The SEC is one tough neighborhood.

I just took a look at Bill Connelly’s updated 2012 F+ projections (background metrics here) and, Holy Mother of Crap, is the SEC loaded.

  • 1 – Alabama
  • 2 – LSU
  • 7 – Georgia
  • 13 – Florida
  • 14 – Arkansas
  • 15 – South Carolina
  • 16 – Texas A & M
  • 22 – Tennessee
  • 27 – Auburn
  • 30 – Missouri
  • 33 – Vanderbilt
  • 48 – Mississippi State
  • 72 – Ole Miss
  • 83 – Kentucky

That’s ten teams in his top thirty.  No other conference has more than six.  (The SEC has six in the top fifteen.)

Granted, some of those schools look ranked a little too high **cough**Tennessee**cough**.  But still, impressive.

By the way, it’s nice that Georgia misses #1, #2 and #14 off that list.  But the Dawgs take on #13, #15, #22, #27, #30 and #33 from there, along with #26 Georgia Tech.  Seven of the top 33 is nothing to scoff at.



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12 responses to “The SEC is one tough neighborhood.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    The SEC is the East St. Louis of college football. The conference now has championships in the last title games of football, basketball and baseball as well.


  2. Cojones

    There’s an update coming at 2:55. HMC indeed!


  3. AusDawg85

    Wait for it…UGA missing everyone in the top 12? “When are we going to play & beat a ‘good’ team?”



  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Lemme get this straight. GA Tech is #26 out of 120 D-IA teams. Better than Clemson. Better than Missouri. Better than Kansas State. And you can’t have those teams in the SEC all ranked that high because they play each other. Methinks these preseason rankings are….unsound.


  5. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Sooo… 11 teams in the top quartile, 7 in the Top 20. No wonder Delany and Scott are so desperate for a conference champion format.


  6. BMan

    Tennessee? This is the team that at last check lost to a Kentucky team playing the Wing T with a receiver at QB, right? And Derek Dooley is still prowling the sidelines with a luffa sponge preaching proper hygiene, plus a wave of other coaches jumped ship, right?


  7. Spike

    “.. Holy Mother of Crap”? Senator, you are better than that.