Saturday morning buffet

Get off your motorcycle and grab a plate.


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  1. The oversigning by Georgia will be okay though because….well they are Georgia and we know Richt is a good guy. Now when Alabama does it, it is evil…because we know that Saban is not a good guy. Now when Georgia lets a player transfer that’s okay too. When Alabama does that, Saban is just trying to trim their roster so he can sign more players. This stuff is not complicated.


  2. Dawg93

    best part of that link to Krohn’s prediction on Stafford – apparently Krohn is no longer a sportswriter. What a shocking development. Tongue planted firmly in cheek.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Friends, with all due respect for the Senator and our beloved Dawgs, it’s Masters Saturday, I’ve got a new 55″ Panasonic plasma, a few bottles of Dogfish Head 90 Minute, a Rocky Patel Decade torpedo, and it’s supposed to be sunny in the mid 70’s this afternoon.

    What could be wrong with the world today?


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Nice beer menu and I love the Panasonic plasma. I opted for a Samsung LCD. Blacks not as black and viewing angle not as forgiving but sending stuff from my laptop or phone to view is way cool.


    • Scott W.

      Celebrating National Beer Day in style!


    • NRBQ

      Really pulling for Boom-Boom.

      My wheelchair-bound nephew was out yesterday at Number 2, wearing his Braves cap.

      Freddy walked over to the ropes, patted his shoulder and said, “Go Braves.”

      So now we know where that 67 came from.


  4. AthensHomerDawg

    Lame is long gone as is the acrid smoke from buring mattresses. The creative profanity painted on the rock post the Great Lame Escape has been cleaned away to make room for more of the same post Cantucky Catastrophe. “The bamboo can’t show itself until September.”
    While it is true that is takes three years for bamboo to sprout and form shoots and SOD IS in his 3rd year, I see nothing in SOD’s resume or
    Poppa Dooley’s gardening book to indicate that he is ready to morph into a Bamboo Warrior. While the Hillbillies may be hopeful that this year
    is more Tennesseesque per the win loss column. Those bamboo shoots are more likely to be harvested early to make stir-fry beef rather than a realistic
    run at the East. IMHO.


  5. D.N. Nation

    Yeah, I had wondered whatever happened to Krohn.

    Well, much like I occasionally wonder whatever happened to that girl I met at Barcode back when I was in Athens.


  6. Cojones

    I liked one fan remembering Staff’s interview with the psychologist when at SF. Staff’s return to a personal question about his parent’s divorce was to ask the guy how much they paid him to ask that shit. The Lion’s fans are laughing at the “Hothead” references Staff gets to that interview (no doubt from the psychologist at SF). It goes to theThanksgiving Day Parade, and Christmas at Macy’s when Chris Kringle interviews the store psychologist and tries to help him. Matt can’t do anything wrong in Motor City. Good for him and them.

    Taver Johnson is one crafty coach. After sliding Tressel over to take over at tOSU, he was rewarded with Frick and then Fricking Myers taking his job that he had manipulated for; then he moved to Ark and is trying to duplicate the circumstances. He probably found the e-mails in Tressel’s computer that indicted him as a liar to the AD and the Pres. . It wouldn’t be a little thingy if he spilled the beans about the extra “inappropriate” rider. Then again, if this leadsto canning the boss, Paul Petrino is poised to eat his well-planned BBQ lunch.

    Pete Fuitak, you are too much! What’s the big deal, huh? Why would a Razorback on a hog with a pig that pulls pork be such an embarrassment for the U of Ark? If it isn’t, I can see the sports headlines now : “Pork Pulled by Consenting Suey Me(s) OK at Fayetteville Hog Pen.” Chris Low, however, is on a win-win trail of the Petrino question that could end as a lose-lose if the AD doesn’t like egg on the face or doesn’t like the quote from tOSU Pres Dees thrown into his face!


  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Fuitak’s column is dumb? Really? It’s the only thing I have seen written about the Petrino mess that is intelligent.


    • Then you need to


    • JasonC

      Fuitak came off as a untrustworthy slime ball IMO, but he is wrong to brush it off. The two most damning points for Petrino were the last 2 in the article: he lied to his bosses and the conduct clause.

      By lying to his bosses, he made them look stupid. Plus, I can’t image they enjoyed his dishonesty. Futiak says coaches are supposed to keep the skeletons in the closet and I understand by lying he kinda lets the AD off the hook, but still, I’m sure Long wasn’t appreciative about this one.

      And his conduct certainly isn’t anything that is going to make Arkansas proud.


  8. Meg

    It ain’t over signing if you are still under 85 after NSD. While transfers would certainly be construed as moving people out, it is hard to say it is definite when UGA is pretty far below the 85 cutoff, The reason why what Bama is doing is so absolutely over signing is that they have a good 10-15 players over the limit after NSD even without incoming player grade issues so they MUST move people out..


    • And I rest my case. All have to be 85 and below. When Georgia signs more than 25 it’s okay but when others do it it is unethcal….BS!


      • Meg

        I am not sure why I am bothering as you obviously have a problem with logic, but here goes again. Oversigning implies HAVING to cut/process players post NSD to accommodate the incoming class that one signed in order to have only 85 scholarship players by August 1 or whatever date the NCAA declares drop dead date. IF you are under or equal to 85 with the incoming incoming signing class, then the post NSD attrition may still be mercenary, but it ain’t oversigning.


    • Always Someone Else's Fault

      I never get the “moving them out over the Christmas break (before signing day) is better than moving them out after the spring semester.” Personally, I would want to have a few months after the season to wrap up classes and research alternatives before being tossed to the curb.

      Which is another way of saying… those of your who can find meaningful ethical differences in the timing of kicking kids off the team, more power to you.


  9. Anon

    PF; DR.

    (Pete fiutak, didn’t read)