Now I am become Cornelius, the destroyer of offenses.

That picture Radi Nabulsi posted on his Twitter feed today of Cornelius Washington overwhelming newbie lineman Mark Beard reminds me about the physical freak whom I thought a couple of years ago at Grantham’s first G-Day game was destined for greatness in the 3-4.

It was frustrating last year – just as it looked like he was starting to become the dominant player I’d expected with back-to-back big games against Mississippi and Mississippi State, he was suspended for the next two and never really took off after he returned.

It’s his time to shine.  Offenses are going to focus on stopping Jarvis Jones and Washington should be a beneficiary of that attention.  Whether he can take advantage of the opportunity remains to be seen, but I bet Grantham’s let him know what’s at stake, both for this year and for the NFL.


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24 responses to “Now I am become Cornelius, the destroyer of offenses.

  1. ScoutDawg

    Hell of a headline, hell of a pic.

  2. James Stephenson

    I remember that sack on the Miss State QB where he just drove that O-lineman right back into the QB and was thinking, uh oh, if they can get pressure from both sides like that and clog the middle, I feel sorry for opposing QBs the rest of the year. Then he got stupid and got suspended, sigh.

  3. jferg

    On the flip side, what an indoctrination into SEC football. Mr. Beard, meet the best defense you will see all year!

    • SCDawg

      Let’s hope that picture is an accurate representation of how good Cornelius is, and not how much work Beard still has to do. I am cautiously optimistic, as Cornelius looked like a monster before his stupid suspension.

      • Defense is always ahead of the offense at this time of year. Wouldn’t worry about it. If anything, this will make our OL much better since this is the best DL they’ll likely face all year. When they play everyone else, it’ll be like taking off the ankle-weights.

  4. W Cobb Dawg

    C. Wash reminds me of Brandon Miller. Has all the tools but hasn’t produced big on the field. I agree he could be devastating if he ever catches on. It’s his 3rd year in CTG’s 3-4 scheme – time’s running out and talent is piling up behind him on the roster. But man, if he becomes a bookend to match Jarvis on the other side, the D could be incredible.

    • people in East Cobb were thinking the same thing, the start of as good a linebacker corp as there is in America. Having seen Washington interviewed I suspect he is brighter than Brandon was.

    • IveyLeaguer

      Agree. It’s up to him. He can be as good as wants to be. But he’s fast running out of time.

  5. charlottedawg

    I remember the sack against Miss St. that one play pretty muched summed up the game for C Wash. hope he becomes the monster bookend to jarvis. They could HURT some QBs and RBs this year.

  6. 69Dawg

    I sit here wondering if I should reorder my season tickets and this comes along. Does Kool-Aid and bourbon go together????

  7. 1hoonose

    Should be remembered that the C-Man and JJ switched OLB responsibilities after the suspension. I think that greatly affected both.

  8. Rebar

    Damn, I’m drooling in March!

  9. IveyLeaguer

    With Washington, it’s between the ears. He can be as good as he wants to be. Problem is, to this point it hasn’t mattered that much to him, or at least not enough.

    Even in his best game, he only goes 100% when he really feels like it. And when he does, he’s very difficult to keep off the QB. He needs to pick up his play against the run, he’s been very weak there his whole career.

    If he’s smart, he’ll have an all-star year and secure his future. With the players he has around him, he couldn’t have a better opportunity.

    • UGA70

      “With Washington, it’s between the ears.” Absolutely. This is true of most players, I suspect. They have a set-back, that is embarrassing to him, his family, his teammates or fans and it’s difficult for some to overcome immediately and get back to playing the same as before the issue arose. Some are good at putting it behind them and moving on like nothing happened and others take a little longer to erase it from their mind. Much like my golf game.

  10. NRBQ

    Beard wearing TWO knee braces?

    ‘Sup with that?

  11. El Dawgo in El Paso

    Don’t know if I feel better about the defense or feel worse about the O-Line. I do have hope that it is only spring practice and young Theus is on the way.

  12. Don Cornelius

    What?…Somebody say somethin’…?… Oh, you guys were talking about CORNELIUS WASHINGTON. Yeah…He’s good.

  13. E dawg

    CW don’t play. The whole team is scared of him.

  14. Cojones

    Do you mean to tell me that all these D athletes are maturing in the same year? I hope they play sparingly in the Buffalo game. Not because of possible injury to themselves, but for possible injury to opponents. Is Cornelius our Conanizer? We don’t need no Buffalo women lamentin’ all over our campus. Does this truck have brakes?