SOD’s spin

Tennessee missing a bowl for the second time in four years?  No big deal.  In fact, Derek Dooley needed the time he would have otherwise spent in preparation for the game to do better things.

But much of the work came in December. While the Vols’ season-ending loss to Kentucky kept them out of a bowl game, it also gave Dooley some time to set the framework for an offseason that would lead into his all-important third season in charge of the program.

“All of that time in December where you’d have spent some energy on bowl prep,” Dooley said, “[we] put a lot of time into sort of redefining our offseason and taking a hard look at some of the things we need to do differently going into next season.”

Maybe if the Vols finish 6-6 this year, SOD will turn down a bowl invite so he can divert that energy into more useful pursuits.  Like preparing his resume.

Judging from this, though, he’s not using any of that energy to deal with certain players not following directions.

Dooley declined to go into Da’Rick Rogers’ reported absence from a portion of the offseason program. The receiver from Calhoun was absent for more than a week of morning workouts after an incident of insubordination to the strength and conditioning staff, according to reports and two sources inside the football program.

“I’m not going to go into all the individuals,” Dooley said. “We had a lot of guys that missed a workout or two for different reasons, whether it’s academics, whether it’s discipline, whether it’s injury. We had a ton of that. It’s managing 100 guys, and every day’s a challenge. I just don’t want to go into and revisit our last eight weeks.”

You get the feeling that if things get off to a rough start this season, the wheels could come off SOD’s wagon very quickly.


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13 responses to “SOD’s spin

  1. JasonC

    Bullshit! SOD spent most of the winter doing exit interviews for his staff and trying to interview new people to fill all those spots after the exodus.


  2. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    With all that extra time will SOD implement a soap-on-a-rope policy to encourage proper hygiene?


  3. Dante

    So far this is only tangentially related, but who was the last coach fired in-season in the SEC? Does the Zookster still hold that honor?


  4. Looks Richt actually got a lucky break when Rogers went to Tenn. Richt or Rogers may have been out of by now.


  5. Spike

    He’s toast.


  6. 69Dawg

    D’Rek “The Peter Principle” Dooley has got to either be aware of his situation or he is delusional.


  7. Cojones

    You guys are just being mean. SOD has Nance to take DaRick’s place when……wha?….he’s not a WR? Yeah , but he came with him…OOOh…that’s right …he’s gonna beat Tyler Bray out at QB this season. Sorry, I get mixed up and forget the spot Nance was recruited for. Gosh, I thought they were big buds and Nance would certainly keep him on the straight and narrow for S&L during offseason with his leadership featuring 7 on 7s and skeleton drills. How else will they save SODs job? Bar fighting , anyone?


  8. Hey Da’Rick! Enjoying Knoxville???



  9. Cojones

    Wait a minute. Wasn’t DaRick at the center of team turmoil in the locker room during the season? And weren’t they taking another look at those players being shipped out for the team’s sake?

    If SOD is so weak that he can’t clean up the energy vampires in the off-season, he’s already gone. He still has to go through a summer cleaning house that Richt manned up to last year. Poor SOD. The longer he goes, the behinder he gits.


  10. dawgtrain-2012

    Buy the ticket, take the ride….