Tales from the recruiting trail: just because it’s funny doesn’t mean it ain’t true.

Jordan Jenkins tells a story that shows Gene Chizik to be pretty adept at negative recruiting in a lighthearted way:

“… When coach Gene Chizik was comparing Auburn and Alabama, he put up a slide that showed they had more wins, more this and that … then he started talking about Florida and how Will Muschamp follows in his shoes. I started busting out laughing. He said ‘When I was at Auburn the first time [as an assistant] and after I left, Muschamp came here. Then I was at Texas and after I left, Muschamp came there.’ He went on and on. He said ‘Muschamp just follows in my footsteps’ and it was hilarious the way he said it.”

Boom!  Jenkins qualified it by saying “This wasn’t meant to be as insulting as it sounds”, but I thought it came out just right.  In fact, he could have made an even stronger point by noting which of the two were on staffs which won national titles during that period.


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4 responses to “Tales from the recruiting trail: just because it’s funny doesn’t mean it ain’t true.

  1. AusDawg85

    Great interview. Got a feeling CTG will find some creative personnel alignments to make-up for the suspended players.

    Jarvis Jones at safety…?! Just dare a WR to come over the middle!


  2. Keese

    Carvell puts in the comments section that he believes Grantham will be gone in two years. He knows good and well that recruits read those message boards too. Hes negatively speculating about our coaches. He may or may not be right…but why can’t that dude just stfu and stick to the facts?

    I wonder if dooley had him in a orange jumpsuit.


  3. My other favorite part of that article was Jordan’s recount of what it was like being recruited by Saban.

    What was your impression of Nick Saban? “I was a lot closer to Coach Smart than I was with Coach Saban. When Coach Saban is around a bunch of football players, he’s more open than he is when it’s just you and your family. Coach Saban is a great coach but he’s a quiet guy. It sometimes felt awkward being around him. But I just love Coach Smart.”

    1. It shows that there was more than just only wanting smart to only leave for a coaching job that made Saban put pressure on Smart not to leave. He didn’t want to lose his best recruiter.

    2. Saban obviously doesn’t have time for s#*% like a personality and life outside of football. But as the Bammers would say. “That’s just how we like OUR coaches, PAAAAAWWWWWLLL!”


  4. 81Dog

    any guesses from Carvell how long Nick and Kirby plan to be at Alabama?