Sunday morning buffet

Breakfast is served.


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6 responses to “Sunday morning buffet

  1. DawgBiscuit

    I’m shocked, SHOCKED, that Tennessee would agree to take in a star WR’s buddy in order to secure said WR’s services.



  2. TomReagan

    So, after quoting a Big 12 exec that college football is still a regional game, the writer then says that the SEC does better in its ratings than the Big 12, but fails to mention that the SEC is drawing those ratings over the whole country while most Big 12 games are drawing theirs from their own regions. Maybe he just doesn’t realize the much bigger gap in popularity suggested by those numbers than what he implies.


  3. Not to knock Rambo as a player in any way, as I think he has developed into a heckuva safety, but yes I’d say there was plenty of luck involved as he had a number of passes just thrown right to him this past season, a lot more than most other players. Few of his interceptions were phenomenal athletic plays, a lot of them practically hit him in the numbers. That seems to be common though, you’ll see a guy have a whole bunch of interceptions one year only to turn around and only have 2 or 3 the following year. As the article mentions, part of that can probably be attributed to QB’s trying to avoid that DB the following year due to the prior year’s performance, but I think our old friend “regression to the mean” comes into play too, as the ball just doesn’t deflect to that guy as often the following season or whatever other circumstances that lead to a high quantity of interceptions the year prior. Again, not knocking Rambo, if you credit luck some then you also have to credit him for playing his position well and being in position to take advantage of the luck, plus actually catch the ball, and again I think he’s developed into an excellent safety. I would just be surprised to see him with as many picks next year.


  4. Rebar

    Well Reverend, I think he won’t have as many interceptions this year, because they won’t throw to his side of the field; he has proven to be ferocious, so they throw in his area at their own peril.