Tuesday morning buffet

Go ahead… indulge yourself.

  • Groo has all the details on Georgia’s new football season parking deck purchase rules.
  • There’s a reason schools direct dial fans about ticket purchases these days.  It works.
  • Brophy drops in on Louisiana Tech’s spring practice to see what Tony Franklin is up to.  Interesting stuff.
  • SOD and Da’Rick:  reunited and it feels so good.
  • Elkon looks at Georgia’s drug policy in the wake of recent news and finds it dumb.  Really dumb.
  • Year2 makes a nice catch on Dennis Dodd’s big announcement about the NCAA’s flailing about on bowl management.
  • Speaking of the NCAA, don’t think schools won’t be watching this development carefully.  $200 million is nothing to sneeze at, if anyone can figure out a clever way to give lip service to amateurism.
  • “I approached him and I knew that I liked him when he told me that he loved SEC football.”  I can think of worse reasons to marry somebody.  (Sensibly, they got hitched in July.)
  • Anytime somebody references the greatest college basketball game of my lifetime in the context of a college football playoff discussion, it’s gonna get a shout out from me.  Schwing!


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15 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    “The greatest college basketball game of my lifetime.” Good memories. Tom Burleson going for a hook shot, Len Elmore slapping it into the upper deck BEFORE IT LEAVES BURLESON’S hand, and the zebra calling goal tending. Elmore shaking head in disbelief.

    Burleson is now a building inspector in Avery County NC.


  2. hailtogeorgia

    I have to say that I agree with Elkon on our drug testing policy. What’s the point? Do we have such a strict policy on marijuana so that we can hold our collective noses above our SEC brethren? Is it somehow indicative of a the tight ship we run?

    It’s pot. If you want to drug test them midseason or before summer camp or something along those lines, fine, but why drug test them after spring break? Of course, the partiers are going to fail, but I knew kids who were otherwise very studious who would let loose on spring break and take a puff here and there. It just seems silly.


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The Elkon linked post (who is B&B Michael?) is on point not just about the drug testing but about the rest of the self-destructive behavior going on at Butts-Mehre. I have been posting about this “shooting off all our toes” thing for a couple of weeks now and railing against some of these items individually for years. When will we wake up. The real problem is Adams who is only interested in his personal self-promotion at the expense of our university. How that guy still has a job there is beyond amazing.


  4. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Marks (GWOL), “Today in tSEC”

    1048 hours, 3 April 2012
    Butts-Mehre Underground Defense Complex Bunker

    As the UGA drug testing policy programme continues to visit hard and fast discipline upon our student-athlete(s) (appeal pending) for their own good, today’s tSEC uplifting message comes from SOD (Die Deutschen kommen!) on Da’Rick direct from the Lane Kiffin Memorial Fire Control Tower http://bunkerblog.eu/?p=1304 conveniently located inside the Green Zone at Baghdad on the Tennessee River:
    “He’s a human being” like a corporation whose “leash moving forward is no shorter than any other player’s” to which Smokey says, “wow-bow…”


    • Cojones

      SOD’s quote,” The leash is similar, but there’s also a break point on every player’s”(leash chain?) is Jabbawocky-speak for, “We let him get away with a lot more because he can threaten us by Tweeting that he may leave.” His leash has so many broken sections that piecemeal discipline definition fades to nothing.

      SOD will pay a huge price for that statement because the rest of his players aren’t as stupid as DaRick. He has built a discipline house of cards that will consume him and his players. How do you get everything from players in a program that has differing standards for conduct, team meetings and practice? All it needs is a trigger event now.


  5. BulldogBen

    So after they sell all the parking deck passes, what is the over/under for percentage of it being full for the Florida Atlantic game?


    It’s a good thing those spots have good tailgating…….oh wait.


  6. charlottedawg

    Mayor’s exactly right. It’s amazing the things the school and program voluntarily do to hamstring themselves. From drug testing to undersigning it’s incredibly frustrating watch those in charge put our program at a competitive disadvantage for benefits that are ephemeral at best non existent at worst.


  7. 69Dawg

    While we all make fun of Rambo’s brownies we should be concerned with who the players are hanging with when they are not in Athens. Seems that is where the school has no control. Also who amoung us that lived through the 60-80’s have not been in concerts where you would get a contact high because the MJ smoke was so thick. You can’t control these kids 24/7.


    • Cojones

      And you can’t control their friends. Nor social interfacing.

      B&B Michael is correct about us shooting ourselves in the foot over recreational smoking as if you could stop it by social fiat. We have already seen the response to Adams’s fiat to change the label of WLOCP. Good luck in imposing your wishes on society without due process.


      • Dog in Fla

        “That’s not happening here. We’re taking care of business when it comes to discipline here.”

        CMR uses this band and tambourine girl as backup whenever he metes out discipline


  8. Cojones

    While advertising on unis is repulsive to me, I guess the teams/ management have the right to see if it affects their fans. It’s their dollar. I wouldn’t object very strenuously if someone changed the scoreboard advertisers name by one letter in Jax, that of substituting an “r” for an “n” so that it reads “Everbark Field”. You would think that some UGA fan could prepare a pasteup overcover that matches the background of the sign and put it up just before game. It’s reachable with screwon extensions to a squeegy.

    Now I wouldn’t mind that advertising at all.


    • Cojones

      It’s such a low-hanging fruit prank that some engineer on here could probably have a photo copy of quality good enough to premeasure the height to lift a single pasted letter on a squeegy, after assembly of handle sections for reach, and disassembly for getaway that deprives anyone of a tool to undo the work anytime soon thereafter. That scoreboard is close enough to accomplish the deed and your work would be on tv and everyone’s memento pics, film and phone.

      Probably could intentionally buy a seat just below the target. Does anyone know the number?


      • Russ

        Reminds me of the 1981 Sugar Bowl against Notre Dame. Both bands combined to spell “USA” for the national anthem. While waiting for the okay from TV to play the anthem, a small group of Red Coats broke the “S” and turned it into a “G” and played a quick opening piece of “Glory, Glory”. Just classic, and I was there to see it. The ND band was clueless.