Tough love isn’t as easy as it looks.

I’ll probably regret wading into the societal implications here and I know it’s simply the knee-jerkiest of knee-jerk reactions to last night’s unfortunate news, but still, this kind of armchair quarterbacking drives me crazy:

In the offseason we already faced suspensions from Sanders Commings and Branden Smith and Richt made the comment that he did not believe that UGA had a discipline problem.  Now with the suspensions of Alec Ogletree and Bacarri Rambo, Coach Richt, it is obvious that UGA has a discipline problem.  I used to chalk up the occasional suspension to kids being kids but the problem at UGA is much bigger than that.  These young men simply don’t fear Coach Richt and respect him as a disciplinarian.  If they did we would not have these problems.

I mean, I read or hear stuff like this all the time and my immediate reaction is always the same:  oh yeah, what would you do differently?

These are young men.  Young men often have a bad habit of ignoring consequences to their actions.  (It’s pertinent to note that this is Rambo’s second offense – obviously that first suspension didn’t have a dramatic impact on his thinking.)  That’s why young men do things we all agree are truly dumb.  It’s part of growing up.  That’s not an excuse, merely an explanation.

Keep in mind that Rambo’s and Ogletree’s behavior comes after a period in which players at Georgia haven’t just been suspended for breaking rules, but have been shown the exit door for not being willing to following Richt’s guidelines.  Clearly, the thought processes in play here (assuming anyone’s thinking at all, which I admit might be a stretch) aren’t so much “Coach Richt is a soft touch” as they are some variation of “I can get away with this without being caught”.

Which means the solution doesn’t lie in generating more fear/respect from the kids (let’s not forget that Georgia already has the toughest substance abuse policy in the conference), but in taking more control of 100+ players’ everyday lives.  How much responsibility does a coaching staff want for that, assuming it would even be allowed to do so in the first place?


UPDATE:  Weiszer has a bunch more details on Rambo’s story.

Rambo tested positive after eating some brownies that he did not realize contained marijuana during a spring break trip with friends to Panama City, Fla., according to Ingram, who has talked to Rambo.

“Some kids had them that were staying with him and he said he got high,” Rambo said. “He thought the things had marijuana in them. He sat there a couple of hours and didn’t know what to do. He said he if he turned himself in he’d get a four-game suspension for a second offense.”

Rambo was suspended for the season-opener last year against Boise State. He tied for second in the nation in interceptions.

“He said he was tested five or six times last year and came back clean,” Ingram said. “He said, ‘Coach, I’m not stupid. I came back to the University of Georgia to be an All-American two years in a row. I could have went in the NFL.’”

No question there is a certain logic to that.  I guess a real disciplinarian would impose rules against receiving brownies.

I’m drawing a blank on what more punishment should have been doled out for this, though.

Ingram said Rambo ran afoul of Georgia’s drug policy last year on a trip home when he was stopped for speeding and one of his passengers had a marijuana joint. Rambo wasn’t charged, but informed coach Mark Richt about the incident and was suspended a game.

If Rambo didn’t know his friend was carrying, that’s a pretty stiff response by Richt.

By the way, assuming the accuracy of this, I owe Bacarri an apology.  He was upfront on the first matter and is clearly aware of his future with regard to the second.  That’s not the sign of a thoughtless young man.  Which again draws me back to my original question:  what would you do if you were in Richt’s shoes?


UPDATE #2:  By the way, I hope you caught the punchline in Weiszer’s article.

Rambo is appealing his suspension, which would cost him games against Buffalo, Missouri, Florida Atlantic and Vanderbilt. The rising senior also is considering entering the NFL supplemental draft.  [Emphasis added.]

Your tough love won’t save you now.


UPDATE #3:  Vandy fans weigh in.


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  1. William

    Hear, freaking-hear! Someone busted out the old “UGA is the thug capital” meme on Emerson’s blog, and I just felt this whelling of anger at that. True, we seemt o have quite a few dumba$$e$ that pull crap like this from time to time. However, in light of the OSU, UF and USC crap, I’d tend to look at UGA as minor league in this category. Also, bringing back up that year where we had an arrest every other week, has nothing to do with these current dogs. Bone headed? Yes. Thugs and vagrants? Nope.

    • Hackerdog

      If smoking some dope in college makes you a thug, then I guess I need to be fitted for my “grill”.

      I thought it just made me a dumb ass, like most of my friends and a good portion of the student body.

  2. ScoutDawg

    Just glad deciding isn’t on me.

  3. charlottedawg

    That’s the irony of discipline at college programs: actually punish people and it becomes visible then the idiots start chirping about a discipline problem. Sweep stuff under the rug and maybe even have 2 sets of rules, one for stars, the other for lesser players and you can get the reputation for having a “well behaved” program because word of your discipline problems never get out. Another reason why i think Richt should play guys unless the offense in question was so egregious he absolutely HAS to bench them.

    • excellent point charlotte.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Everyone is looking for a fair advantage. However, noble, a lot of Georgia’s approaches toward football….grey shirting, one and done, rigid enforcement of discipline…. put UGa football at a disadvantage. It is not a level playing field. TOUGH call.
      just typin’

    • Corch Meyers

      The thing is, you don’t even have to suspend them for the entire game. A series here and a practice there and the message gets across. Trust me.

  4. Raleigh St. Clair

    The stupidity is in the policy itself. It obviously doesn’t work yet we continue on with it, in the process damaging our reputation and hamstringing ourselves competitively.

    The leadership at UGA is mind-bogglingly incompetent.

    • dawg521

      And what exactly do you propose to replace said policy? Boys will be boys. When you were in preschool, it was pulling hair. In elementary school, it was throwing rocks. High school, it was staying out too late, speeding, or something else stupid. In college, it’s binge drinking and smoking pot. Give me a break.

      Discipline them (ratchet it up for repeat offenses), do some community service, run em til they puke, drive on and play football. Unless they abused a child or woman (Commings should’ve been kicked off the team), injure somebody or pose a dangerous threat to themselves or the community, then let them learn their lesson like a man. If they don’t learn, they eventually lose their scholly and and are either out on the street or transfer to somewhere that will give them another shot.

      Even the best military units have their bad apples and as long as the leadership takes fruitful steps to stamp out the problem, there’s no reason the commander gets relieved. If they are condoning/allowing the behavior or are complicit in the behavior then obviously they get canned. Until I hear stories/see pictures of Richt smoking a bong in his office, he should be allowed to stay. The mistakes of young boys yearning for the taste of individuality with a little taste of freedom does not necessarily reflect on Richt. If it comes out that Richt, Grantham or any other coach is turning his head the other way, then it is appropriate to can him.

  5. Rick

    Sigh…and odds are it’s all for a substances that shouldn’t be illegal in the first place.

    Don’t get me wrong – they knew the risks – but it does make it sting a little more.

  6. Director of Player Welfare?

    I think you’re right … the kids are either too dumb or uneducated about the rules, or they don’t think they can get caught. Either way, somebody isn’t doing their job getting it into their heads what the rules are and that they will get caught. So what the heck is the Director of Player Welfare? Richt created this well paying support position for his old buddy Dave Van Halanger, and I was under the impression that this was exactly the type of crap the position was supposed to be addressing. Once again, it appears an almost 60 year old man isn’t getting through to a generation of kids 1/3 of his age with influences and interests that he can’t understand. Maybe we need someone younger that the kids can respect … hey, I hear Hines Ward is on campus.

    • Dawgfan Will

      I’ve been a middle and high school teacher for 13 years now, and I feel pretty secure in saying that there are kids who listen to the advice and rebukes of elders, and there are kids who don’t listen. It’s as simple as that. I can tell a senior that if he or she doesn’t turn in one missing assignment, he or she will not graduate. Some will turn it in; some won’t turn it in. There is no way to get through to someone that young who has no wish to be gotten through to. Hines Ward himself (to use your example) could have told Rambo before spring break, “Hey, man. Stay away from the blunts over the break. They’ll cost you in the draft,” and Rambo still would have done it.

      The only way to fix this problem is to get rid of the policy. I’m not actually in favor of that, by the way; I would much rather the SEC (if not the NCAA) institute a universal policy. But until our policy is lessened (or other schools’ are strengthened) this is going to continue for us.

      • Dawgfan Will

        And now I feel like an ass for using Rambo as an example. Oh well, I still stand by my original observation.

  7. WFdawg

    Check your brownies, check your friends.

    • 69Dawg

      +1 If you run with the wrong crowd it will get you in trouble, that’s Mike Vick 101. These guys have got to separate themselves from the old group or suffer the consequent.

  8. Go Dawgs!

    Pretty much all you need to know about this guy can be discovered from the quality of the writing in his post, complete with grammatical errors. Hey, buddy, you pluralize “BCS Title” by writing “BCS Titles”, not “BCS Title’s”.

    • BTC

      I just don’t understand the thought process behind the seemingly random “pleuralizing apostrophe.”

  9. SCDawg

    I thought the meme was supposed to be that UGA’s awful drug suspension policy was at fault here, not that Richt can’t discipline his players. Why do they keep changing who’s to blame?

    Seriously, is one of the selling points to recruits that the weed in Athens is really good? We seem to be getting a lot of guys testing positive for weed nowadays.

  10. 81Dog

    it’s a shame UGA players arent as well behaved today as they were in, say, 1975, the Erk Russell Junkyard Dog era. Half the team got into a night spot brawl with some, ahem, local motorcycle enthusiasts, and no one got so much as a stern talking to, much less suspended or arrested.

    Kids today arent any dumber than they were back then. We just have different levels of oversight and a guy whose primary focus is squeezing every dollar he can out of every source he can identify setting the level of oversight from the president’s office.

    People who do dumb stuff do it with the following line of thinking (sic):

    1. I wont get caught.
    2. If I get caught, it nothing will happen.
    3. If something happens, it wont be a big deal.
    4. If it is a big deal, it will blow over fast.
    5. Besides, I wont get caught.

    • The Tick

      were you there!? I was a bouncer at the time (B&L) … and my memory seems to tell me that it wasn’t once but SEVERAL times … maybe like bi-weekly for a stretch of one or two seasons. The Athens motorcycle club and the football team met for a weekly fight. I remember two bikers taking hold of Matt Robinson, one by each arm, and slamming him into that rough, old cinder block B&L wall near the door stand by the back door and blood just spurting profusely. This was on Thursday night. Two days later at the fourth and dumb game in Jax., there was Robinson being intro’d pregame on TV in the style of the day: the camera zoomed in for a mug shot and he had like a big ol’ gauze pad covering up the bridge of his nose!
      You are right, though. It was half the team and there was NEVER any news reported about it, never a suspension or any punishment at all.
      A different era, fer shure

      • 80DAWG

        Yup. I was there 78-80. Folks pot was being smoked by quite a few folks. One or two have gone down in history as great bulldogs. I have seen fights at B&L. Why is it we 50 somethings get old and forget the mess we did? These kids are not thugs. Thugs beat and try to hurt people, steal from teammates etc. Coach R and UGA suspend the hell out of folks. The idea that Alabama and others don’t have screw ups cause Nick is a bad-ass is not true. The facts don’t support it. We have the stiffest penalty in league, we get caught. Period.

  11. DawgPhan

    we just need to change the policy..we are killing ourselves with our own policies…

    • Barack Obama

      Don’t worry. There’s no shortage of policies to fix the shortcomings of other policies.

  12. Newt

    Heard Radi Nabulsi say on the radio this morning that not only is UGA’s policy the strictest in the league, but that Richt actively looks into even the implication that players are smoking. He cited an example of unnamed players having their dorm room searched after their RA thought he smelled marijuana coming from their room. Campus police found nothing, but when it got back to Richt he had them tested within days. Name me one other SEC coach that would do that instead of playing “no harm no foul.”

  13. The Toughest “Substance Abuse Policy” in the Conference.
    i am at a loss. i truly do not know what else Richt & McGarity can do.
    I believe that they are handling it correctly & now it is up to the players.

    Do the players not realize that missing games could effect their Stats & their future NFL Draft position?.
    What they are doing is stupid & casts serious doubts on everything they are doing & will do; while in school or in life after school.
    Meanwhile let them answer to their fellow teammates, the coaches, and everyone else that would like to see them succeed on & off the playing field.

    • DawgPhan

      NFL GMs routinely say that failing drug tests for weed isnt something they even consider. weed related offenses rarely impact NFL value…probably because the NFL teams do a much better job of managing the process of drug testing that UGA does.

    • MinnesotaDawg

      (substance abuse policy)

      Has this T-shirt found it’s way on campus yet. Time to start asking what the advantages are for being the toughest. The program’s reputation for clean-living? Hardly. For everyone to feel better about ourselves in comparison to SEC brethren. Maybe you do, but winning on Saturdays does the trick for me. For recruiting? I seriously doubt it. For the players to act more responsible? Being toughest doesn’t seem to matter.

      May be hard to backtrack re our own rules, but we can sure as hell start lobbying (publicly) for the same standards across the league.

  14. Skeptic Dawg

    The solution is simple: Create more fear. There appears to be a complete lack of fear among the football players. I can’t tell you how many times I stopped short of doing something dumb when I was a kid due to the fear of my Dad. I knew I would catch holy hell from him, and I would have desered it. I have said this before on this site, when on player fails a test or is arrested for drugs test the entire team. Every single time. Stop with the “love” and drop the hammer!

    • Stieg

      Nothing is ever Richt’s fault or responsibility. His Bobby Bowden approach to his relationship with his players is just fine.

      • Normaltown Mike

        Spot on Stieg.

        Because college kids never smoke pot, except for football players at Georgia and FSU.

  15. The other other Doug

    Not sure about this, but I have heard that drug testing at one school is not the same drug testing at another school. UGA obviously tests for everything (steriods, meth, mary jane, cocaine, etc.) Other schools might only only test for meth or steriods. They can then say they test for “illegal” drugs. You have your cover. Now go play football.

  16. Dubliner

    Still think it was wise to not sign enough guys to get to 85 scholarships?

    • You’re right. Three extra 2012 signees could step right on the field and lock down those Missouri receivers, no question.

      • DawgPhan

        especially when one of those 3 was Max Garcia…he might be a sit-down corner, but not a lock down corner…

      • Not just three signees, but three signees who would have gone to MTSU or Georgia State or …

      • Coastal Dawg

        No Senator, but the two or three guys we didn’t sign every year for the past 3 years would help our depth issues.

        • Only if there were a bunch of DBs among them.

          I’m not questioning the signing criticism. It’s just that this is a bad example to use as justification.

          • Dubliner

            Why is this a bad example to use as justification? We’re losing 2 players for multiple games after already losing a number of others for a variety of reasons.

            • So what you’re saying is that Richt should have known he was going to lose a boatload of DBs for the first four games of the 2012 season and planned accordingly with his signing classes?

              • DawgPhan

                Saban would.

                • Hell, what’re you talking about? Saban did.

                  That’s why he recruited defensive backs in this state so hard – to make sure Richt wouldn’t have sufficient numbers when all his DBs got in trouble. Saban knew.

                  Hey… who put those brownies in Rambo’s way in the first place?😉

                  • ScooBoo

                    Saban doesn’t have time for all of that ‘making brownies’ shit. He had that stripper/hooker/fax cam girl do it.

              • Dubliner

                No, he should know that he loses a number of players every year and that doesn’t jibe with his standard practice of leaving 4-5 of the 85 scholarship slots open every year.

                • One more time: it’s not the general criticism of Richt’s signing strategy that I question here.

                  • Dubliner

                    The only thing you’ve said so far is that this incident is a bad example to use as justification for criticizing his signing strategy. To which I replied that I think it’s a good example b/c we’re losing 2 players for multiple games after already losing a number of other players for a variety of reasons.

                    What about that makes it a bad example and what type of incident would you consider to be a “good” example?

                    • If Richt had filled all the slots you’re referring to with offensive lineman, how much help would that be to him now?

                      For this situation to be the basis for relevant criticism, Richt would have to have been prescient about where the holes were going to open up.

                      That’s a totally different argument from the general criticism that Georgia’s overall depth has suffered due to his recruiting strategy.

                    • Dubliner

                      That’s a pretty big IF you throw out in that first sentence there. Is it illogical to think that the spots should be spread across all positions? Why would you assume he would use the other 4-5 spots on offensive linemen every year?

                    • I bet if you polled Dawgnation six months ago, it would have been thrilled if Richt had done exactly that.

                      That being said, hindsight is great. How do you know that Richt would have targeted DBs in sufficient numbers to address the current situation? Or that the kids signed at the end of the process would have even been able to contribute?

                    • Dubliner

                      You’re right. Hell, let’s leave 10 spots open every year instead of just 5 (which we’ve actually come close to doing once or twice). Because, I mean, who knows if the other 5 players would have ever been able to contribute at their position?

                    • Ah, yes, let’s play distort the other guy’s argument.

                      Look, if you want to say that Richt’s done overall team depth a disservice with his recruiting strategy, you’ll get no argument from me. But if you’re going to argue that he could have targeted specific kids in anticipation of where he finds himself today, well, hindsight is always 20-20.

                      A few months ago, everybody thought things were peachy in the defensive backfield. Kids like Geno Smith decided against Georgia in part because of DB depth. I guess you knew all along how wrong everybody else was.😉

                    • Dubliner

                      Want to point out where I said that he could have targeted specific kids to deal with this specific incident? Talk about distorting the other guy’s argument. Good lawyering there.

                    • If it’s not about signing enough DBs to avoid this problem, then why do you think your point is relevant to the topic of this post?

                    • Dubliner

                      And who would have thought things were peachy at the 2 safety positions where we had a grand total of 2 juniors and 2 freshmen returning?

                    • That was seen as a concern for 2013, not 2012, wasn’t it? How many safeties do you think Georgia needs to carry in a given year? (And don’t forget at the time that Commings could have played the position, too.)

              • 69Dawg

                Senator, given our recent history Richt should have known that at least 2 players would be suspended. Please tell me the last season we haven’t lost players to suspension. They are typically in two areas RB and DB.with the occasional WR thrown in for good measure. If you are going to have the suspend on first use policy then you had better staff up for it. USCe does suspend until the guy is too doped up to practice.

  17. W Cobb Dawg

    What more can be done indeed. I guess we just throw our hands up and blame it on karma.

    • Richt’s kicked kids off the team (or, in some cases, run ’em off). What more do you want him to do? Brand a scarlet letter on their foreheads?

      • Dawgfan Will

        Some of them would just use the branding iron to light up again.

      • Texas Baller

        What I don’t want him (Richt) to do is blow smoke up my ass and tell me how hard the kids are working and that everyone is “on the train” – when in fact, it is now obvious that there is generally no commitment by the players to do what is required to win a championship. That commitment is football 24/7 – no dope, no beating up girlfriends, no stealing, etc…The actions of the players are defining their character and worthiness to wear the G. The inability to focus on football and SUFFER for the greater objective is not there. And for that, you have to question the message from the pulpit.

        • Football as collective suffering. That ought to be a helluva sales pitch on the recruiting trail.

          Isn’t it possible that what Richt lays out for general consumption is different than what he tells his kids behind closed doors?

        • AthensHomerDawg

          I think you have a misinterpretation of the character and mindset of a lot of kids that play NCAA football. College Park was a hot spot for football players. Quincey came from that environment. We all have different foundations that we build on.
          You feel me Dawg?

        • ETennDawg

          You’re right…good thing those kids at UF/Bama/AU don’t break laws. Their ability to focus on football is what has lead to the MNCs! Not talent or depth, but following the rules of sanctimonious, old, white, males.

          • Hackerdog

            Exactly. That’s what got LSU to the championship game last year. It was a collective decision by the kids to put their noses to the grindstone, eschew outside distractions, and just focus on football. That’s why we didn’t hear anything about discipline issues in Baton Rouge.

      • W Cobb Dawg

        Sorry if it appeared I was assigning blame. Just the opposite, I agree CMR has done just about all he can do. Seems like whenever one of our guys commits even the mildest infraction, they’re nabbed immediately. All I can say is damn. Just damn!

    • AthensHomerDawg

      I blame the Plant Science majors. Obviously, they have taken those Danish seeds and grown killer Georgia Sensimilia. Which I have it on good authority is addictive. Bama on the other hand has to make do with that lousy Mexican dirt weed. They never get caught! Oh, and Saban is in charge of testing and results. That too.

    • DawgGoneIt

      I’d like to get Karma in a dark alley and beat the shit out of him. Who’s in?

  18. Normaltown Mike

    How close are we to crossing the Prohibition Rubicon when Pat Robertson has publicly advocated for decriminalizing weed?

  19. charlottedawg

    I think the only thing a coach can really do as an antidote to situations like these aside from laxer discipline standards is to develop talented depth. then at least if the starter does something retarded there’s 2 or 3 guys saying “thanks for the extra playing time dumbass”. As much of a gamechanger as Ogletree is, at least we have gilliard and herrera who are able replacements. Rambo? well in light of the update I think Richt should drop the suspension altogether. 1) if he’s telling the truth it’s an honest mistake 2) we have nobody as good as him 3) if he played on another sec team it’s not going to be punished heavily. Make the guy run some stairs, then be done with it, sheesh.

    • Cojones

      The problem with the deoth answer is apparent in last year’s bust of the tailbacks for the same reason. I questioned “random” then since they played the same positions. I question “random” testing again for another reason.

      Snark or not, I agree with the Rambo punishment you suggest and agree that Gilliard and Herrera will triumph again. They are two of my favorite unheralded players. I just feel bad for ‘Tree and the loss of playing time. What the heck, he may come back his senior year to get plenty of playing time and go higher in the Draft.

      Moreover, I’m really encouraged by most of the fan’s outpourings today and last night. A lot of fans have matured with this event as well. Some of that comes from the unequivocal support coming from fan leaders like Blutarsky. It’s certainly needed to blunt the stupidity of some sites who write as if they represent a rival school.

  20. After all are said and done it is really a great opportunity for those athletes willing to step up to the plate. GO DAWGS

  21. But on the lighter side of things…….. It is BOBO’s fault. LOL

  22. If I’m Rambo, I find new friends. He’s taken the blunt end of the stick up the ass twice now because of his buddies. Lie down with dogs, you get fleas… and four game suspensions, apparently.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Did you say blunt?

      • Dog in Fla

        Change “blunt” to “blunts”

      • Cojones

        This isn’t a classical blunt . We used to call this a spleef. A pinner was one with very little weed that could be smoked quickly and not have such a powerful hit.

        A blunt nowadays is meant to disguise as well as enjoy. Using a blunt cigar, excavate the front end to 1/2-3/4″ and pack it with weed. From the side it’s a typical cigar. As it gets to the tobacco, stub it out and repeat the process when desired.

        Packing as done in the video would have Fonzy laughing his ass off. Packing a spleef or a joint was done by striking the rolled joint end downward against a hard surface while simultaneously retaining possession to repeat the process several times. It becomes an art that I learned when I first rolled my own tobacco cigarettes at an early teen year. When I rolled my first joint, I was thought to be the dude with all that good rolling and packing experience. You were really an old hand if you could roll a spleef with a brown paper bag tear when no papers were available. The trick was to keep it pasted together by thoroughly wetting both sides with saliva such that they stuck together as one. This video had to be made last year by a Teckie. Packing with a pencil :-cheez!

        My rolling days were retired long ago. My pipe keeps me company in my old glaucoma age. Smoke’em if you got’em.

        • 69Dawg

          We used to call them fatties. Put two papers together and pack it tight. It’s been 40 years since I smoked any but I’d do it tomorrow if I could buy it legally.

          • Cojones

            I can in 12 states since I’m now legally blind with glaucoma. Part of my glaucoma problem comes from legal availability where I’ve lived. I’m currently dry because I’m picky as to supply and supplier. You would think there would be a federal law against such crap since the Fed Govt grows it in Miss for research which they don’t fund. Figure I’ll be totally blind before it’s released like the oil reserve now contemplated. We live in a totally dumbass world bent on probity for suffering except for the diseases that strike others. We give a brave face to the ignorance that keeps us brainfrozen to anachronistic laws.

            At least I’m with a common group that’s full of love of school and their representatives. Go Dawgs! Smoke’em if you got’em. No! No! Not you guys!

            • Cojones

              By the way. I have a computer programmed to talk to me and it proofreads as I intend to type since I don’t use Spellcheck. The friggin’ thing has a sense of humor sometimes since it was programmed by a totally blind guy who laughed with me for a week when instructing me for future possible use if total blindness sets in. Humor truly is the best meds and when I become stressed in my blogging, I retire until the humor returns.
              You guys are great on here and I get many laughs from your overt and subtle humor. Keep on bloggin’.

  23. Hey DAWG NATION, the world is not ending. ……. from the ETERNAL OPTIMIST.

  24. Spike

    Who believes this brownie story?

  25. Texas Baller

    Ingram states that as many as five (5) failed recent drug screens. More fallout coming?

  26. Rebar

    I believe the brownie story. I don’t think Rambo passed up the pros to come back for a Spring Break party! If everything I read is true, the suspension last year wasn’t because Rambo tested positive for pot, but that a passenger in his car had a joint on his person; no arrests were made but Rambo told Coach Richt about it and got a one game suspension. I simply believe that Rambo has made some poor choices of friends and is paying the price for it.

    • Texas Baller

      Rebar – you ever heard Rambo talk? We ain’t talking about the brightest bulb dude. You certainly didn’t believe henny penny did you? A creative story (brownies) – one told many times in the past – but my $$ is on Rambo as a toker.

    • Heathbar09

      No saying I disagree with you, but players have given up more for much less. College kids don’t think 5-10 years down the road. They don’t even think 5-10 days down the road.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        “College kids don’t think 5-10 years down the road.” “Oh, I beg to differ sir” College kids are way more ahead of where you place them. I’ve seen some goofy tats and interesting hair coloring from my sons guests. There have been more at my house than I wanted. On those occasions I got over myself and gave them some space. By and large they left the place whole and put up what they used. Everyone had a good time and I got to enjoy my kids and watch them enjoy their friends. Those are future doctors , lawyers and Indian chiefs to be sure.

    • BMan

      My initial thought is to call bullshit on the brownie story. Part of that is based on having smoked my fair share of the herb in college, and the other part of me is just my instinct as a dad. It’s Spring break with a bunch of college kids and undoubtedly booze. Who is baking brownies as a snack? A snack is a couple bags of f-ing potato chips. Nobody is baking or bringing homemade brownies…unless it’s cooked with special ingredients. The dad in me would guess that he smoked pot, knew he would get nailed, so came up with the brownie story. Kids, including college students, always think they can come up with something to skirt the rules (resisting urge to say have their brownies and eat them too).

  27. Nate Dawg

    Who wuda thunk the most annoying part of this would be the opinion of Vandy fans- like we give a shit. I miss the good ol’ “Thanks for the huge paycheck, see ya at homecoming” days of Vandy football.

  28. OldDawg55

    While I feel for the guys and the suspensions, you know it is tough for CMR and CTG as well. If and when you’re a father you’ll feel heartsick if one of your prodigy errs after all your preaching and teaching. You know they are good kids who’ve made a mistake but you’re bound by a cut and dried policy of if they do A then A+1 is the punishment…no slack, no use of a individual mitagation. Let’s hope that reason will prevail and lessons learned will suffice for the rest of the team. By the way, whatever happened to the DB from GMC..Mario Alford??

  29. Cojones

    Thanks, Senator, for packing several pieces of info together to make a legible story. That and being a fan to your heart. Good Dawg. we will wearily rise and proceed onward from this as well as hold our breath until Sept. None of this changes what the rest of the team will accomplish this year. ‘Tree might have handed Gilliard his position permanently. I’m sure Gilliard didn’t want to get it this way.

    Don’t understand why ‘Tree gets more than one game suspension. Could we post the punishment cycle for pot in the SEC again?

  30. heyberto

    Lol. Vandy fans. They’re already counting the games and hoping players will be out for their game in Athens. As long as Grantham has players on the field, he’s going to find away to humiliate them.

    • Russ

      As for Vandy fans….just remember the beatdown we put on Miss St last season after they actually beat us the year before. Vandy got close due to our dumbassery, and now they’re crowing. We’ll beat them by at least 3 TDs.

      Hey Vandy, thanks for playing!

      • heyberto

        Even if our defense is hobbled. Even if Rambo is out, we’ll be stout enough on D to get the job done.

  31. There is a Vandy message board? Is it just Clay Travis having a conversation with himself under different monikers? He’s a lawyer, you know.

    • 81Dog

      watching Vandy fans try to talk big boy football smack is like watching midget wrestling. Nobody’s really going to get hurt, and they’re just so darned CUTE!!!!!

  32. 69Dawg

    The part about Rambo applying for the supplemental draft is a damn shame. Here he comes back to good ole UGA and good Ole UGA kicks him in the nuts. If this hard line keeps going we can expect to loose some very good talent based on our policies. Now if that’s what happens we can always brag about the tough drug policy as we lose to the USCe of this world. Ask us Republicans if the moral high ground really gains you anything.

    • heyberto

      So what should Richt do on a second offense? If Rambo is going to threaten to leave over his own dumbass mistakes, then he should do exactly that. But he should not be making threats. Allegedly speaking of course.

  33. JAB13

    Richt and company are doing all they can do. The problem with oversight of athletes began when the NCAA or whomever decided that athletes had to be housed with the general student population. When McWhorter Hall was used to house all the athletes there wasn’t this much of a problem because the athletes lived in a far greater controlled environment. I graduated in 85 and happened to meet a starting wideout from Auburn in PCB that summer. He told me stories of things going on back then at AU that make UGA look like a monastery. The problem is not Richt. The problem is culture.

  34. shane#1

    When everyone was so worried about the O line and special teams I warned ya’ll that something was going to pop up out of nowhere. My first reaction was anger, then relief. As someone who frequents Panama City I am just glad they all got back alive. Thousands of kids from all parts of the country and from high school age on up occupy the beaches for two months in the spring and it gets crazy. A couple of years ago a Florida high school senior that had a free ride at Notre Dame and a possible NFL career ahead of him got drunk and fell from a condo balcony. He was a big ol’ linemen and was leaning over the railing yelling at some kids below when he lost his balance and fell to his death. The kid was a captain of his football team and an A student. The irony was that the cops said that his great height and huge upper body made him overbalanced, along with alcohol. What made him a 4 star O lineman helped end his life.