Last man standing

Sure, we’re worried about how the Dawgs’ depleted secondary is going to hold up against Missouri in the conference opener, but it’s not like Mizzou fans don’t have concerns of their own about the starting quarterback and top running back.

In the end, the game could come down to which team has the best quality depth.  The worst case scenario may turn out to be that Georgia’s defense brings a knife to a knife fight.



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17 responses to “Last man standing

  1. AthensHomerDawg

    Me thinks Dawgs bring a Bowie to a knife fight.


    • Dante

      If they’re going to do that, I hope they bring Ziggy Stardust. The Thin White Duke would probably get the crap beat out of him.


      • Comin' Down The Track

        No matter what, I hope everything ends up Hunky Dory for the Dawgs.


        • Ed Kilgore

          All the Young Dudes need to prepare for some Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes or get left in the Quicksand of a Moonage Daydream come September. But my money’s on the Diamond Dogs, fine Young Americans that they are.

          Okay, guess that’s enough.


  2. A good pass rush can make a secondary look much better than it is (see 2008 Sugar Bowl). A poor pass rush can make a below average quarterback look like Johnny Unitas (see Georgia-Tennessee 2009). If the front 7 can control the line of scrimmage without committing safeties close to the LOS, we be OK in Columbia.


  3. Bobo will a bring butter knife to the fight and Richt will not bully and will not stand up to UGA embarrassing a new kid in the block.


  4. DamnGoodDawg

    That’s not a noyfe… THIS is a noyfe.


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    Ever since the schedule came out, I’ve been saying that this season comes down to 4 words I never thought I’d say as a Georgia fan: “If we beat Missouri..”

    The boneheadedness of the UGA secondary has not made me feel more confident about that declaration.


  6. Ed Kilgore

    Injuries may not be only Mizzou issue between now and the game, either. I have a friend who’s a big Mizzou fan out here in Cali, and when I told him the Dawgs’ D had lost three starters to drugs and one to domestic battery, he said: “Those are some of the Tigers’ favorite offseason pastimes as well.”


  7. ScoutDawg

    OR a J. JONES led flamethrower, with a J. JENKINS bazooka. Throw passes on that bitches.


  8. MBrooks

    If Smith, Mitchell, Swann, and Williams are back there, I think we can get a win as long as the offense holds up it’s end. Bobo!!!!!!


    • Sanford222view

      Don’t count on Smith being there. He his suspension has yet to be announced unless I missed it. Hopefully it will only be one game.


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