In Florida, boys will be boys will be football players.

You have to admire Scott Lakatos’ optimism in the face of the hand he’s been dealt for the first part of the season.

“We’ll be fine. We’ll be fine,” Georgia secondary coach Scott Lakatos said. “We have enough guys that know how to do more than one thing. So we’ll be fine, barring any catastrophic rash of injuries.”

But some would argue that they’ve already had a catastrophic rash of other things.

“I look at it like this: What would happen if a guy got injured, and you lose a guy for X amount of time? I mean you’ve gotta line up and play,” Lakatos said. “So someone’s gotta play. So whatever the reason is, if you have to replace people, that’s part of the game.”

In Florida, they don’t like leaving things up to chance so much.  That’s why Will Muschamp is still weighing his options on A. C. Leonard“He still has a lot of things to work through before his status for the fall is addressed…” – and why Jumbo Fisher is displaying a new-found appreciation in the value of flexibility in dealing with players in trouble.  Compare that with Richt’s decision to suspend Commings for two games before the legal system weighed in.

Maybe Richt needs to buy a beach house with another coach.  That may not be conducive to “shar(ing) a whole lot of notes together”, as Muschamp put it, but it seems you can share just enough.


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9 responses to “In Florida, boys will be boys will be football players.

  1. I just hope everyone including myself remembers we like that CMR hasn’t been a win at all costs head coach if we lose to Missouri because of secondary depth issues.

    I’m not as worried about the secondary as I am about the offensive line. Gates seems to be a player at LT, and Houston and Burnette seem to be finding their way. I’m worried about center because we’ve been spoiled with a 4-year starter, and you don’t just plug another player into a hole like that and not expect some issues early in the season.


  2. Mike Cooley

    I agree. I may end up hating myself for these words but I’m not worried about Missouri. They actually run more than they throw and if GRantham finds ways to get into their qbs kitchen, and I think he will, it will be fine.

    I have resigned myself to the the fact that offensive line issues are just par and parcel with a Mark Richt team. I like Coach Richt a lot but he just doesn’t get it where that’s concerned. He does not “know what the hell” he’s doing on that score.


    • James Stephenson

      TBH, I think it has more to do with just crazy injuries, attrition and guys who do not want to work hard to be a lineman in the SEC and leave.

      But this is just my opinion.


    • Cojones

      It seems you evoke the thought of not knowing what the hell you’re doing. Your little condescending remark of “I like Coach Richt a lot” does’nt quite cut to believability nor does it fit with the rest of grenade lobbing. You guys just change your name, sink to the lowest meme that you think someone else may agree with and put it out to see if it sticks. Your name is different , but your off-flavor is familiar.


  3. Red Dawg

    Ha! Jumbo Fisher


  4. I always thought that Richt has nothing to do with the amount of suspension but is all on the rigid UGAAA rules. My understanding is Richt is just the messenger of bad news. It is not unusual however that the messenger always gets the blame. I do not think he has any option to modify these rules. They are no different on the three strikes rule and jail time in some states’ law.


  5. From the comments in several blogs I found that the DAWG nation is divided in how to discipline players. Some would tolerate problems with stars but others would just kick them out as fast. Consistency will usually result to better discipline of athletes. It is no different with treating once own children.


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Muschamp’s quote takes me back in time. Sounds just like the dearly departed Corch.


  7. OldDawg55

    M Coolley don’t you feel kinda stupid when you point out, in all your wisdom, that CMR doesn’t understand some facet of the game of football? If not you should….Over twenty years in his profession and you seem to think you’re capable of constructively criticizing his knowledge of the game. You are an example of why people should hesitate to touch the keys of the computer for fear of showing their complete lack of knowledge!!!