Thursday morning buffet

Nom, nom, nom.


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20 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. TennesseeDawg

    This is the year Georgia must sign 30 if they have 30 to give. OL/DL/LB/DB is getting thin.


    • dudetheplayer

      No, cornerbacks and middle linebackers are thin. We are doing all right everywhere else.


      • King Jericho

        We’re never doing alright at OL. Ever.


        • Comin' Down The Track

          … which is freaking maddening.


          • Rocket Dawg

            We have 14 scholarship O line none of which are seniors.


          • Macallanlover

            Particularly maddening when your offensive philosophy is so embedded in the running game. A bad year or two was forgivable, but we haven’t produced an excellent OL in close to a decade. Imagine what we might have accomplished with a true ability to dominate the LOS on offense.


            • Daniel Simpson Day

              Exactly. What I can’t understand is how (this year for example) we can have three lineman as strong as bulls…and yet can’t double team a 280# lineman (see Michigan State game) or consistently blow anybody off the ball in the run game (see last 10 years). Not sure what’s missing…


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Is luck part of recovering fumbles? Sure, but only a part. If it was all luck then over time every team would be the same. Let’s see an analysis of fumble recoveries PER SEASON for the past 10-15 years. I’ll bet that the same teams are at or near the top and the same are at or near the bottom almost every year. Fumble recoveries are mostly about hustle and aggressive play, plus strength. If there is a fumble and one player goes after the ball aggressively and the other doesn’t or one is physically stronger than the other whom do you think is more likely to get the ball?


  3. Bob

    The NCAA gets it right in basketball…for 16 days in March. Meanwhile, they couldn’t get it more wrong from November thru February. The NCAA gets it wrong in football in January. They get it VERY right from September to December.


  4. Puffdawg

    How many teams would be involved in a 4-game or 8-game playoff? I didn’t know that was on the table.


    • The other Doug

      8 teams in a four team playoff and 16 in a eight game playoff. I knew that accounting degree was going to come in handy one of these days….


  5. Uglydawg

    Interesting notes on the JUCO transfer (Warner Robbins…College of the Sequoyas). Noted as a very good return man and db….Does anyone remember this kid coming out of HS? If he’s that good, then one may assume he was a non-qualifier. (so why go to a JUCO instead of,say…Auburn or Clemson? : >) Seriously, who can tell me if he can help? If he was really good out of WR and has played JUCO for a couple of years, he should be a lot more prepared than a freshman.


  6. 69Dawg

    The writer missed the real reason USC got killed and OSU and UNC did not, USC is a private school and not a state school. SMU the only team ever to be given the death penalty was a private school. The NCAA always has to look at the political clout a school has, because they are subject to the Congress killing them. The NCAA is arrogant but not stupid.


    • Always Someone Else's Fault

      USC extended a very large middle finger to the NCAA – and the focus on Bush helps people forget that Garrett personally signed off on Mayo despite the facts that (A) his “handler” already had earned USC a NCAA penalty with a prior player and (B) USC’s 1.5 man compliance department strenuously warned against putting Mayo into a Trojan uniform.

      So USC had a token compliance department, and its AD overruled that compliance department on a player no one else would touch. In other words, compliance meant nothing at USC from the top on down.

      And that’s the difference between “failure to monitor” and “lack of institutional control,” whether you agree on the validity of that difference or not. People focus on the crimes committed. The NCAA focuses on responses to crimes committed as much as, or maybe even more than, the actual transgressions.

      I am not defending the NCAA here, but I would have busted USC pretty hard as well.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        OK. I got that about USC and it makes sense. Now please explain the NCAA’s non-action about Auburn to me. When you look up “lack of institutional control” in the encyclopedia there is a picture of Bobby Lauder standing by the trees at Toomer’s Corner.


      • Cojones

        tOsu extended two middle fingers-one from Tressel and one from the QB/players. The details of the tattoo artist furnishing pot as well as tattoos was glossed over. A larger number of players were involved according to a tattoo shop frequenter and an employee. Their total fuck-off points should include the AD and President. Finding the Tressel e-mails shouldn’t exonerate them from anything. The booster’s relationship with the QB was glossed over. So were the car-providers. tOSU came out well ahead of the NCAA’s bias line and it still stinks to high heaven.


  7. Cojones

    Adams agrees with my math that 6 players may EE from this 2013 class and they already are verbals

    Adjusted turnover ratio sucks by dissing over great plays made by not-so-rated great players (N.C. player). Just imagine Jake Scott on the receiving end of leveled data like that. It was like the author was too lazy to account for individuals and arbitrarily averaged. Meh.

    Blood doping can be indicated by testing, but a first year pharmacy student and a prelaw student could crush any meaningful (?) NCAA test in court. Ex: Testosterone levels vary in individuals over time and circumstance. Unless you have a well established baseline of fluctuations for all players, you can only imply they have taken it. Without a witness, inference of doping with testosterone is an imprecise art. Just ask the Olympic Committee and Tour de France cyclists. Ex: EPO stands for epoetin, a normally occurring hormone that tells your bones to make more red blood cells that function to hold oxygen. Shoot EPO, aerate the rbcs after enhanced levels are established, draw a couple of pints and centrifuge the rbcs out. The remaining liquid, the blood plasma now contains most of the EPO and a residual amount remains with the rbcs. Infuse 1/2 pint of the rbcs before protracted exercise and you can go forever in a football game with the extra oxygen afforded. When this was first attempted when EPO hit the market, some European athletes put too many cells back or just shot up the EPO to the point they were pumping sludge , had heart attacks and almost got EPO pulled from the market. Now that can be adjusted and burnoff of residual hormone, on the rbcs, while slow, can also be diluted with drinks like Gatorade to the extent it will take experts with extensive experience to detect enough extra EPO (remember it’s a normal hormone produced by the body) to raise an eyebrow.

    Street drugs? Ex: THC from pot is accumulated in fat tissue and if you have smoked a bit, the level of exercise to rid the body below testing levels varies accordingly. Athletes low in body fat can toke a joint with me and it won’t be detected by the third day in their body whereas mine won’t disappear for two weeks at the least. How long after smoking and body fat makes detection variable, but any halfway street smart highschooler knows that. That’s why I think most D-1 cplayers who smoked in HS will smoke early in the Spring Break and hopefully will go undetected if they are unlucky enough to be tested when they get back. Tests for THC, like alcohol, should be maintained for certain enhancing levels and not tested for presence.
    In today’s society that won’t happen, but we sure can hope that education toward hard drugs will penetrate the minds of all and let the little shit take care of itself. Marijuana should be decriminalized and tested only for performance affecting levels. It’s not too good concerning enhancement of performance and kids know that. It affects one’s ability to focus and by the play of some of our linemen, I have wondered on occasion if they should be tested. Just kidding.