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Seth Emerson had a couple of items in yesterday’s Mailbag that addressed topics previously raised by commenters here, so I thought I’d point ’em out.

First, about Marc Deas’ recent decision to leave the program for greener pastures:

We can all clearly see the depth evaporate in the UGA secondary, and it’s a punch to the gut to see talented players make bad decisions off the field.  A year ago, I understand why some players (e.g. Jakar Hamilton) would wish to transfer to get more playing time elsewhere.  Maybe I’m missing something, but why would Marc Deas transfer?  With the suspensions and transfers, wouldn’t Deas be guaranteed great playing time?  Is this more the case of Marc not fitting into the system?
– Rob Wright

Deas actually wasn’t guaranteed anything. That was obvious when you heard the coaches mention Connor Norman, a former walk-on, before they got to Deas…

The old expression “if you haven’t got anything good to say about somebody, don’t say anything at all” comes to mind.  Maybe some of us don’t want to recognize that in this case – although it’s worth noting that there wasn’t a single comment about Deas here at GTP until news of his departure went public – but Deas apparently did.

And on a topic that has gotten a lot more chatter than Deas, the size of Georgia’s next signing class, Emerson had this to say:

By my count Georgia is at 73 scholarships, counting incoming freshmen, for the 2012 season. There are 13 seniors. Jarvis Jones and Alec Ogletree will be candidates to leave early for the draft. For the sake of argument, and accuracy, I’ll keep it there and not factor in your estimate of further attrition. So that’s 60 scholarships committed to for the 2013 season. The NCAA limit is 85. Georgia can sign at least 25, and if it wanted to could sign 31 because of back-counting, after only signing 19 last year.  [Emphasis added.]

So there you have it.  I hope Emerson or somebody in the media will ask Richt after next Signing Day if Georgia signs something close to 30 kids with heavy back counting whether that was part of a deliberate strategy he pursued in putting the 2012 class together.

By the way, the funniest thing from his Mailbag yesterday was his response to a question asking him to compare Georgia’s fan base with others:  “I think I’ve said before that Georgia fans are a little harder on their teams and coaches than other teams I’ve covered; or at least South Carolina fans, some of whom had a conspiratorial tone: the media was to blame, the police, the NCAA, the SEC, etc.”


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8 responses to “Mailbag wisdom

  1. Yeah, the media is to blame, the police, the NCAA, the SEC, and the players, etc are to blame except the coaches. LOL


  2. 81Dog

    typical Alabama fan: “We’re the greatest ever as evidenced by our 84 national titles, some of which I just made up as I made this statement.”

    typical Auburn fan: “We’re just as good as Alabama! Bo was better than Herschel! The rest of you are just butthurt because you aren’t as good as us!”

    typical Tennessee fan: “ROCKYYYYYYYYYY TOPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! (belch) We gon far ol’ Dooley, he don win nuf games raht cheer. (belch) ROCKYYYYYYYYYY TOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!”

    typical LSU fan: Dat Lester, he smahhhhhhhhhhht, cher. But he bettah beat de Saban, eh? Let de bon temps roll, eh?”

    typical South Carolina fan: “LOOK AT MEEEEEE!!! We’re just as good as UGA!!!!!! SPURRIER, baby!!!! LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

    typical Florida fan: “Not in the 20 year history of Gator football have we lost two in a row to UGA!!!!!! I’ll bet my puka shell necklace we restore order to the universe this year, y’all.”

    typical Kentucky fan: “How much longer until Midnight Madness?”

    typical Vandy fan: (no such specimen could be located)

    typical Miss State fan: “at least we arent Ole Miss.”

    typical Ole Miss fan: (chinless, ermine headed blond frat boy with the vacant stare of a Weimeraner gets distracted by a cute coed and lost his train of thought, such as it was)

    typical Arkansas fan: SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, PIG! (delievered dramatically, as if it was Hamlet’s monologue to poor Yorik. Appropriate because it holds the same level of cultural significance in Arkansas as Hamlet does in the rest of the English speaking world, outside of Alabama and Mississippi)

    typical UGA fan: We arent going to win a game this year, but we should fire everyone if we dont go undefeated, and unscored upon.


  3. LOL. It is the SEC’s fault. If Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Tenn and Florida were not in the SEC UGA will have been Nat. Champs yearly.


  4. Bubs

    Emerson also took over after the great David Hale left, so Emerson hasn’t been around for any particularly exciting UGA football except for last year. I can understand why he would say that. He had to watch some average to awful Georgia football for a couple of years and some of the vitriol spewed in his comments section and around the intertubes probably didn’t help his view of us too much.


  5. Cojones

    So Senator, are we now to embrace that the 25 + 6 backcounting is the official interpretation of the recruits number to be led into our fold? And that Richt’s thinking was to go short by 2-3 players (which stretched to 6 with some we counted on defecting to other teams on the last day) last signup because the crop was bigger and better in state this year? That Richt is one smart dude, notwithstanding the naysayers who interpret him differently and thereby distance their intellect from his every time they hurl their invectives.

    Yep, he is one smart and knowledgeable coach who many are beginning to grudgingly admit they were wrong about.

    Pot stirred. Gun off safety. Bang away.