of the last 11 years) yielded two 6th round draft picks. His first class which was much less regarded still only yielded a single fourth round draft pick…

As for the inevitable Richt comments I expect this post will generate…

Of the nine elite recruiters (3,000 or more adjusted recruiting points) Pete Carroll and Jim Tressell come out on top, with Phillip Fulmer close behind. The bottom three are all southern coaches, Bobby Bowden, Larry Coker and Mark Richt.  Bob Stoops, Mack Brown and Lloyd Carr make up the middle third.

… does anybody expect Grantham, because of his background, to have an impact on the number of defensive players Georgia sends to the NFL in the next few years?  And how much should that matter to us?



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Thursday morning buffet

Nom, nom, nom.


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Envy and jealousy, Gator snark edition

David Paschall knocks out a one-liner that made me laugh out loud.

The Gators would have led the nation in most offensive plays last season were it not for the other 119 Bowl Subdivision teams…

Boom MF, indeed.  No wonder Charlie Weis doesn’t want to talk about his Gainesville experience.


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