A clean break

The last of the Van Halanger guys is leaving Georgia’s S & C staff.  Whether you want to credit McGarity or Richt, it’s pretty clear we’re in the midst of a remake of the program.


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  1. Irishdawg

    A more interesting part of the story (to me at least, others might not care) is that Bradberry is going to train Army Special Forces. This is a new trend the military has gone to, which is approaching soldiers’ fitness the same way coaches approach athletes’ fitness.

    When I was in the Army in the late ’90s, all we did was push ups, sit ups, and would run for miles. Soldiers like myself would lifted weights on our own. Now, most military gyms resemble sports performance centers, and former professional strength and conditioning coaches are being hired. This leads to fewer injuries and better fitness.


    • Bob


      Great points. I saw this trend starting before I retired in 2004. And for sure you are right about the situps, pushups and the runs. But at least that was better than when I first came in back in 74 with the run dodge and jump and running forever in jump boots.



  2. Irishdawg

    That’s why a lot of former troops have chronic knee and back pain now, Bob. Even the saltiest drill instructors admitted that running in boots was idiotic.

    There was good article recently on how these newly hired coaches are changing things; like fewer long runs in favor of interval training and metabolic conditioning. God, that would have been nice instead of the mandatory Monday 6 mile run I had to do every week.


    • Cojones

      Unfortunately, most combat troops can’t change out of boots when they need to run to save their lives. Hell, when I was in the service, both football players and troops did duck-walking. Talk about tearing you up for life. Crippling was the word. Still, when hell week comes along and you are intent on being able to perform in combat while tired and sleepy, the running in boots hits a backseat. I made the mistake (unknown to any of us at the time) of remaining in the same position for over an hour when it was my time to catnap. After running solidly since the night before and through the night and after foxholes were speedily dug, curling up wasn’t a big deal, except your muscles “recover” in that position and you can’t move when you wake up except with the greatest of sharp pain to every muscle. I’ll never forget.


  3. JaxDawg

    Gee, if he’s good enough to train our most elite soldiers, is he not good enough to train football players?


  4. 69Dawg

    Buddy of mine who is a retired Navy SEAL and was on the Admiral’s staff in San Diego said the biggest problem for the SEALS was the same type injuries that the athletes have, knees and ankles. He said they had more unfit for duty from these two things than combat.


  5. Irishdawg


    He may well have left by his own choice. The Army may have offered him the job, and he took it out of patriotism or to try something new. As much as I love UGA, I won’t fault a guy who leaves to make American badasses more badassier.


  6. Spence

    Does anyone know if we have a nutritionist now? I was very happy that the players started eating well (see Bama). From their Tweets now, it would appear its back to a free for all.


    • If we don’t already I think it won’t be long before we do. McGarity seems to have a good grip on what he is doing and won’t let something like that slip through the cracks.


  7. evolveddeepsoutherner

    Man, I came over here looking for high wit over Petrino. What a gyp. Damon Evans, eat your heart out.