Among all the first day of spring practice stories, this is admittedly a minor one, but it’s still my favorite.

… Chris Conley was out there, which is noteworthy because the sophomore receiver was expected to miss spring practice after wrist surgery. But he was out there in a green non-contact jersey, albeit with a cast. But he caught passes, so it looks like he’s going to try to practice over the next four weeks.

It’s easy with all the other crapola we get caught up in to forget sometimes about the effort these kids devote to improving themselves, their teammates and the program.  Good on ya’, Chris.



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  1. Conley is going to be a player by the time he leaves Athens. He had a really solid freshman year and showed his potential. While he hasn’t really had an opportunity to show speed vertically, he makes catches in traffic and is a mismatch for most corners on a jump ball.


  2. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Am I an idiot for not knowing if there has been any update on K. Houston’s status?


  3. Go Dawgs!

    Chris Conley did his best to carry on Hines Ward’s legacy last year with some of the downfield blocking he put on display on running plays. Richt gave him some love after a few games for it, and it’s well deserved. The kid’s a talent, and he’s also an effort player.

    This football team has some players that I can’t get enough of. Conley, Jarvis Jones, Bacarri, Michael Bennett… the list goes on. I think there are quite a few of my future all-time favorite Dawgs on this team.


    • King Jericho

      This is exactly why it’s been VERY difficult for me to not get totally amped about next season. Love hearing about these kids working their tails off and wanting it so bad. Hopefully this is a culture change in Athens propels Richt back to stud status.


      • Cojones

        C’mon now. You can get amped. As Mel would say,”It’s good to be da King!”.


      • Puffdawg

        Richt will never get back to stud status because you’ll always have people dogging him, only to apologize profusely after he beats Florida and claim never to doubt him again, only to start dogging him again at the next loss.


    • El Dawgo in El Paso

      Hines Ward and his toughness is exactly what I thought of when reading this!


  4. jryu

    that catch during the UF game for the first down………………… will never forget him.

    looking forward to what he brings to the table this year


  5. Cojones

    Yeah, and Bennett tearing the ball away from the D player in the end zone. These Dawgs have game all right and there are some we haven’t even heard from yet that I think will make a splash this year.


  6. RocketDawg

    One of my coworkers son went to HS with him and they know his family. The day he committed to UGA my coworker said he would end up being one of the best to play there. Great kid from a great family and a hard worker.


  7. jferg

    After training with one hand all spring, imagine how easy catching the ball will seem with two hands! He is a STUD.