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Georgia Tech’s in state recruiting, a Rambling Wreck indeed

Paul Johnson gets hit with a double whammy on the recruiting trail:  losing one in state kid to James Franklin’s less than inspiring sales pitch (“He doesn’t really talk a lot about putting players in the NFL, like other schools do.”) and losing another in state recruit who’s a Tech legacy to Auburn.

The truly sad part about the latter story is that dad didn’t want him to go to Georgia Tech.

“My father wanted me to go to Auburn,” the younger Lawson said. “He wanted me to commit the last time I was there. He likes Auburn. My family loves it. Last time I visited Auburn, I named them as my leader. This time, I committed.”

Add the lack of results so far to the small size of the class Johnson is expected to sign, and you’re looking at an epic fail coming up early next year.  Is it too soon to start gloating?



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Name that caption: and from the other school in Alabama…

I don’t think I’ve ever done these on back-to-back days, but it’s hard to resist low-hanging fruit like this:

I have no doubt that any words you’d care to put in Dr. Lou’s mouth would be infinitely more interesting than whatever he actually had to say.


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Aaron Murray: what do we know that they don’t?

I know there are plenty in Dawgnation who don’t have a problem bashing Aaron Murray, but he sure is getting a lot of offseason love on the outside.

The Sporting News lists him as one of the top quarterbacks in the nation going into the 2012 season.

Why he’s here: A strong arm and a high quarterback IQ. He has terrific leadership skills and a rare toughness. He doesn’t have the same skill set as former Georgia star (and No. 1 overall pick) Matthew Stafford, but who does in the last two decades? Of the group of five, the best pure football player.

And ESPN’s Heisman predictor places him second in an early preview, behind Matt Barkley.

A short reader poll would seem to be in order here.


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No hard feelings

Texas A& M’s athletic director had all of his coaches confirm that Texas refuses to play his school in any sport now.


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