Georgia Tech’s in state recruiting, a Rambling Wreck indeed

Paul Johnson gets hit with a double whammy on the recruiting trail:  losing one in state kid to James Franklin’s less than inspiring sales pitch (“He doesn’t really talk a lot about putting players in the NFL, like other schools do.”) and losing another in state recruit who’s a Tech legacy to Auburn.

The truly sad part about the latter story is that dad didn’t want him to go to Georgia Tech.

“My father wanted me to go to Auburn,” the younger Lawson said. “He wanted me to commit the last time I was there. He likes Auburn. My family loves it. Last time I visited Auburn, I named them as my leader. This time, I committed.”

Add the lack of results so far to the small size of the class Johnson is expected to sign, and you’re looking at an epic fail coming up early next year.  Is it too soon to start gloating?



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17 responses to “Georgia Tech’s in state recruiting, a Rambling Wreck indeed

  1. timphd

    Never too early to gloat or poke fun at Tech as long as Johnson is the coach. Not too many less likable guys in sports in my opinion. Epic fails on his part are to be celebrated with glee.


  2. Skeeter

    “Small” and “Johnson” just go together, don’t they?


  3. Skeptic Dawg

    I love hearing about any shortcomings from GT. However, let’s wait until we see the quality AND quantity of our class before we start cracking jokes. We are an awful long way from the ink being dry on any of our targets.


    • We are off to a BLAZING start on our 2013 class, and have a legitimate shot at signing a #1 class, as we’re going to sign probably 30-31 kids. I wouldn’t hold off on making fun of Tech for that reason…


  4. “Is it too soon to start gloating” Really Senator that’s like asking,” is too early to starting hating GT?” Not just no but hell no. The Tech football program is ugly and getting uglier, If we start early we’ll be able to tell the Techies “We told you so”, which is always fun. The more appropriate question is,”Is it right to kick a man when he’s down?” One part of me says its not the right thing to do but the bulldawg super bad superego side of me says”kick away they’re not men, they’re insects,”


  5. 69Dawg

    Nick Saban AND Paul Johnson don’t have time for this sh*t.


  6. Smitty

    I hope Paul Johnson is at Tech for 20 years! hahaha.


  7. Hill Dawg

    Always beat the rush. Hate tech early.


  8. 4 years ago, the bugs thought they had the guy who was going to turn the rivalry back to the days of Dodd. Now, they know nothing has changed, and the talent gap is getting wider every year as Jowls runs the Tech program into the ground. No offensive talent with a desire to play at the next level wants to play in his leather helmet offense, and CTG is taking all of the in-state defensive talent that would consider the NATS. For all the grief Bulldog Nation has given CMR over his record against UF, no coach has dominated Tech like he has.


  9. Dawg Vent

    Senator, you’d better make it a triple whammy. According to Michael Carvell, they just lost the #3 ILB in the country to…wait for it…us. Go Dawgs! What a weekend for the smallest Johnson on the flats.


  10. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Johnson’s days at Tech are numbered. Recruiting is the lifeblood of any football program. Even if Johnson were an offensive genius (he is not) without quality players he cannot win games. There are Tech boosters who understand that. Their problem is that Tech spent all its AA money getting rid of their basketball version of Johnson so there is nothing left to do but watch the Tech football program in freefall–at least until Johnson’s contract expires.


  11. SantaCruz'n

    Tech sucks. That is all


  12. Wasn’t one of Johnson’s big selling points the idea that his system could succeed in spite of recruiting, that it was tailor-made for a school like Tech where academic requirements were (supposedly) higher and they couldn’t consistently bring in five-star athletes?

    Guess that’s all proving to be a little overblown, unless a 1-3 record against Georgia and an oh-fer bowl record is all the Techies were hoping for.


    • AlphaDawg

      He’s right, his system can be succesful without the big recruits. But his system has nothing to do with the Defensive side of the ball. Instead of getting a young up n coming D coordinator who would double as Recruiting Coordinator, he brought in a 60 yr old millionaire coach who can retire anytime.


  13. Bubs

    How many more years does Johnson have at Tech, contract-wise?


  14. Uglydawg

    I believe it’s usually wrong to find pleasure in the misfortunes of others.In this case, however, I consider how the nerds would be acting if the shoe was on the other foot. An salty old Dawg once told me, “When you get a leg up on Tech, you’ve gotta let it flow. Get all you can get.” Hike those legs up, Dawg fans!