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Mike Slive thinks rivalries are groovy.

No, really.

“Looking ahead, each institution is trying to figure out how to protect their interests, but also what’s in the best interest of the league to help us maintain the success we’ve had. Some rivalries have been lost nationwide in expansion, and we value rivalries. Protecting rivalries is something we clearly want to do. Our goal is get the scheduling done before Destin (at the annual SEC spring business meetings in late May).”

I’m not really sure what the hurry is there.  I have a hard time believing they’ll come to a consensus on scheduling before hashing things out with CBS and ESPN.  Where things sound like they’re going swimmingly, by the way.  (“We have started discussions with both our television partners. We feel adding Texas A&M and Missouri has strengthened us in lots of ways, but it certainly strengthened us in television.” )  But I’d be a little surprised if the conference has its TV deals wrapped up that quickly.



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“Well, what the heck could Wally Butts do for you?”

I’m not trying to speak ill of the dead here, but it sure is funny that the AJ-C managed to omit any reference to this little story in its Furman Bisher obit this morning.


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On the other hand, if you’re looking for an area not to lose any sleep over…

when it comes to Georgia’s linebacking corps, man, what a difference a year makes.

No losses (unless you want to count Ray Drew’s rumored move to defensive end) from last season and some impressive new talent at OLB coming in the fall adds up to perhaps Georgia’s best group ever under Richt.


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Musical palate cleanser, bring back that sunny day edition

Another earworm got stuck in my brain this weekend, so I thought I’d share.  This one will take you back.

Recorded in 1968, but inexplicably not released at the time (you can find it in a 2000 boxed set retrospective), it’s The Supremes’ cover of Dennis Yost & The Classics IV “Stormy”.

That patented Funk Brothers rhythm section action propelling things along nicely and Diana Ross’ incomparable vocals (the first time she kicks her voice up an octave is just electric) – ahhh.  Enjoy.


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