Wednesday morning buffet

Lots of tasty morsels to sample:

  • Jeff Schultz thinks it’s just dawned on Mark Richt that defense is important.  Hmm… wasn’t there some VanGorder fella whom everyone in red and black was sorry to see go a few years back?
  • Judging from Will Friend’s comments, the offensive line has a ways to go.
  • Ricky, I’m shocked, shocked to hear that academic fraud is going on in test taking.
  • In case you’ve wondered, here’s the list of Tyler Wilson’s potential receiving targets for this season.  No offense, but right now that looks like a step down from Adams, Wright and Childs.
  • It sure sounds like there’s a tug of war on the coaching staff over Malcolm Mitchell’s services.
  • Could the Gators do a better job marketing the football program?
  • ESPN isn’t helping ease SEC envy with headers like this one.  Stupid.
  • After reading these sales pitches, all I can think is that if Mark Richt ever loses an in state recruit to Paul Johnson, he ought to be embarrassed.
  • I think I’m gonna let this one stand on its own.
  • Put a fork in it:  Mike Slive says that SEC is having “significant meetings” with its television partners and that there is no interest in moving to a nine-game conference schedule next year.
  • Georgia had to spend $273,385 on unsold tickets for the Outback Bowl.


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27 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Lrgk9

    An OL who gives ‘good effort’ is like a Blind Date with a ‘great persnality’.

    Tyler Bray = Rabbit at a Dawg Track, running for his life.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Finally, a Tennessee player admits he’s dumb.

  3. Irishdawg

    Yeah, Mark Richt never saw good defenses at Florida State, either. Jesus, between Schultz and Peter King, it makes me stabby that such no-nothing chumps can make money writing about sports.

  4. Dawgfan Will

    You mean it takes more than a dazzling back tat to make a successful quarterback? Who’d a thunk it?

  5. Bubs

    Our O-line may keep us out of the SEC Championship game. Someone needs to step up…now.

  6. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    UGA sold out its allotment (12K tickets) for the Outback Bowl and asked for more … Not sure how they owed 273K … Either way, considering that I was in the first 5K to purchase tickets and sat a few rows from the top of the stadium I’ll not be purchasing tickets from the school again …

    • Greg

      Yeah, this is the big joke about bowl games. They give all the crappy seats to the schools and local corp’s get the good seats. Then, the school gets charged when the fans choose to buy good seats at a premium rather than buy through the university. If the Outback Bowl had their way, they’d probably like to limit their options to UF and SCar(since they’ve only been to one bowl game better than the Outback in their history). Maybe Kentucky too in the rare event they have a decent team.

      For those who attended, what’s your estimate on the number of UGA fans at the bowl game? What about Michigan State?

      • Cojones

        Bowl game expenses should be deducted before profitsare shipped to the SEC. Otherwise, no more bowl games. Screw’em.

  7. Eric

    Brock Huard for ESPN is an idiot. His PAC-12 bias is beyond any other other conference/team bias I’ve read on ESPN. Not to say his articles doesn’t make good points, but every article he writes is an attempt to stir the pot of SEC vs PAC12. Yes, his beloved Trojans are talented and so is Barkley. It gets annoying though when he writes an article every month about how USC would dominate in the SEC.

    • Eric

      Oh, and yes Senator, the header is stupid too.

    • Ubiquitous GA Alum

      Not arguig his Pac12 bias, but Huard played at Washington

      • Eric

        Correct. My mistake. He still writes much more about USC. But then again, not much else to write about in the PAC-12 besides them and Oregon.

        • Always Someone Else's Fault

          Huard was given simple instructions: short of profanity or slander, get hits at any cost. And given that ESPN actually gets people to pay additional money for content like Huard’s, I don’t think we can call them dumb.

          “Hi, I’m a jock, and I have a completely unsubstantiated opinion. I can’t write, but my copy editor at least makes me look semi-literate. That will be $3.95, please.”

          Amazing how often they can rinse-repeat that basic game plan.

  8. Normaltown Mike

    RE: Trademark/logo infringement

    Maybe those high schools should’ve had the foresight that the Winder-Barrow Bulldoggs had in adopting a mascot and purposefully spelling it incorrectly.

    Pretty smart huh?

    Wait, that was on purpose right?

  9. Cojones

    Jeff Schultz just imitated another Shultz’s character, Lucy, by pulling the football away at the last moment of a good compliment. He somehow managed to insult and cause possible friction by mentioning “fourth choice” (he was the only one counting and I don’t remember “choice” ever coming up when you are selecting between individuals. I only knew of Smart being offered and everyone else being considered or asked to be considered. Did we “offer” the LSU coach?). And pitting him vs Richt is a cheap troll trick. Senator, do any of these “sports writers” ever come on gtp under a pseudoname? From now on the name “Schultz” will be synonomous with “I know nothing” Schultz of Hogan’s Heros fame.

    While it looks like Ark’s WR status is a step down, you can never tell about the development of new receivers like Mitchell, Conley and Bennettwere to us this last year. However, one should also understand that “Kindof Dumb” refers to a prominent psychoanalyst, Dr Dence Kindof, and is manifested in a bevy of symptoms, not in the least of which is a propensity to wear a helmet with a pig’s portrait on it. Not having the ability to speak when calling signals in college football is one of the first hurdles to overcome when afflicted with Kindof Dumb. The condition worsens when the ability of speech returns momentarily and simultaneously with maturity.

    The test scores thingy will bite a lot of football programs in the ass and it would behoove us to be proactive toward HS and JC academics/learning such that it doesn’t end up deteriorating the character of us all.

    • Spence

      Agree about Shitz. In an article that I thought was a compliment to Grantham he managed to bring up every negative thing possible about Grantham and then dump on Richt for being an “offensive guy” as well. Pretty remarkable how he did that.

      I really truly hate Shitz more than any other writer at the AJC ever. His snark, limited insight, and theme-riding nonsense make me ill. He’s worse than the guys on PTI who have to know a little about all sports and not a lot about anything in particular.

  10. W Cobb Dawg

    CTG deserves credit for the job he’s done. But being the dick that he is, Schultz can’t resist making snide remarks about CMR, CTG, our schedule, etc. in an article which appears to be complimenting one of our coaches.

  11. HVL Dawg

    Don’t be surprised by the ticket purchase.

    I don’t know the face value of a field level Outback Bowl ticket, so let’s just say it averaged $150 a ticket. $273,000 divided by $150 would be 1,820 tickets bought. What would the redcoats need 400 tickets? I’m sure Adams got 300 tickets alone. Did the players get 4 comp tickets (or 8)? That’s another 400 right there. Then there’s the athletic association hangers on – Do you think Vince Dooley or Suzane Yoculan bought their tickets?

    It ain’t cheap being UGA.

  12. Edawg

    So Richt didn’t let the defense go to absolute shit over the course of 5 years before firing his defensive coordinator?

    Just wondering if we’re now pretending like that didn’t happen.

    • Cojones

      No more than pretending that BVG was a consensus D coach who Richt hired that didn’t let it go to absolute shit who, by the way, had an asst D coach that is still with him. His former asst D coach/D coach’s redemptive value was so terrible after firing that he has been picked up by a top 5 team and lately by the same coach who he worked for at UGA when he helped build the D that absolutely didn’t go to shit. Seems like most don’t share your opinion of him or Richt.

  13. Keese

    Will Paul Johnson please punch Schultz in the mouth at the next fish fry?