Get some new tea leaves, dude.

I wonder where Mark Emmert got this from.

As the basketball Final Four tipoff neared, someone asked NCAA president about the possibility of major college football going to some form of playoff.

While noting that he doesn’t get to make that decision — “That will be up to the university presidents and commissioners of the FBS,” he said — Emmert did sound like a guy who expects a playoff to occur relatively soon.

“The momentum seems to be — and I’m just reading the tea leaves, pretty much like you — the momentum seems to be toward an eight-team playoff,” he said.

Does anyone seriously think Emmert’s getting this spin from people like Scott or Delany?  Don’t be silly; this is wishful thinking being pushed by the mid-major conference heads, who are in the room but have little say over how the final form of the postseason will be jiggered into place.

I guess Emmert has more time to pay attention to his tea leaves since his agenda isn’t moving along so quickly.


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6 responses to “Get some new tea leaves, dude.

  1. SouthGa Dawg

    Has this been the worst tourney ever or is it just me? No excitement or buzz. When the “grand spectacle” is this boring, do we REALLY want a playoff in football?


    • I Do Not want a playoff unless a Plus One Format is considered a playoff?.
      I am in favor of having the top 4 teams deciding it on the field.


  2. Mg4life0331

    F’ing Tea Leaves delivered via F’ing Scooters! by the F’ing Chinese?

    Hey Cojones am I doing it right?


  3. Chadwick

    Emmert, would not hire the guy to shoot himself in the head. Of course he is tapping the brakes on the stipend. His only real constituents are the schools that cannot afford to pay it. That $2,000 is the first step towards the big football schools in their likely secession. The ship is sailing without Emmert.


  4. Cojones

    The academic readiness changes are steaming onward. New rules there in the Fall.