The curious purgatory of Kolton Houston

Tucked inside Marc Weiszer’s story about the offensive line situation is this little nugget:

Guard Kolton Houston will practice this spring after not playing last season for an undisclosed NCAA-issue. Georgia says his status remains unchanged, so how he fits into the mix this fall remains uncertain.

Holy Mother of Crap, Houston’s situation with the NCAA still isn’t resolved?  The NCAA has wrapped up investigations into entire programs faster than it’s dealt with this one kid.  What gives?


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20 responses to “The curious purgatory of Kolton Houston

  1. That is absolutely absurd. Either that have proof he did something that deserves him not ever being able to play college football or they don’t and the year he had to sit out should be punishment enough for most anything he could have done.


  2. Dorothy Mantooth

    I’d really like to know what deal is on Houston…


  3. William

    Can he not claim a redsirt for that year? if not, can he sue the NCAA for waitstin a year of his life (if nothing is found that is)?


  4. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    I have no inside knowledge nor know anybody that does, but it sounds like he either flunked a drug test for performance enhancing drugs, or failed to appear for a scheduled test. The NCAA pentalty for either is a 1 year suspension.

    Since he’s slated to practice this spring and still on scholly, it would appear that he is expected to be back in the fall.


  5. Chuck

    I actually forgot he was a part ofthe team. It really would be nice to have the thing closed one way or another. I don’t have to know what it was all about; I just want to know that it is over. A year is long enough to make a call, NCAA derelicts.


  6. BCDawg97

    I thought the rumor was a failed test for PED but he claimed it was a necessary medication?


  7. Cojones

    And why does Kolton plus UGA/team have to do without playing/services? NCAA getting off the pot at this time may crush his career. If so, U GA Alum’s guess may be close. Then again, the Senator’s q as to why it hasn’t been announced could approach the AJ scenario and carry a punishment for UGA as well.

    Can’t inquiry be made as to records affecting a public university’s business? A student athlete is not a secret society. Can’t we ask our NCAA lawyer who helped in the Jarvis Jones inquiry? If Kolton is held out due to possible nefarious reasons wouldn’t that (the reason) touch on criminal? What else could take this long? The length of time is approaching the N.C. timetable to let another shoe drop. This is the way that investigation took place over 3 yrs. S.C.’s “Hotel-Gate” took this much time before a problem was declared and after it had been rubbed around publicly that they had been in the hotel over 1/2 yr. This will be the first attention called to Kolton in about a year. Certainly our lawyer knows.


    • 69Dawg

      You have too many privacy laws involved for the NCAA or UGA to say anything until such time as he plays. If he were my kid I would be suing the NCAA for everything in the book.


  8. Oh yeah, if he were my son I would be litigating this thing all the way to the Supreme Court…..


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Hah. You knock yourself out sir. At $350-$500 / hour hope it gets done quickly. My youngest stopped by after pre-law orientation tonight. Law school ain’t cheap. Neither is a good attorney.
      just typin’


  9. Hopefully the fact he lined up with the first team OL in practice yesterday is a really good sign.


  10. Everyone keeps saying it is a “medical issue”. Why would the NCAA Clearing House step in when a student had already been in school for a year and not allow them to participate at all during their 2nd yr of school? Not sure what medical issues the NCAA will pull a players eligibility for. Very strange and we will probably not ever know, but I did see where a “friend” of Houston’s said it was not the result of a failed drug test.