Name that caption: brains on the Plains edition

This should get your creative juices flowing.

(AP Photo/The Birmingham News, Hal Yeager)

Have at it in the comments section.


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52 responses to “Name that caption: brains on the Plains edition

  1. Timphd

    Brain trust on the Plains! We are doomed!

  2. BCDawg97

    No Willie. For the 100th time, you can’t borrow VanGorder’s hair for my Boogie Nights watch party.

  3. RVADawg

    Only thing missing is a Nina Hartley and 70’s porn music

  4. Scott

    One of These Things is Not Like the Other

  5. TennesseeDawg

    “No, we can’t put Oompa-Loompas out there to play corner”

  6. tidefanintn

    My goodness, that Three Stooges remake looks terrible.

  7. JG Shellnutt

    I know, if we build a large wooden badger…

  8. DawgBiscuit

    Chizik: “So THIS is the ‘next Cam Newton’ you spent $200k on?!”
    Willie: “Back in ’82, he used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter mile. How much you wanna make a bet he can throw a football over them mountains?”

  9. Chizik's O-Face

    Chizik: “Oh, that’s what 3rd and Willie is. So, Cammy Cam didn’t win us the 2010 game, it was you?”

  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    The Wit brothers, Nit, Dim, & Half.

  11. Ron

    Willie: I’m not living in that mobile home!
    Chizik: Willie! We all do it. Get over it!
    Van Gorder: I thought Flowery Branch sucked.

  12. ZDawg

    Chizik “So your tellin’ me you like your corners 5’4″ and NEVER turning back to face the ball?”
    Willie: “Works for us, right Brian? Brian you there? Snap out of it…”
    Vangorder: “Oh sorry…Tim Jennings still have eligibility?”

  13. Scott W.

    Larry, Moe, and Curly. Knuck,knuck,knuck.

  14. Scott W.

    For the thousandth time, yes Willie my hairline is natural and no Brian can’t grow you some donor hair!

  15. Indemnitor

    Guys- im thinking we ALL get these white jackets AND white shoes and wear them to all the games!! It’ll look AWESOME – sorta like the Three Amigos !

  16. bulldogbry

    “Hey, Van……..tell chrome dome here that won’t work. We don’t play Hawaii every week.”

  17. shane#1

    Hey! I didn’t get a harrumph outa that guy!

  18. Cojones

    I know he took your hairpiece, but are you now telling me he’s wearing your privates hair under his nose ?

  19. SouthGa Dawg

    Willie – “Hey guys, I learned this coverage from Kevin Ramsey at at clinic one day…”
    Chiz and Van Gorder – “Uhhhh, I’m not sure about that. Let’s try this instead.”

  20. Derek

    Van Gorder: jeff fisher called and offered me a dc job.

    Martinez: it’s ok, I got this.

    Chizik: oh no!

  21. JDog

    Martinez: I only need my d-backs to be this high.
    Chizik: Oooooooh.

  22. El Dawgo in El Paso

    I refuse to recruit anyone taller than this…

  23. Charles

    “The files are in the computer… they’re IN THE COMPUTER…”

  24. BMan

    Sorry Chiz, the line forms right behind me for BVG’s mustache ride.

  25. hodgie

    Wm yes when he gets this deep in his route we don’t cover him anymore.
    Gc oooh! That’s genius. I’m glad we got you

  26. Cameron

    Oh…so that’s how Tubby and the boys ran by your safety on 4th and 13.

  27. Aligator

    willie i know you needed a job pretty bad, but did you need to give your hair to vangorder to do that?

  28. Junior

    Look, it’ll be OK. We just have to keep the zombie version of CVG away from the first string players, that’s all. I blame Rick for this. Had he not left the farm, CVG would not have gotten bit. Listen, it’ll be just like it was when he left Georgia and I took over. Wait a minute, it sucked when I took over didn’t it? What’s that? I’m fired?

  29. Dawg19

    (Chizik): “Cold! Cold!…You’re nowhere near the receiver! Is this really your coaching technique?!?”

  30. Willie "Bobby Boucher" Martinez

    Coach, not only will I do it for you, I… I… I… yes, yes, I’ll do it for you.

  31. The Chiz

    Willie, go have farmer Fran make the special teams run laps.

  32. The Chiz

    OK, maybe with this many defensive minds we can hold Georgia to less than 600 yards this year.

  33. Van Gorder

    “Should I leave now… or next year.”
    “Now… or next year.”

  34. Chiz

    “Oh… My… Gawd!”
    “…and if he’s lucky, maybe the ball will hit him in the back of the helmet!”

  35. JaxDawg

    Hate to tell you guys but AU has never lacked for talent as they poach the western GA guys from Lagrange, Columbus, etc, AND they have made a living drafting JUCOs and troublemakers from other schools that always seem to get a “second chance” at AU. Think Kenny Irons, that mental giant. Think debit cards, think Cam, think sweaty cash, think………..

    No, they might have a tremendous defense under these 2 guys, and I believe the BVG hire was tremendous for them. We’ll see how the personalities pan out. Hopefully shitty.

    • I’m with you. They’ll be hitting a stride by November under these guys. Say what you want about Willie, but he did just fine under VanG. The only question I have (and it’s not a question that would concern me if I were an Auburn fan) is whether VanG still has it to be a prime college d coordinator. Is he out of touch with the college game? If I were a betting man, I’d say he’ll be fine and is innovative and analytical enough to jump right back in, but I do wonder if he’s tarnished goods at all.

    • No question the BVG hire is a big upgrade for AU. They’ll be better on that side of the ball, for sure.

      That being said, the 2012 Tigers remind me of the 2011 Gators, with less talent. They’re a mess on the other side, as they’re converting to a more power pro-style offensive attack without an established quarterback, a running back who can run between the tackles consistently and depth at wide receiver. They’ve recruited well on the line, but the talent is very, very green. Sound familiar? The only thing better for Auburn is that the schedule lays out better than Florida’s did.

      Florida barely finished with a winning record despite having the eighth-best defense in the country. Anybody think Auburn’s (#80 last season) will be that good this year?

  36. Skeeter

    “There’s a transfer from UGA I want to offer. We’ll convert him from RB to CB. He’s about this tall. Carlton’s the name. Very fast.”

  37. Heyberto

    Look guys, I want you to wear these cool half sleeve AU wind Jackets, like me, but on game day, only I wear the white one, and only trooper wears the backwards cap and carryiesca towel, got it? We’ve got a bro style image to uphold.

  38. Coweta Dawg

    Uncle Rico looks on as Chizik and Willie argue over who’s Napoleon and who’s Pedro.

  39. AlphaDawg

    Best use of a Shag carpet i’ve seen in years.

    • Skeeter

      BVG responds: “Nice one, baby! They don’t call that carpet ‘shag’ for nothin’! Matches the drapes, too, if you know what I mean!”