If you’re still wondering what drives the D-1 revenue train…

it’s football, baby, football.


The majority of conferences receive more revenue from the BCS than from the NCAA’s Basketball Fund:

Conference BCS (millions) NCAA (millions)
ACC $21.2 $18.2
Big 10 $27.2 $18.5
Big 12 $21.2 $18.9
Big East $21.2 $24.9
Pac 10 $27.2 $16.1
SEC $27.2 $15.6
Mtn. West $12.8 $5.0
Mid-American $2.6 $1.7
Sun Belt $1.9 $2.4
C-USA $3.3 $6.9
WAC $4.1 $2.9

SOURCE: NCAA, SportsBusiness Daily

Note that those numbers are for postseason revenues only.  In other words, football with its piddling one-game playoff and bowls which don’t mean anything seriously outgrosses March Madness. Toss in the regular season bucks and it’s an even bigger disparity between the two major revenue sports.

Now maybe you understand why guys like Delany are so fiercely guarding their turf when it comes to restructuring the BCS.



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10 responses to “If you’re still wondering what drives the D-1 revenue train…

  1. Stop throwing all these facts out there, Senator. There are too many idiots that still will not be able to realize why what the fans want has zero impact on what these guys will ultimately choose to do with the college football postseason.


  2. Keese

    comparing apples to oranges


    • Meaning what – that you don’t think football matters more to the suits than basketball does, financially speaking?


      • DawgPhan

        Senator of course you can’t compare the two…but you can compare them if you want to say “everyone else has a playoff”.


      • Keese

        No but football definitely has much better revenue potential. In fact, the numbers (to me) support a counter logic to the BCS $$


        • Hackerdog

          It’s hard to argue with that. System 1 makes more money than System 2. So, let’s change System 1 to match System 2.

          That’s thinking outside the box!


  3. Monday Night Frotteur

    Think you’re off on this one. The basketball fund is only about 60% of the NCAA tournament’s take (the rest gets stuck with the sticky middleman), and there are way, way more mouths feeding from the tournament trough. And of course this does not appear to be taking into account the absurd amount of expenses the conferences have for bowls that they don’t have for NCAA tournament games.

    But regardless of that, the power conferences could probably get the weaker conferences to buy into a BCS-type split if the weaker conferences got access. Turning the MAC championship game into a playoff play-in game (instead of a Motor City Bowl or GoDaddy Bowl play-in game) significantly helps the MAC without costing the other conferences $.01.


  4. Hogbody Superficial Logic

    Well, if you had a 16 team football playoff, then football would make even more!


  5. X-Dawg

    I used to have a sun belt. I gave it to Goodwill.


  6. Cojones

    I used to have a WAC belt, but she took it back.