Approval voting and the new postseason format

I’ve had this bouncing around in my head and we at the Mumme Poll received an e-mail on the subject, so I thought I’d toss it out there for some thought:  assuming the BCS is about to expand in one form or fashion, why not use approval voting to select the playoff field?  We’ve long pitched approval voting as a means of addressing the flaws inherent in the Coaches Poll, but I can see it serving the needs of a selection committee either picking two teams to play in a title game after the bowl games are played or selecting four teams to play in the semi-finals.

Obviously, this gets funkier if the format is a mish-mash of conference champs and at-large picks, or if the format ultimately chosen doesn’t go the selection committee route (although it’s still something the coaches should adopt), but I see some real merit to the idea.

It’s something to watch as things develop.  It’s likely we’ll incorporate some change into the voting down the road if we feel it’s appropriate.  If you have any thoughts on this, please share in the comments.


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11 responses to “Approval voting and the new postseason format

  1. SC DAWG

    Why do you have an Obama add on your site?

  2. Cojones

    I’m sure it’s a great ad. Can’t find it, but I’m sure he doesn’t have Attention Deficit Disorder(add) since he graduated from Harvard in the upper 10% of his class. Then elected Head of Law Review. Any lawyer knows the difficulty of attaining that rarified air and would be proud to have him on their site.

    Playoff site selection would be kinda out of the fans bailiwick as to most attendees’s locations, ability of location to handle 60-100k additional influx accommodations whereas ability to handle inclement weather may become paramount. Do we want to vote on favorite teams? Probably, but interest couldn’t be mounted that could compete with the computer program polls plus coaches and news polls.

    Don’t whisper a word of this , but has anyone contemplated that the areas affected by team get to bid for the site with the Universities, similar to bidding for Olympic venue? Shhh!

    The gamut of fan emotion and intellect makes for a bad pot to pick from. The writers have become suspect as well. That leaves the Church and Obama. Let them do it. And Mitt gets to referee!

  3. brokenladder

    Approval Voting is awesome. Score Voting is even better. Approval Voting is just Score Voting on a 0 to 1 “scale”. But if you use e.g. a 0-10 or 1-5 scale, you get much better results, and it’s less mentally taxing to figure out whether or not to approve options that are right on the line.

    Check out:

    But either way you go, you’re going to get much better results than you would with some overly complicated ranking system.

    • That is awesome, and therefore too confusing for the commissioners and presidents to promote. But it would be a great way to choose and seed a playoff field. Even with a 0-1-2 option.

      • brokenladder

        Well, I used 0-10 Score Voting in an exit boll in little ol’ Beaumont, Texas, and people seemed to understand it perfectly fine.

        Who are these “commissioners and presidents” you speak of? Other than table tennis and KU basketball, I really don’t follow sports. So I don’t really understand the extent of what this polling is about, how many voters there will be, etc. Thanks!

        • brokenladder

          That was supposed to be “exit poll”. There was no boll. Except maybe Timo Boll.

        • By “commissioners and presidents” I mean the people in charge of modifying the college football postseason. But I was being somewhat facetious. They’d certainly understand it, I’m just certain that it’s too radical for their preference.

          How did you land on this blog if you’re not a sports fellow?

          • brokenladder

            I co-founded The Center for Election Science, one of the world’s major proponents of Score Voting and Approval Voting.

  4. Glad to see my email was well-received. I’d love to see a four-team approval voting experiment this fall, perhaps as a sub-poll of the Mumme Poll. | |