That equestrian program ain’t free.

For fiscal year 2010-11, Georgia’s athletic department turned a $53 million dollar profit in football… and a $9.5 million profit overall.



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8 responses to “That equestrian program ain’t free.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    $53 million in profit yet we nickle and dime when it comes to a full size indoor practice facility.


  2. What fresh hell is this?

    The Barners spend almost 2x as much as UGA on their football program and more than any other SEC team?

    That pay for play thing can get really expensive.


  3. Bogey Dawg

    Wow, that is some serious share the wealth. By my figures football and basketball make $ 55m and the other sports lose $ 45m. We must have some dang nice soccer uniforms.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    It looks like football is a bigger share of our revenue than most of the others. I think that means Georgia still can’t get people to pay to watch basketball. Same as the 70’s.


  5. JaxDawg

    This is a shameful display of political correctness, title IV, etc. at work, but the more global issue is that you cannot place a value on the effects that title IV and the creation of additional sports has on our youth. It’s an expensive sum to pay, but sports is often the savior of so many young men and women. That said, the equestrian ladies don’t fall into the “risk” category, in terms of being saved by that particular sport.

    And in terms of overall profitability, why worry about said profits when all you have to do is continue raising tuition and extend the perpetual capital campaign programs.


  6. Chuck

    One thing to remember – and the actual article linked noted this – is that the numbers can be a little skewed because of the way they are reported. For example, Greg McGarity and his office and staff are a large enough chunk of change that how that expense is allocated is going to affect the bottom line a little. Is that budget item prorated by sport according to income or the time he spends on it or is it just equally allocated? Even with accepted principles of accounting, numbers can be massaged vigorously depending upon what you want to depict.

    That said, I think we can agree UGA is doing about as well as any school without a MNC.


  7. rowe

    Tied for 6th in revenue? We’re definitely slipping.


  8. Cojones

    Ridiculous. It has already been noted on here that most of the money went toward recruiting, transportation, team unis (football has the most), schollies (again, football), equipment, buildings, etc. The point is most of the money was consumed through football activities.