No hard feelings

Texas A& M’s athletic director had all of his coaches confirm that Texas refuses to play his school in any sport now.


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6 responses to “No hard feelings

  1. Skeeter

    “This state ain’t big enough fer the both of us!”


  2. governormilledge

    A&M also is confirming the SC-A&M rivalry rumor… as long as this has legs, it sounds more and more like the Auburn game will be preserved.

    “Although it’s not official, Byrne said it “sounds like” Texas A&M and South Carolina will become permanent partners in football and believes it makes sense for Arkansas and Missouri to annually play.”


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I can understand why A&M wouldn’t want to play Mizzou or Arky every year–the Aggies would get the sh!t beaten out of them by both those teams on an annual basis. I am a little surprised they didn’t try to claim Vandy or UK as their annual cross-divisional game, though. Also, looks like SOS decided to stop taking an annual beating from the Razorbacks. USCe and A&M deserve each other.


  3. Cojones

    You bet, “Out with the old, in with the new”.. Screw’em, A&M, you are better than that. Glad to see that recruiting in that state has picked up since you joined the SEC. Yeah, we may be over to pick up a few linemen from time to time, but right now we have our hands full with Georgia kids.

    Texas and ESPN screwed the pooch with their conceited network and they are the ones paying the penalty. We don’t blame A&M for getting out from under such a controlling force in that state. In the SEC we would get together and vote their ass out if any one team tried to exact such power. Too bad you boys didn’t all get together and do that over their. But what the hell, Welcome to the SEC! Now get your mad on because its going to be something more than a little challenge to hang in here this millenium.

    Go A&M, Fuck Tech’sass! See how well that cheer fits into our little ole’ Southern world?


  4. Cojones

    Speaking of hard feelings, my hard’s feeling like gametime in the Fall. It’ll be another long hard summer.


  5. fetch

    No hard feelings!?!? Hell sounds like someone’s got a case of priapism.