Strength in numbers

Mike Bobo’s not exactly feeling it with his offensive linemen yet.

Where Georgia would really like to get more consistent this spring is on the offensive line. Bobo sees a lot of bodies there, but he’s still worried about depth. Right now, he likes what he’s seen from Kenarious Gates, Kolton Houston and Chris Burnette, but after that it’s a bit of a mystery.

Bobo said the second half of spring will be crucial to finding capable depth up front.

“We have three guys we feel good about,” he said. “We’re looking to find some depth. We’re actually trying to find five (linemen who can play).”

Translation:  John Theus can’t get to Athens soon enough.



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18 responses to “Strength in numbers

  1. TennesseeDawg

    We’re in trouble if none of the coaches can come up with any spring B.S. to sugarcoat the offensive line.


  2. Booger Presley

    Lets fire Bobo for not saying nice things about his line.


  3. charlottedawg

    For all the vilitrol thrown at Mike Bobo over the seems like few fans ask “hey why has our o line sucked so bad for so long? let’s get the torches and pitchforks for that mutha’ f@$^^!”. Will friend gets a bit of a pass because it’s only year 2 but what the hell was stacy searels doing all those years especially after being so highly acclaimed coming LSU?


  4. frowertr

    O line problems continue year after year. Coupled with pre-season suspension its like we are stuck in a neverending nightmare…


  5. So Kolton Houston is back? It’d be bad luck, at best, if we get him ready and the NCAA refuses to grant him eligibility.

    But what happened to Dallas Lee? I thought he did pretty well last year, and would be a strong piece of this puzzle.


      • So he hasn’t looked good at C I assume, since Bobo doesn’t mention him. And I’d guess that means Andrews has struggled as well. Let’s hope their struggles are because the best DL they will see all year get to kick their butts in practice.


      • WFdawg

        Burnette was a C in HS, I believe. Would seem to make sense to play him there and Lee at G. And, though it’s been said here before, I sure am glad Gates made an 11th-hour decision to be a Dawg. The OL picture looks that much bleaker w/o him.


    • Bevo

      Kolton is not officially cleared yet, but the coaches expect him to be by fall.


      • I’d read that as well. I was hoping the NCAA had given us a more definitive answer if we’re slotting him in as a starter. Because it’s the NCAA, and you can’t rely on what to expect from them.


  6. HamDawg11

    I believe Dallas is still recovering from a late season injury. Hopefully he’ll be healthy for the fall.


  7. Bevo

    News flash: The o-line probably isn’t going to be very good this year.

    As a unit, the o-line hasn’t been good for several seasons. Why should it suddenly show significant improvement? We put relatively few o-linemen in the NFL compared to other positions; we have bad luck and lackluster recruiting there as well. Weakness at o-line has serious consequences for the rest of the offense.

    O-line problems and QB problems might be the hardest positions on a team to solve quickly. So much development and coaching involved.

    For the above reasons, I’ve got my Larry Munson anxiety hat on w/r/t the o-line for the foreseeable future. Not buying any kind of optimism yet.


    • MinnesotaDawg

      +1. Yep.

      At this point, we can still hope that the coaches recognize this and will design plays, strategize accordingly. In other words, find something that the young linemen can do well (screen block?, trap?) or at the very least, try to mask some of their deficiencies (quick throws, play-action on first down, quick-hitting runs, etc.)

      If we are business-as-usual, predictable Georgia with the same game-plan, same plays, and with the same “we think we’re a power running team (but in reality we kind of suck at it)” second-half philosophy, it is going to be a long year on that side of the ball.


      • 69Dawg

        If we can ever complete a screen pass I’ll be happy. Between midget RB’s and a short QB with midget hands, we are not a very good screen team. Too bad because the way we run an O it would be a nice play to be able to run.