“Don’t screw him up.”

The New York Times traces the evolution of Tim Tebow from college quarterback with mechanics problems to Tim Tebow, college quarterback with mechanics problems that his head coach (despite public utterances to the contrary) didn’t really care about.

“I don’t know if there’s ever been anybody in a team sport that’s dominated as much as Tim, and yet everyone would go, ‘Can he play at the next level?’ ” said Gary Danielson, a longtime college football analyst for CBS Sports and a former quarterback.

Skepticism abounded two years ago for the same reasons it does now: his throwing mechanics, which are about as awkward as a seventh-grade dance. He adjusted his motion at least twice at Florida, once more with a team of quarterback gurus before the draft and again with the Denver Broncos, who, unconvinced of his long-term viability, sent him to the Jets, who almost certainly have their own thoughts on the matter. The subject is bound to come up Monday, when Tebow, almost surely the N.F.L.’s most famous backup, is introduced at a news conference at team headquarters in Florham Park, N.J.

“If there’s something that needs improving, he just works relentlessly at it,” said Temple Coach Steve Addazio, who was Florida’s offensive coordinator when Tebow was a senior. “He’s just wired that way.”

Addazio has saved the evaluation he wrote more than six years ago of Tebow, then a junior playing for Nease High School in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. On it, he wrote this sentence: “We want this guy on our team.” Tebow fit perfectly into the Gators’ dynamic spread offense, a system devised to win games — which he did — but that did not necessarily prepare him for the N.F.L.

The point here isn’t that Florida had the wrong approach with Tebow.  It didn’t.  It wasn’t Meyer’s responsibility to prepare Tebow for the NFL; it was his responsibility to best deploy his talented quarterback to win as many games as possible.

But what’s interesting is to compare what Mullen was asked to do with his star quarterback and compare that to Loeffler’s marching instructions.  Mullen had a concern that Tebow’s mechanics were potentially harmful in a physical sense and sought to mitigate the problem.  Loeffler was brought in with all sorts of PR hype but behind the scenes was instructed not to muck up a good thing.  How did that work out?  About as you’d expect.

It was never about getting Tebow ready for the pros.  It was about shielding Corch from criticism on the recruiting trail that his system wasn’t conducive to producing quarterbacks who could prosper on the next level.  With Tebow at least, the jury is still very much out on that.  It’ll be interesting to hear if anyone tries to use that against Meyer in recruiting now.


UPDATE:  This hilarious Charles Pierce skewering of the lastest embarrassment from Ross Douthat begs the question of why God doesn’t go ahead and fix Tebow’s mechanics.


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  1. charlottedawg

    The only thing i care about is that Meyer, Tebow, and the gators won waaaay too many games at our expense. Payback for those assholes is long overdue.

  2. Mike

    What part of “He adjusted his motion at least twice at Florida,” is vague or uncertain?

    • Gee, I dunno. What part of “He wasn’t really required to make the type of throws that are necessary in the N.F.L.” didn’t you get?

      The point isn’t that they didn’t tinker with Tebow’s mechanics at UF. It’s that all that “get him ready for the NFL” talk was utter bullshit. As it should have been, except that Meyer was sensitive to criticism that he couldn’t prepare a QB for the pros.

      • Mike

        Other than; “He adjusted his motion at least twice at Florida” , right?

        Damn boys. There is plenty to find fault with Urban. For you guys to dig this deep speaks of…..well…. desperation. Or delusion.

        • If you’re saying that adjusting his motion = fixing his mechanics, I don’t think we’re the desperate or delusional ones here.

          And if you’re not, then you’ve missed my point entirely.

    • 69Dawg

      Yea it only took Alex Smith 5 years to get over Urban’s coaching.

      • Mike

        I am sure the millions he has pocketed, by being THE FIRST PICK OF THE DRAFT, assuages his concern somewhat.

        Hell, and Tebow was a first round pick too. Would had have done better, either in college or in the pros, had he signed with Bama?

        Damn, as I said before, you boys have to dig way too deep for this kind of crap. It ain’t necessary.

  3. Irishdawg

    For all the work he’s put into it, and all the extra attention he’s gotten, Tebow’s delivery still looks like a giant karate chop with a football attached. There’s only so much the kid is going to be able to do. He’s likely to always have accuracy problems and a slow release, which are fatal flaws when running an NFL system, despite what Skip Bayless or noted athlete Peter King say.

  4. Scott W.

    If anything can be taken from this it is that PR is THE most important thing. UGA never really participated in spin until McGarity arrived (even received criticism for it this past year). The “tell the truth and receive a fair shake” is dead in all of journalism, more so than ever. It’s better to grind that organ so that the monkey dances the way you want if you can do so.

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  6. W Cobb Dawg

    I have some hesitation with the entire premise of the article(s). First, I’m not so sure GPOOE considered fu a stepping stone to the nfl when he signed. One only needs to look at TT’s predecessor Leak or another highly recruited QB, Mustain, to know many QBs aren’t going to the show.

    The constant blather of the throwing motion is a side show produced by the media. The kid has special talents, throwing motion not being one of them, and a good coach at any level will find a way to use them – as a coach should. If he doesn’t have talent, the nfl will soon be done with him.

    As for corch, I don’t care for the guy, but he was hired to win games at fu. I don’t blame him for not doing much about TT’s throwing motion. He isn’t getting paid to add players to the nfl. I sometimes wonder whether some coaches understand this most basic fundamental fact.

    • Cojones

      No, but as a college football coach he’s paid to recruit and add players to his team using “Getting them ready for the NFL” as his basic convincing pitch. Meyer used it hypocritically more than most as shown by paying lip service to the media and hiring a coach to specifically help Timmy out. If not for that reason, what do you not care for the guy for, his lustrus smile?

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        NEWSFLASH: Urban Meyer is a lying sack of sh!t who will say anything to get a kid who will help his program win. Now, back to regular programming.

  7. I remember June Jones then Hawaii coach, getting a lot of criticism after he said TT is a product of a system. I guess he is quite right after all.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      If you look at the QBs that Meyer had at all the schools where he coached they all had stats basically about like TT’s. That is because in that system when the offense gets into the redzone the QB runs it in or fakes the run and passes (sometimes a jump pass) to a wide open receiver who has been abandoned by a DB coming up to tackle the QB. Either way the QB gets credit for the TD.

  8. D.N. Nation

    All you need to know about American punditry is that Ross Douthat once wrote a column about losing an erection when a woman told him she was on the pill and somehow parlayed that into a columnist gig at the New York Times. I mean, what the hell.

  9. 69Dawg

    Matthew 6:5 – 7 was apparently not taught by his missionary parents.

    5. And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites [are]: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.
    6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.
    7 But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen [do]: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.

    • AusDawg85

      So you’re saying Timmy should not come of out the closet…?

    • Cojones

      I thought his repetitious praying position was from getting hit repetitiously in the crotch. That’ll make you take a knee!

    • W Cobb Dawg

      It appears GPOOE has had a religious revelation. After visiting a New York synagogue and reading the torah, he’s converting to Judaism. From now on he wants to be known as Te-berg!

  10. Chuck

    “…..begs the question of why God doesn’t go ahead and fix Tebow’s mechanics.

    He won seven games in fairly miraculous fashion with those mechanics. Maybe God was involved. Jes’ …

  11. Skeptic Dawg

    I know two things for certain regarding Tebow and the Gaytors: 1). Tebow is crazy popular due to his faith and character. 2). While a Gaytor he won a ton of games and has 2 national titles. I tip my cap to the first. The second drives me nuts. Coach Meyers was paid to win and win he did. We would not fault CMR for failing to develop NFL talent if he brought 2 national titles to Athens. On a similar note, only Duke haters bash Coach K for failing to develop NBA talent.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      SD, isn’t the problem with CMR exactly the reverse of UM? CMR has developed scads of talent for the NFL with no BCSNC trophies to show for it.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        Yes it is. Funny, I deleted a line that read, “If you don’t win titles, you better shuttle loads of players to the NFL”. Then I thought, what good does it do to have a team filled with NFL talent and fail to win titles. Then I remembered the past 5 seasons in Athens.

        • W Cobb Dawg

          Donnan and Goff had shi$loads of nfl talent. Hearst, Edwards, Seymour, Ward, Bailey, etc., etc., etc. How can a school representing a state loaded with so many terrific players lag other college programs in the championship race?! We have been underachievers for decades!

          • Skeptic Dawg

            It would very easy to make that argument. I for one would not like to defend the other side of said argument.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Westy, WE are the problem. US, the fanbase. That is why the problem has lasted for so long and persisted through multiple coaching changes. WE (i.e. you, me, all the guys who blog here and all those people you see tailgating on Saturdays) do not really have a commitment to winning like, say, Bama alums/fans. I don’t want to beat it to death but do you for one minute think that the Bama crowd would allow the Tide to get into a situation where they played LSU in the Superdome every year? But WE did that to our team with the WLOCP. That game started being played in JAX when the Gators weren’t very good, when we could play them down there every year and still beat them. But when the Gators got good, what did we do? We just kept on playing them in JAX every year even when we started getting drilled every year. And why? Because OUR people wanted a fun weekend at the beach more than they wanted to win the game, that’s why. Look back into history Westy. If UGA had beaten the Gators just when UGA clearly had the better team the Dawgs would have won SEC Championships at least once, maybe twice, when Zeier was QB, at least once when Donnan was coach and would have won a BCSNC in 2002 under CMR. This is only one example of how the UGA fanbase/administration puts its foot on the team’s neck but still expects it to win. Recruiting is another. Everybody in the SEC West plus USCe oversigns. But UGA won’t. WTF? It isn’t against the rules and our rivals are all doing it. I could go on but it would be a waste of time and effort.

            • Skeptic Dawg

              Just so I am clear, you are saying that our ADs (Dooley, Evans and now McGarity) in addition to Goff, Donnan and now Richt are all responsible for our lack of success. But we as boosters, alumi and fans are equally to blame because we have not demanded greater success from those in position to deliver results? I am not being funny. Merely attempting to understand. If I am understanding you correctly, you would be the 2nd person I have heard claiming our beloved university is not fully committed to the success of our football program. Thanks.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                That is exactly what I am saying. I would add Mike Adams to that list but exclude McGarity. He hasn’t been there long enough. If I read him right he wants to change things but he is still having to work behind the scenes. Make no mistake about it, there would be opposition to what it would take.

                • Skeptic Dawg

                  I certainly have no firsthand knowledge of what is going on behind closed doors on campus nor in Butts-Mehre these days. Like I said earlier, you are now the second person I have heard this from. Would Adams be the only opposiion? Or are you referring to the fanbase as well? I do agree with you that our fanbase is willing to sit idly by once they themselves become comfortable, regardless of the product on display.

                  • Mayor of Dawgtown

                    “I agree with you that our fanbase is willing to sit idly by once they themselves become comfortable, regardless of the product on display.” That’s not what I said. Our fanbase gives lip service to demanding excellence from their football team but when it comes time for THEM to give up something in order for the team to achieve success the fanbase is unwilling to do it. Hence the unwillingness to give up cocktails on Amelia Island and a round at the Amelia Island Club in order to give the team a better chance at winning. So they make the team play at a disadvantage (indeed, they even pretend that it is not a disadvantage) but want the coach fired when the team doesn’t win. Contrast that to Bama fans/alumni. They are nuts but they will walk over hot coals in order for their team to win.

                    • Hence the unwillingness to give up cocktails on Amelia Island and a round at the Amelia Island Club in order to give the team a better chance at winning.

                      Skipping your questionable assumption, the main reason the game is in Jax these days is because that pays better than home-and-home.

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      Yeah, that’s one justification for it. Both the Swamp and Sanford Stadium have more seats than the Gator Bowl (or whatever they are calling the place this week). That means that fewer fans actually get to attend a GA-FLA game than if it were home and home. If it were not for the City of Jacksonville putting $$ into the pot to get tourists into town it would not pay better. This is only one example of the thrust of my post above, however.

                    • Skeptic Dawg

                      We are speaking the same language. “…when it comes time for THEM to give up something in order for the team to achieve success the fanbase is unwilling to do it.” Whether it is the location of a game, a tradition or personell. My largest complaint is that too many fans are unwilling to see the forest for the trees when it comes to our football program. If you are correct in saying our AD and/or School President have been holding this program back, boosters, alumi and fans should march upon campus with pitchforks in hand. And if you have proof of such, why would you not take this to the masses via the net, local paper, scream it from every building top? Or is this a subject that is well know, yet those in the know keep their head in the sand?

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      Proof? The proof is that they do what they do. I would welcome it if you would plant a bug in the UGA President’s office, though. We’d probably get a whole lot of laughs out of that. Probably no proof of the kind you are seeking, though.

                  • Mayor of Dawgtown

                    P.S. Note how quickly the Senator got all this off the current first page of the blog. Anytime people start sayin’ stuff like this it’s gone from the front page fast.

  12. Dog in Fla

    “Denver was District 12 in Suzanne Collins’s Panem, and the Meadowlands will be the Hunger Games arena.”

    Lament not for Timothy. When He steppeth onto the FieldTurf of the Meadowlands Arena to partake of His first football points in the Holy Kingdom of Jersey, this shall verily appear unto Him as his Last Temptation


  13. W Cobb Dawg

    This just in – The Jets team doctor said the problem with GPOOE’s throwing motion won’t clear up until he is able to control his sexual self gratiifcation addiction. The doctor prescribed TT spend some evenings with women of 42nd Ave, or men – whichever is his preference.

    • Cojones

      I’ve commented before that he shouldn’t use his throwing hand.

      Aren’t the 42nd Ave women ‘spensive? Oh. I gotcha. This is what he means he has been “saving up” for.