Sunday morning buffet

A few things to nibble on before settling down with The Masters this afternoon:


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10 responses to “Sunday morning buffet

  1. Merk

    Well as long as we keep getting freshmen like Herrera, then we will be good. Its a good thing when a starting LB goes down and the freshman who replaces him is able to get the job done well enough to fight for playing time when the starter comes back.

    It seems like Grantham came out with the intention of finding guys who could coach their position well. Thus far I think that has been very true. Can we name 2 coaches who have done more in less time than the LB coaches we got. Even Belin was a great hire. I still believe he single handily turned our KO/punt coverage around. At least by seasons end someone realized that if your 2 PRs are on D already, why not just leave the D out there for 4th.

    The most important part of it is that the players seem to want to keep playing for Grantham. When your coaching staff has so much NFL experience of it, it is hard for the guys to justify leaving unless they are already 1st rounders or seniors.


  2. Merk

    Well Murray now has 1 more year exp. His receivers that mattered are all back except charles, which means they all have 1 more year of exp. He now has 3 5 star RBs and one of them is no longer a true freshman. Also the whole shattering the schools TD record prob. helped a bit.


  3. Trbodawg

    “…a cross between Harpo Marx and the Cookie Monster.” That’s our Senator !


  4. The biggest problem I see with letting teams travel for practice is it really kills their arguement about a playoff and saying players are students first. Kind of hard to get in any studying if you are on the road a good part of the day then either staying somewhere over night or traveling and getting back late that night. If they are having to practice on their spring break (yes it might keep some out of trouble) you are not allowing them to get what is a big part of the college experience. I for one NEVER want to see more than a 4 team playoff but if a major part of the president’s arguement is because of the extra time they are spending away from the classroom this type rule kinda hurts that.


  5. Cojones

    What could be better on Easter Weekend than to have a Georgia Bulldog win The Masters? Congrats from all of us to Bubba Watson! “I hadn’t gotten this far in my dreams!”


  6. 69Dawg

    The U held a scrimmage in Ft. Myers last weekend. This area is a hot bed of talent and used to be in the U’s camp but since the Mighty Gayturds have advanced this area is Gayturd country. The U is striking back.


    • Cojones

      Ft Myers? Did they go to sleep on the beachfront? Now if the Gayturds have taken over Sannibel or Pine Island, I, as a fisherman, object. Otherwise, smoke’em if you got’em.


  7. Ghost of Larry Munson



  8. JasonC

    Tech being able to move for spring practice really isn’t that advantageous because their fan base outside of ATL is so scattered. Other than Gwinett county, Bangalore or Seoul, where would they go? Plus, you would have to come up with new special package deals to even get fans to come.