“Control and money are the driving forces.”

Jon Solomon has a good follow-up on the story that the NCAA is going to take a look at severing some D-1 schools from the current governance structure over the division.  It’s been coming for a long time.

The haves, meanwhile, will continue to spend because they can negotiate their own lucrative TV deals, thanks to a landmark 1984 Supreme Court decision. They will dictate terms in the football playoff talks because they possess the teams the public wants to see. And they will want NCAA rules that serve their interests, believing there are too many schools playing Division I football as it is.

There’s some kind of separation coming.  Bank on it.  The only question may be whether the NCAA as we know it survives the split.

Of course, if it doesn’t, there’s always the familiar last refuge.

“That was discussed even in 1996: ‘If we can’t have control of the (NCAA voting) structure, we’ll do our own thing,'” Dempsey recalled. “I think to accomplish their goals, the threat will always be there.”

But Dempsey warns of consequences if the haves break away from the NCAA and stage their own basketball tournament.

“I think many schools would go to Congress and seek their involvement,” Dempsey said. “I’m not sure the institutions want to go into the political arena and get Congress involved…”


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7 responses to ““Control and money are the driving forces.”

  1. Mg4life0331

    F’ing Scooters?


  2. AusDawg85

    96 teams, 6 conferences, 8 playoff teams….NFL lite. Before 2020.



  3. Cojones

    Fing Scooters has to remind you , sir, that we have patent rights to our Trademark Greeting at our dealerships. This is our Founding Statement gleaned right here on gtp. It is the question most asked of our walk-in customers. Off-hand usage without an exclamation mark(F’ing Scooters!) is considered a Trademark infringement here at Fing Scooters backed by the Fing Chinese Dynasty, post Ming.


  4. Cojones

    Hokay. Now we kick the little shits out (because we can) and take control of the I-can’t-stop-this-thing-from-happening-folks NCAA. Who else stands in our way of grabbing it all and divying the spoils? Now what were the voting numbers for the stipend vote and who are the teams to leave out of the Top 60 in order that we have a majority?That works out to about 5 – 14 member conferences.Hmmm, wonder who the 5th will be? MAC?

    Politicalness has now become the pastime of the CFB. Would it be too much to ask that boucou lights be shown on every sneaky angle of the 3rd Chapter?

    You would think that Adams is running this show.


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The NCAA caused this themselves by being obstreperous assholes. I hope they are stripped of any authority whatsoever over big-time college athletics.


  6. Doug Bennett

    Fuck the NCAA, fuck the FBI , fuck the FCC , etc etc we.’re living in the mother fucking USA …. Go DAWGS, sic em
    Woof woof woof


  7. “Control and money are the driving forces”, when exactly is that NOT an appropriate headline.Business(O, i’m sorry Bidness),politics,religion and everything else.The Steve Earle inspired outburst above is exactly right,Fuck’em