He just wants to sue somebody, damn it.

Even as it looks like the BCS is going to be superseded by another postseason format, Mark Shurtleff is still making plans to file his antitrust case.

With the possible end of the BCS on the horizon, Mark Shurtleff still remains determined to see the sun set on the 14-year old system.

The Utah attorney general is forging ahead with his year-old and often-delayed plans to sue the BCS. Shurtleff’s legal strategy actually now accounts for the possible dissolution of the Bowl Championship Series at the same time commissioners decide on college football’s postseason future beginning in 2014. His office recently posted online detailed requests for proposal soliciting law firms to assist in his anti-trust challenge of the BCS.

Among those to be considered as “possible adverse parties” in any future legal action, according to the document, are the NCAA, BCS, the BCS bowls, the six BCS conferences and any radio or TV partner.

He’s turning into college football’s Hiroo Onoda.



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7 responses to “He just wants to sue somebody, damn it.

  1. Can Shurtleff just go away now? Utah is proving they are going to have trouble competing in big boy football week in and week out. Once USC is back to full strength with Oregon and Stanford, the Utes will continue to be a mid-major team playing in a BCS league. Sure, they beat an Alabama team in New Orleans that had absolutely no interest in being there. BYU is still the biggest joke of a national champion in the modern era.


  2. Yuichi Akatsu

    Sometimes one must simply decide when enough is enough. Arigato, Blutarsky-san.


  3. Spike

    I think this guy has to much free time.


  4. I conclude several things about Mr Shurtleff. First ,he is an Attorney General who is clearly elected not appointed because clearly he is the worst kind of politician. That is the type that thinks there is only publicity, There is no good publicity or bad publicity, only publicity that gets his name in front of the public. Screw my likelihood of winning, the facts o the case, the legal precedent or the net effect of my actions I just want the electorate to see my name. I suppose ESPN SportsCenter has a larger viewership than the evening news so lets see if I can get my face on that outlet. Next thing you know Oliver Stone will be making a movie about this loon.


  5. Cojones

    Like Hiroo Onoda, Mr Shurtless appears to be a “Futamaka”, but with a lexdysic pronounciation.


  6. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Onoda, still alive, and still fighting. From a 2007 interview:

    “History is written by the victors. Since the end of WWII, the Japanese history taught in our schools has been based on a U.S. program to promote war guilt and on left-wing propaganda. I don’t blame the United States for this. They wanted a weak Japan, and their mission is accomplished; Japanese educated after the war do not have any confidence in their culture or in themselves.

    Japan was forced to participate in WWII. The ABCD Powers (America, Britain, China and the Dutch East Indies) imposed such strong sanctions on Japan that we had no way to import oil, steel or anything. We were going to die or we were going to be invaded and enslaved.”