Jarvis Jones has a lot on his mind.

This is what goes through the head of Georgia’s star OLB before every play:

So he started dissecting plays like a skilled surgeon and decided to break his game down into steps. They came during the 17 or so seconds that it took for an offense to line up and get set to the two-to-three seconds it took for a play to take place.

Here’s a quick look at what went through Jones on any given play:


Look at the formation and the personnel — he should know what each player can and can’t do and what plays can be run.

Line up and find tendencies of linemen — he should determine whether linemen (especially the left tackle) are in a pass set or a run set. He should know how long it takes them to get out of their stances and where most of their weight is planted.

Remember the snap count — this is crucial to providing the most disruptive pressure possible.


Get off the ball and remember technique — quick moves are essential and making sure he has a move to give a tackle and one to combat his retaliation will make or break his progress.

Quarterback movements — is it a five-step or seven-step drop? Is it play-action? Or is it a run?

Whoa.  As he puts it, “That’s a whole lot in a little bit of time.”

He expects to be better and stronger next year.  A little more help taking some of the attention off wouldn’t hurt either.

… Building off of last season will be hard, Jones said, and he expects to receive much more attention from opposing offenses. He noticed in the last two games of the season when LSU and Michigan State game planned his side more than other teams had.

Hopefully, Jones’ work ethic and Grantham’s ability to adjust will address that.



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11 responses to “Jarvis Jones has a lot on his mind.

  1. Irishdawg

    Bigger and stronger? Jeez, he was pretty damn big and strong last year. As far as help, if Cornelius Washington is as dominant as all the happy talk says he is, and with Ray Drew coming into his own, Jones should have the help.


  2. Lrgk9

    But can the OL Block murmor Larry and Ghost


  3. RandallPinkFloyd

    Regardless of what you think you thought you knew about his stellar SEC debut with Georgia last season, Jones says his performance was a bit of a mirage.

    I think I thought I knew?


    • Dawgfan Will

      I’m pretty sure that I don’t think that I thought that I thought anything. Hmm…perhaps I should think again?


  4. yurdle

    Every other defender is having to do all the same thinking.

    It’s just that Jarvis Jones freaking destroys you at the end of his thought process.


  5. William

    That sounds astounding, but the more he reps things like that, the more he can unconciouslly recognize some of these things. I just hope all of the linebackers think this in depth. Can you imagine if Washington comes out of the gate like he did last year? Jones would be freed up by the Vandy game. Throw in some Geathers/Jenkins pressure and I really feel bad for opposing O-Lines (well, not that much, but some).


  6. CharlotteDawg

    The other guys will need to step up. I noticed at the end of the Michigan State game it seemed like Jarvis was a little banged up. He didn’t seem to be as explosive off the edge in the last half of the 4th quarter and only when we sent him up the middle was he once again able to disrupt Cousins’ timing. Point being, the defense can’t rely on Jarvis alone, to do all the heavy lifting. No player is talented enough to get it done all by himself.


  7. HahiraDawg

    I’m a huge A Ogletree guy too, me thinks him a man. With him, JJ, CWash, and either of the absolute behemoths in the middle…this is gonna be a fun D to watch.