If David Stern isn’t part of the solution, he’s part of the problem.

The next time you see or hear somebody get all high and mighty about the NCAA plantation, point them to this interview with the man who might be the most arrogant sports commissioner ever.

“A college could always not have players who are one and done,” Stern said. “They could do that. They could actually require the players to go to classes.

“Or they could get the players to agree that they stay in school, and ask for their scholarship money back if they didn’t fulfill their promises. There’s all kinds of things that, if a bunch of people got together and really wanted to do it, instead of talk about it …”

Oh, this was a “largely lighthearted” suggestion?  Tee hee!  Then let’s turn to the naked self-interest part of the discussion, shall we?

“… I’m not concerned about NCAA, and our rules are not social programs,” Stern said. “We don’t think it’s appropriate for us to lecture kids as to whether they should or shouldn’t go to school. For our business purposes, the longer we can get to look at young men playing against first-rate competition, that’s a good thing. Because draft picks are very valuable things.”

To quote Robert Quarles from last night’s episode of Justified:  what a dick.


UPDATE:  Then there’s this development.  I guess if agents are outlawed, only outlaws will contact underclassmen.  Or something like that.


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13 responses to “If David Stern isn’t part of the solution, he’s part of the problem.

  1. Irishdawg

    You know, it’ll be a shame if Raylan doesn’t get to kill Quarles this season.

    It seems Kentucky is nothing but hot women, bourbon, and violence. I’m moving there next week.


    • Eric

      I’ve been hooked on the show since day 1. I know a guy from Harlan. He hates the show because “that’s not what Harlan is like.” Whatever, it’s a TV show. And it’s pretty entertaining compared to all the other crap on TV now. I guess Snooki and “reality” are more entertaining to others. To each his own.


  2. He fails to add on the longer evaluation time, that for his business purposes, it’s also great to get free marketing of their future stars in March Madness for NCAA programs.


  3. Skeptic Dawg

    Remember who packed your bags for you.


  4. Cojones

    Why would this change NCAA rules about contacting college football players? Doesn’t this prohibition get imposed from other than the NFLPA? How can certified agents contact players that, according to NCAA rules, can’t be contacted? Just because the NFLPA isn’t going to punish them now doesn’t mean that their “rule” ever had teeth.

    I’m confused here. Why be on “higher alert” than you already are? Now that the NCAA has doubled and tripled their enforcement arm, they can afford to cover more ground in depth already. Piss on Stern and the NFLPA. Colleges and the NCAA should make the rule for BBall match the rule for football.


    • Cojones

      Has anyone researched whether BBall recruits are more poor than football recruits. This one and done was done to equalize the “poverty clause” that some BBallers invoked in order to go to the pros earlier. Pome de Rue!! The family living another year of poverty isn’t as important as short circuiting his college education habituation for lifting families up for years while contributing to the economic betterment of their future generations (somehow, I didn’t express that as well as I contemplated). Shortcutting education is a pro sports idea that should never have seen the light of a dimbulb’s idea.


      • If the kids actually cared about an education, they can keep attending. We’ve had countless, in both football and basketball, leave early (or in some cases just not finish their degree before their 4 playing years ended), and come back to finish their degree. As with so many things, it’s simply a matter of want to.


  5. Scott W.

    Stern has made it perfectly clear this year that he doesn’t care about anyone or anything but himself. His own product included.


  6. jimmy

    I’m definitely not a David Stern fan and I agree that he’s a dick. However, I don’t know what he can say here to please college basketball fans other than faking concern about the college game. His league’s best interests just don’t line up perfectly with college basketball’s best interests.

    Seriously, what do you want the NBA to do? Do you want them to change the “1 year removed” rule to 2 or 3 years, even though that isn’t what’s best for the NBA?


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