When assholes collide

His Imperious One doesn’t think much of Jim Delany’s proposal to make the Rose Bowl the centerpiece of the new postseason format.

“This is not 1950, or 1960,” Adams said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. “There are great schools in the [Atlantic Coast Conference] and the Southeastern Conference and the Big 12. I think it’s time to put everybody on an equal footing. I just reject the notion that the Big Ten and the Pac-12 ought to be treated differently in this process.”

Jim Delany, on the other hand, doesn’t think much of Michael Adams – when he does think of him at all.

Asked for his reaction, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany said through a spokesman that he is “glad that Michael Adams and others are fully participating in the conversation…”

Yeah, he sounds thrilled.

About all these guys share right now is the firm desire to Under Armor their own conference turf.

… Arizona State president Michael Crow noted that the Rose Bowl is 110 years old and only recently has been associated with the BCS. He said the Pac-12 holds preservation of the Rose Bowl as its main goal, but that he thinks the bowl and the BCS can coexist.

Oregon State president Ed Ray, chair of the Pac-12’s CEO group, said BCS formats are still being negotiated and that no one in his group was making demands. Of the proposal that called for three semifinal games, Ray said, “we as a group never discussed that option. This is the first time I’m hearing it. But that doesn’t mean that people weren’t in conversations where all these things came up and somebody suggested it.”

“The predominant view seems to be for a four-team playoff of some sort,” Adams said. “I think that’s an improvement, but I think it diminishes the importance of the nation’s strongest athletic conference, the Southeastern Conference.”

It’s enough to make you wonder if the current arrangement survives as a matter of default.


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6 responses to “When assholes collide

  1. From all those comments, it seems that a former football conference that has become a basketball conference is trying to revive the former. I think the best NC scenario will be to revive the Mason Dixon line and extend it all the way to the west. Get the champions of the North and South go for it then you have a consensus champion. This will better than the Superbowl.


  2. Cojones

    Yeah, Delaney’s bait ain’t lookin’ so hot to some is it? Hell, Adams takes up for the SEC better than Slive.

    You guys just start with the premise that the RB and it’s ransom holders will be pushed to obscurity and when we show we can cut the RB , Pac 12 and Big10 loose in one shot, that ought to open the road for a coup de gras to Delaney’s horseshit. He is parading out threats because he has no other perceived leverage. Let’em play together into perpetuity. We can form a much better college football conference with all the other conferences. Fuck’em.


  3. IveyLeaguer

    I’ve been saying for a long time that those who want a playoff, of any kind, are going to feel royally screwed if it ever happens. What we have now is as good as the SEC has ever had it … or ever will have. A true +1 is the best solution. And even though it isn’t perfect, it’s better than any kind of playoff.

    I’m delighted Adams sees that, and is taking up for Georgia and the SEC. I’m not any more of an Adams fan than most. But credit should go where it’s due, and Adams deserves credit for watching out for our best interests.

    Now if he’ll only get on the true +1 bandwagon. The BCS has been the best thing that ever happened to the SEC. And I’m reminded that Vince Dooley said way back then that a true +1 was the best answer. I still agree.

    I’m convinced that keeping the BCS, and tweaking it for the better as time goes on, and the +1 is the best outcome out there.


    • Cojones

      Hadn’t heard that take on the BCS for some time. Your words are true, if you haven’t already bought into +1, +3, +?. No doubt you have a point, but one of lessening weight, no matter how good. I don’t disagree, more, I think that a playoff that involves 3 rounds would be about right. Whatever Delaney is throwing in must be viewed as trying to gum up the works before anyone catches on that the Rose Bowl doesn’t matter until it is free of Big12/10 bullshit ownership. Get it off the table ,start negotiating, asswipes, then we will talk about all big bowls being included in a playoff. Screw your idea of what you think is power of blacklist or kidnap. You have neither, Delaney. The sooner someone calls your bluff, the sooner we get down to playoff decisions.


  4. Macallanlover

    Nebraska’s Chancellor is wrong, we have people who think we have a “national champion” now and there is no representation in the process, except the two “lotto” winners. What he doesn’t understand is there could be an 8, or 4, team playoff with out the PAC12, or Big Whatever and life would go on. Screw them, it would be better to have them in, but I am tired of catering to them, they just don’t bring that much to the party to put up with their whining and need to control.

    If Delaney thinks his conference, ND, and the PAC12 wouldn’t come crawling to get in if they were initially left out, he is a fool. Since he has never been foolish before, you just have to understand this is just so much bluster. The remaining commissioners should call his bluff. Call out “All Aboard”, then let the ship sail without them. The rest of us will survive just fine, not so sure about them.


  5. Adams lost ALL credibility when he said there were good teams in the ACC,