“Mike Slive’s Master Plan About To Come Into Devastating Focus”

April Fools!

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  1. Cojones

    Hokay, as long as they become East Teams. We could play Duke just before SC and FU to say we beat three teams coached by The Visor.

    And if you had gotten married as we did on April 1, you would never forget your anniversary. For our !st Anniversary, I called the minister who wed us in Vegas (that’s a long story involving reception at Torrey Pines Golf Course and original wedding in La Jolla that got vetoed by the Church because I wasn’t “Born Again” enough) and intended to ask her to send a fake letter, with apologies, to us(which I would read at our party reception) stating that her JP’s license had expired just before we were married the year before and that we hadn’t been legally married for our first year. She would be glad to remarry us legally for nothing, blah, blah blah. But she was in the hospital with a grave diagnosis, so it didn’t happen. That was going to be my April’s fool joke on the wife and our guests, except I wasn’t going to fake it. It would have been mailed from Vegas and with the minister’s signature. Several years later when I confided in the wife, she said that if I had pulled it off, she would have given me a “Phillippino haircut”, whatever that meant.